aprile 2012

gfdi i can’t believe mutant apocalypse has given me ideas and compelled me to draw, like gdi brain can you have more class than this could you not choose a more worthy foe?

Anyway, concepty sketches only ‘cause I got too much other stuff to be drawing, but here’s a fully mutated post-apocalyptic wasteland April. Ever since I first devised a kraang!April, I had the headcanon that, being a perfect mix of human and kraang acclimatised to both Earth and Dimension X, she’d be a great terraforming machine? So, post-mutagen bomb, her pre-programmed job is to wander the wasteland slowly terraforming the crap out of it (since otherwise what was the freakin’ point, kraang?).

Not affiliated to any wasteland gang, not abiding any followers, doesn’t entertain bribes or even hold a conversation with lowly marauders; she’s just a semi-mythical goddess of destruction after 50 years and if you encounter her, you’re probably pretty screwed.

Speaking of, the bonus reunion that we deserved:

I could possibly be fading
Or have something more to gain
I could feel myself growing colder
I could feel myself under your fate

Mazzy Star - “Into Dust”

Super quick sketch! I wasn’t even that invested in Mutant Apocalypse and I still managed to make myself sad. :( Headcanon here is that April died instantly of the mutagen bomb without mutating and robo-Don was there to collect her remains…

(what a total bummer for Apritello week, lol. Sorry guys orz)