Japril in 12x24

Okay, let’s talk about two things in the Season 12 finale:

  1. When overhearing April on speakerphone tell Ben to save the baby over herself, Jackson’s first response is “Oh, no. No. No! April, do not- Ben don’t listen to her. You save HER!” Then he says, “You save them BOTH!” But not until he’s made it clear that April is the priority.
  2. Jackson doesn’t look for the baby when the ambulance pulls up. He probably knows the baby is okay, and right then he’s only looking for April. He runs right to the ambulance, bypassing Ben and his newborn child. 

Is there anything else we could have asked for from this episode?



We talk about the mechanism of injury, about where it all started, but the truth is, it’s sort of a myth. We can’t boil every injury down to one single blow. What hurts us is cumulative. It happens over time. We absorb blow after blow, shock after shock, painful hit after hit. But even then, even if we know exactly how we got here, it doesn’t mean we can fix it. we can’t heal every wound and that’s okay. I have to believe it’s okay. I have to believe that even if something seems like it cannot be fixed, it doesn’t mean it’s broken.