I wonder how Sarah Drew and Jesse Williams feel.

They are basically captains of the ship. They must be irritated that there were no follow-up story on Montana. They invested so much energy together to make Jackson and April but then a curveball happens. I feel like maybe Maggie is just something they need for Jackson to really realize that it has always been April. I am hoping! But you know… Couples in Grey’s do not last or survive.

Am I Asking for Too Much? (Part 3)

So in last night’s episode, April made a comment to Maggie about Jackson liking her.

At this point, I’m not sure if I view this as bullshit as a Japril shipper or as a writer myself.

As a fellow writer, I call it bulllshit because in all the scenes that Jackson and Maggie have had, the chemistry between them seemed of a platonic nature. Now I know, that you don’t have to be all flirty and what not to have romantic chemistry, but their scenes together didn’t seem like that of two people you would like to see explore a relationship. And then another thing that has to be considered is that they’re brother and sister. Granted, I didn’t think about this until it was brought to my attention by other tumblr users, but yeah Jackson and Maggie are brother and sister. Well, step-siblings so that doesn’t make it incest, but family dynamic wise, they are brother and sister.

As a Japril shipper, its basically on the nose why I think Maggie/Jackson is bullshit. Maggie, although my opinion of/love for her will not change because of this, isn’t April, and Maggie didn’t go through the same shit that April went through with Jackson, and know its way more than the lost of a child thing.

I really and truly feel like Japril has to been one of the few ships that happened naturally. I mean, lets be honest. When they were both first introduced as residents coming from Mercy West, did you look at the two of them an initially went, “I want those two together.” I didn’t. If I could back to the earlier episodes, when they were first introduced, you’d see they barely had anything. But I think the shooting my have changed them (or I could be hallucinating from my Japril shipping mine). To me, it seemed as if the shooting when they lost their friends from Mercy West, they kind of banded together in a mutual loss so to speak (but again, don’t quote me because I’m possibly making that up in my head). But overall, they just seemed like these really good friends until when April lost her virginity to him.

Let me stop right there and say that I’m going to make this next argument based on the fact that I’m a hopeless romantic and like Lexi Grey (may she rest in peace), I “wear my heart in my vagina”. So first, i want to point out that for one, I’m not diminishing Japril to just sexual chemistry, because we all know they’re more than that. The way I see it is, I feel like Japril has so much because April lost her virginity to him. I mean, in this day and age, losing virginity to someone is nothing, but for April, who represents people like me who wants to wait for the right person or marriage for religious or non-religious reasons, to her that was a big thing. She chose her time and her person and she was allowed to have control of it went. As for Jackson, on his part, I think he was honored to be chosen to take her virginity, and he seemed to cherish this honor (unlike some guys these days that just take it, brag about it, and hop on the next girl). And then for them to go on and have this sexual relationship, with a pregnancy scare, only for it to later be cut off later, then they finally stopped playing with their feelings and got married, then they almost had and unfortunately lost a child, then divorced unfortunately, only for them to have a miracle child (yes, I’m calling her that), and moved in together because April was going to need physical rest, and then the one night stand in a random stand alone episode where Catherine purposely told April to go with him because he was gonna need her. So, Japril is more than just sex or a relationship that ran it’s course. Japril has been through far too much as friends and as a couple to be over.

I also want to add, even though it’s more directed towards the fans than the actual show, the people who are excited about the idea of Maggie/Jackson (I’m personally making sure to keep this post out of the ship tags, like I’m refraining from saying their ship name to keep it from showing up in the search. However, if you ship Jackson/Maggie and you come across this, be mindful that you may not like and/or agree with what I’m about to say, so please proceed with caution), I’ve noticed that they are excited because they believe that Maggie/Jackson would be a representation of a healthy relationship between two black people. I do apologize for the incoming assholeish comment, but they are plenty of movies (Love and Basketball for one) and shows (like blackish) where you have healthy relationships between two black people, so why invade Grey’s Anatomy (I also want to clear this before someone makes a big deal out of this, I am an african american woman, so I’m in favor of black love, but I’m also in favor of interracial love as well because love don’t have a color). I’m all for representing black love, I’m not against that, but if they decided to write in a random black character for Maggie to fall in love with, that would be better and more realistic instead of coming in between Jackson and April, who are just on a break (that’s how I choose to see it).

So I’m littering begging for a April/Jackson/Maggie triangle. It’s a waist of time, a waist of energy, a waste of writing talent, and at the end, someone is going to get hurt because I highly doubt that Jackson would a poly-amorous relationship (at least I hope not).

Freezing, choking, getting tongue-tied. There’s a reason it happens. We lose our words because the stakes are so high. And we have so much to lose. We’re petrified of saying too much, or saying it wrong. When the truth is, the only wrong thing you can say is nothing at all.
—  Jackson Avery (Grey’s Anatomy Season 13, Episode 16: Who Is He (And What Is He To You)?)
Am I Asking for Too Much? (Last part/Closing Remarks)

So I finally got out all of my frustration regarding this last season, and from some of the posts I’ve read, it seems that I’m not the only one who feels a little screwed over from this season.

In summary of my three posts, I just want to once again point out that majority of my statements were my opinions, so if you don’t agree that’s fine, take my posts with a pinch of salt if you choose to read them.

Also, I’m questioning if Shonda Rhimes is going out of her way to piss off her fandom. You know, I felt like certain things I’ve tolerated from the show, but these unrealistic, grasping at straws story lines to produce angst isn’t doing it for me anymore. Granted my loyalty to the show, will still keep me watching till the next season, but I can’t help but feel like maybe she and/or the writers are getting burnt out on this show. I mean, it seems like season 14 if not season 15 should be their last. I mean, Grey’s Anatomy has been running well and broke a lot of barriers, but at the rate their going with these unfinished story lines, lack of continuity, and these random nonsensical shit that it has had this season, ABC will cancel them before they even get a chance to give closure to these characters.

As a final remark towards Stephanie, Maggie, and Japril, I do want to point out that even though my posts consisted mostly of their love lives instead of these characters themselves, I am very much aware that these characters are more than their romantic relationships. However, I also feel that their relationships also matter to their characters because as humans our friendships/relationships helps shape us either negatively or positively. Even though Stephanie will no longer be on the show, I do hope that she does find love in her own way. I hope the same thing for Maggie as long as it’s not a triangle or something that involves someone else getting hurt. As for Japril, there is nothing that will convince me that this ship isn’t worth fighting for. I feel that since neither of them have been pursuing other relationships since their divorce, then obviously there is still something there. Me and my fellow Japril shippers know it, and Jackson and April know it. Even Shonda knows it or else she wouldn’t try to create more angst.

I personally am just tired of all the relationship angst. So can we drop those and get everyone back together, so Grey’s can get back to some realistic shit, mainly more stuff that involves their connections with their patients, which was the one thing that attracted me the most about the show and I feel like that connection is being lost because it’s smothered in all this relationship angst.

For those of you that took time to read this four part essay, Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts.


what do you fucking mean “jackson and maggie” jfc THEY ARE ACTUALLY, LITERALLY STEP-SIBLINGS AND THERE WAS NO SET-UP SHUT UPP

jackson and april just had sex like 5 episodes ago??? and maggie had a huge crush on riggs right now?? where is this coming from?

@greys-abc wHAT ARE YOU dOiNG

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Japril in 12x24

Okay, let’s talk about two things in the Season 12 finale:

  1. When overhearing April on speakerphone tell Ben to save the baby over herself, Jackson’s first response is “Oh, no. No. No! April, do not- Ben don’t listen to her. You save HER!” Then he says, “You save them BOTH!” But not until he’s made it clear that April is the priority.
  2. Jackson doesn’t look for the baby when the ambulance pulls up. He probably knows the baby is okay, and right then he’s only looking for April. He runs right to the ambulance, bypassing Ben and his newborn child. 

Is there anything else we could have asked for from this episode?