“Diving Bell ; The Truth Shall Not Sink with Sewol” (Director’s cut / free release)

The Sewol ferry with 476 passengers onboard sank on April 16th, 2014. The passengers waited still, believing the statement “Wait in the cabin” from the captain. However, at the same time the captain party boarded lifeboats in secret.

The ship finally sank, and 304 passengers died in total. Among them 250 were the students from Danwon Highschool, who were on their way to Jeju Island for the field trip. Even though there are 9 people in the wrecked ship still now, the Korean Government has postponed the salvage operation.

The Korean Park Geun-hye Administration is taking no responsibility on this disaster. The bereaved families of victims purport that the Government, in fact, slaughtered the passengers rather than they were not able to rescue them. How did the family come to make those horrifying arguments? This movie leads you to the sinking disaster then.  

Make it Count 

by winterzayn 

Zayn Malik/Liam Payne
Word count: 24.7K

Zayn felt his heart thudding uncomfortably loud as Liam’s words sunk in. Until I met you. He was frantically trying to think of a way to tell Liam that he felt the same way when Liam continued, “When the ship docks, I’m getting off with you, Zayn.”

“Liam,” Zayn said, taking the other boys face in both his own hands, “That’s insane.” He whispered and Liam pressed his lips to Zayn’s in response.

“I know, it doesn’t make any sense,” Liam said as they broke apart. “But it feels right… we-us together… I feel safe with you. This feels right.”

Or loosely based on the 1997 movie Titanic: In April of 1912, Liam Payne is a wealthy first class passenger aboard the ill-fated ship, RMS Titanic. He is engaged to a girl he’s known since birth and is sailing from England to America to marry her against his will. After meeting third class passenger, artist Zayn Malik, he realizes that his life doesn’t have to follow the path that he always thought it would. Fate brought them together but will it also tear them apart?

(I wrote this back in like February and I wasn’t going to post it but I figured I shouldn’t let my hard work just sit around. I’ll be honest, I haven’t actually read the whole thing and haven’t proofread it since like May so it might actually be terrible.

I want to thank Jope @ultimatelyzayn for beta’ing the portions that she did. I really appreciate it and I hope you’re not offended that I posted it without it being beta’d all the way through.

And don’t make fun of the edit, I made it myself…)

“Thursday 11th April, the tender America rounds Titanic’s elegant counter stern as accompanying passenger Mr Whyte captures this view of 3rd class passengers lining the railing for their last glimpse of land. Ahead of Titanic, in the distance, is the main land of Southern Ireland and Queenstown while to her starboard can be seen the rocky shoreline of Roches Point and the lighthouse. Mr Whyte would then forward the photograph onto Father Browne.” (Photograph © Father Francis Browne/S.J.Collection, captioned by Jonathan Smith)

Monster Mini Golf

Title: Monster Mini Golf
Author: @theevebeforedarknessfalls
Rating: Teen
Timeline: Season 6- post Milagros

Summary: Mulder and Scully have some fun playing Arcade Games and Mini golf.

Author’s Notes: So this is a ficlet for @txf-fic-chicks birthday prompt with the requirements London, cake and red. I went a little bit of a different way with this one. It’s all fluff, but I had fun with this one!!

April 23, 1999

Scully sat blindfolded in the passenger seat of Mulder’s Ford Taurus. She knew they were driving north, only because she’d seen Mulder get on I-495N before he tossed her a black silk scarf, claiming their destination was a surprise. She sincerely hoped this wasn’t another wild goose(or ufo in their case) chase to the middle of nowhere. She’d had high hopes for relaxing this weekend after the stress of the Padgett case, and the uncertain mood it had put them both in. They hadn’t yet discussed Padgett’s jailhouse revelation of Scully’s feelings, and she felt embarrassed and uneasy about the consequences that conversation might bring. Mulder had left early from work, claiming a doctor’s appointment, but when she’d returned to her apartment, he’d left a strangely cryptic request to meet him outside at 6:30 that evening, saying they needed to meet an informant. He’d requested that she dress casually, and promised to buy her dinner afterward, so she reluctantly acquiesced, foregoing the long, hot bath and wine she’d previously planned.

When he drove up, he was wearing jeans and a black t-shirt, and had thrown his leather jacket in the backseat, leaving her feeling much better about her outfit. At least she wasn’t underdressed. The weather had been fairly warm in DC lately, but the evenings were still cool, so she had brought along a jacket as well. She couldn’t help the rush of heat that flooded through her as she took in his muscled chest in the t-shirt, and his gentle, maybe hopeful grin. She slid in next to him, and as they pulled away from the curb, she decided to broach the subject of their current journey, saying, “Mulder, will you tell me where we’re going, please? Your surprises lately tend to end with us exploring haunted houses or getting ourselves in trouble with the military, so, as a rule, I’m not particularly thrilled to be driving off to God knows where on a Friday evening.”

“Oh, Scully, ye of little faith, ” Mulder smirked, “I always have the most honest of intentions. You’ll just have to trust me.” With that he tossed her a scarf from the backseat, pleading with his eyes for her to humor him once again.

“What? You expect me to wear this? Why? I’m going with you, isn’t that enough?” She questioned, feeling slightly indignant.

“Scully, I just want it to be a surprise, really.” He said, shrugging his shoulders. “We’re not going to meet an informant. I just needed to get you in the car, and I didn’t think you’d come along if I told you exactly where we were going. But I think you’ll like it once we get there.” His adorable lopsided smile melted her frustration, and his confession that their excursion wasn’t work related intrigued her, despite her reservations.

“Ok Mulder, I’ll play along. Just as long as you promise that we’re not crossing more than one state line to our destination.” She said, fingering the smooth silk, her thoughts turning darker, her chest flushing with heat. She folded the scarf, then tied it around her head, making sure to actually cover her eyes because she was sure he would pull off and redo it if she didn’t. She smiled at his gesture, the idea that he genuinely wanted to spend time doing something just with her, and hope bloomed wildly in her heart, her thoughts wandering back to the confusing electric current that always seemed to pulse between them.

“Scully, we won’t even cross one state line. We’re headed somewhere close.” Mulder said, pleased that he had chosen a location close to home.

The conversation stayed fairly light, Scully talking about her plans to spend Sunday with her mother, attending mass and then enjoying lunch with a few of her mother’s friends. Mulder, as usual, planned on spending the rest of the weekend on his couch, and she mused that he’d likely be catching up on watching those videos that weren’t his. It felt weirdly intimate, talking while wearing a blindfold, but she wondered if that was just her subconscious trying to tell her that she’d like this situation to happen somewhere other than a car. She pushed the thought aside, wondering how much further before they reached his mysterious destination. She knew they’d exited the highway at some point, traveling on side streets, stopping once in a while for a red light. She didn’t have to wonder much longer, because after a couple more minutes, the car slowed, made a right turn, stopped once more, and Mulder turned off the engine. She felt her heartbeat increase, the excitement bubbling under her cool exterior.

“Can I take this off yet, Mulder?” She asked, turning toward him and tugging slightly at the knot she’d tied to keep it in place. Suddenly, she felt the cool touch of Mulder’s fingers on her face, and she shivered slightly as he pushed the material up to her forehead, his face inches from hers. She felt sparks surge between them, and his breath hitched when he saw her pupils change, forgetting the fact that she had been in complete darkness moments before.

“We’re here,” Mulder replied, his voice shaking slightly, “I hope you like it.” He smiled, and she felt her heart skip a beat and her stomach flip. She tore her eyes away from his gaze, the one he swore he didn’t have, and took in her surroundings. The days were longer now, in the end of April, and the sun was sinking slowly behind the building, casting the neon lights in an even more brilliant glow.

“Monster Mini Golf? What are we doing here Mulder?” She asked incredulously, completely floored by his choice of establishment.

“Scully, we’re going to play Mini-Golf, of course! And they have an arcade inside that I’ve heard is pretty awesome. I used to go to places like this when I was a kid. Come on, Scully, it’ll be fun. You’re always saying we don’t do anything fun, so I thought it was time for a change. Happy Birthday.” Mulder replied, his tone honest and sincere. He really seemed excited, and his enthusiasm was contagious.

“Mulder, my birthday is in February. It’s April. And you remembered this year, we had cupcakes in that ridiculous diner in Florida. After the sea monster. Remember?” Scully replied, confused, but also excited by the prospect that this might be a date.

“Yeah, I remember,” Mulder countered, “but I wanted to do something special. These places aren’t open in February, so we had to wait until the weather got warmer.”

“What about March?” Scully asked, curious as to how long Mulder had actually been planning this excursion.

“Nah, too many kids off for spring break.” He said casually. He had actually planned this a while back. The sentiment both surprised and thrilled her.

“Wow, you’ve really thought this through Mulder.” She said, smiling.

“Of course I have, Scully. I wanted to do something big for your birthday. It’s the 23rd today.” He said, looking pleased. Scully glanced at her watch, reading the date.

“This is really sweet, Mulder. Thank you.” She said, placing her hand on his. He jumped a little at the contact, and turned to look straight into her eyes.

“You’re welcome Scully, now come on, we’re burning daylight.” He squeezed her hand, and then nearly jumped out of the car, giddy and childlike.

When they walked in the door, they were met with the cacophony of sounds inherent to arcades. The clank of metal coins pouring from the exchange machine, the bells and whistles of the games when someone won, the music blasting from the stereo, and the roar of people, excitedly moving from one game to the next. It felt just like childhood. She remembered spending days like this with her brothers and Melissa, challenging each other at Skee-ball and Pac-Man, and she found herself excited about spending time reliving good moments with Mulder at her side. “Ok, Mulder, you’ve got me. This is fun.” She smiled, taking his hand and dragging him to the machine to get coins. “What do you want to play first?”

“Birthday girl decides that.” He said, grinning.

They fed a twenty dollar bill into the machine, gathering the coins in a little plastic cup someone had left behind, and she steered them toward the racing game.

“I get the red car!” She squealed, hopping into her seat. He took the seat next to her, the blue car, and put two coins into the slot. After selecting their course, they were off, Scully’s calculated driving outpacing Mulder’s recklessness with the wheel when he crashed into a sharp turn and skidded off course. He caught back up with a few precise moves and a speed boost, and they went neck and neck until the very end, when Scully swerved in front of him to pick up the last speed boost and won the race.

“Good race Mulder, I guess my feet are pretty good at reaching these pedals.” She giggled, teasing and flashing him a toothy smile. “Where to next?”

“Let’s do skeeball. I love that one.” He replied, lacing his fingers with hers.

As it turned out, Scully was a master at skeeball as well, her exceptional skills at math allowing her to understand the angles required to hit the goals in the corners, the ones worth 10,000 points. They made their way through basketball, which Mulder dominated, Slap the Spider, where they were equally matched, the duck hunt, again a Scully win, and several rounds of Cyclone, the stop the light game that neither could time just right. Once they exhausted the coins, they took their tickets to the prize counter. They came up with a decently sized number, 635, their skill at chance games surprising them both. As they searched through boxes of tattoos, friendship bracelets and sticky hands, something caught Scully’s eye.

“Oh Mulder, look, up at the top! It’s just like one my father brought me when he returned from one of his long trips.” She smiled fondly, pointing, and Mulder’s eyes caught the white whale hanging proudly at one of the top levels of small prizes.

“We’ll have to get more tickets, that one is 1500.” He said, pulling more money out of his wallet.

“No, Mulder, we don’t have to. I just thought it was cute.” She said, focusing on a ridiculous whistle shaped like a monster.

“Of course we do, Scully, it’s your birthday, and it’s perfect.” Mulder replied adamantly, already off on his way to procure more coins from the dispenser. “I have an idea.”

After filling the cup with more tokens, he pulled Scully along to the Coin Dozer. “I’m actually really good at this one.” He said, chuckling at her raised eyebrow. “My parents used to bowl on Friday nights, and to keep myself busy, I played in the arcade. Samantha was little, so most of the time she just slept in the chairs behind the counter, and my parents would give me a couple dollars, so I had to make the most of it. This game sometimes gives you tokens back so I could play it all night.”

He was a shark. Within ten games, he’d won enough tickets to buy the whale, and a couple of friendship bracelets to go with it. It was perfect.

“Ok, now on to mini golf. There’s two themes, ‘Monsters’ and 'Around the World’, you pick, Scully.”

“I think we have plenty of monsters in everyday life, so let’s go with 'Around the World’”.

The holes were elaborately set up as famous monuments around the World, including the Taj Mahal, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Great Buddha, the Kremlin, Mulder’s Favorite- Oxford University, Scully’s Favorite-The Pyramids of Giza, and of course the Eiffel Tower. The first hole was London’s Big Ben. It was an easy 2 par, but the catch was, once you set your ball into the putting aid, you were on a timer. Scully sailed through quickly, but Mulder struggled under the time crunch, with his propensity to sit and think on things a little too long.

The game went back and forth, as usual, and they enjoyed both the nostalgia of a childhood game, and the giant landmarks made into obstacles for the ball. Mulder came up behind Scully on tricky shots a couple of times, curling around her small frame and offering to help her line up the shot. She would giggle, and lean into his warmth, indulging them both for a few seconds before shooing him away, lest he disturb her accuracy. The excitement that coursed between them felt particularly heavy in this relaxed setting, and Scully wondered if he had known it might seep to the surface once the stress of their job melted away for a few hours. Had he expected their closeness? Did this mean he might want her the way she wanted him? Once, as he was leaning in to help her shot, she turned her head, and their lips brushed for a second before he pulled back. She swore he gasped before backing away. Could this be the push they needed to finally lay their cards on the table? She hoped so.

They made their way through the world’s beautiful monuments to the last hole, the Eiffel Tower. It had a winding path, and there was a sign noting 'In the city of Love, should you make a hole in one, your lover shall reward you with a kiss’. Scully’s heart pounded in her chest. It was ridiculous, clearly a gimmick, but she wanted it nonetheless.

“Hmm, Scully, a kiss. What do you think?” Mulder teased, a blush staining the tips of his ears.

“If it’s a hole in one, you might get lucky Mulder.” She replied, trying to keep her voice steady.

Mulder stepped up to the line, eyeing the tricky course. He hadn’t known about this before, and suddenly the only thing that mattered was sinking that ball into the hole in one putt. He took a deep breath, attempting to calm his shaking hands, and swung. The ball clipped the sides of the guide rails, climbed over the hill and into the speedway. It sunk into the hole with a satisfying clunk, making a flag come out of the tower, flapping in the breeze. He turned to Scully, breathing slightly faster, his palms sweaty. She smiled, stepped close to his body and pressed her lips to his. Warmth rushed through her body, and she opened her lips to taste his mouth fully. He slid his tongue inside just slightly, lingering there just a moment before pulling his lips away. They smiled, the energy crackling as Scully stepped up to take her turn. Invincible on the high from their kiss, she sunk her ball easily with one swing, turned and whispered in his ear, “Does this place have cake to go?”


UFO Sighting during a lightning storm, Nebraska April 2, 2015.

KeriLeigh Shriver was riding (in the passenger seat) between Alma and Republican City and used her phone to try and get some of the lightning on video. The strange object that appears in the upper right corner seems to be at a low altitude and traveling very fast. Its cylindrical in shape, and appears out of nowhere. The resolution is grainy, but this seems legit- NOT a hoax. In fact this fits with objects that many have captured on video for decades


The Thames Monster: On April 7th of 2016, experts are baffled by footage taken by a passenger from a cable car in Greenwich showing an enormous creature with two humps surfacing in the Thames. Ian Tokelove of the London Wildlife Trust has been unable to identify the animal, saying “we are not aware of anything that large and moving in the Thames. #babettebombshell #hauntedhotel #unsolvedmysteries #cryptozoology #seamonsters #seaserpents #thethamesmonster #fortean #xfiles

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2012's Best: Act I

It was such an amazing year of music: writers, producers, musicians, and singers were overwhelmingly creative and brilliance was everywhere. The Autumn Roses posted hundreds of songs and it really was heartbreaking to leave any off. Nonetheless the list numbers forty, and there’s so very much to love in each one. Off we go…

40. Julia Holter, “In the Same Room”

39. Twigs, “Ache”

38. Eight and a Half, Go Ego”

37. Advance Base, “Summer Music”

36. Gabriel Bruce, “Perfect Weather”

35. Sylver Tongue, “Hook You Up”

34. The Daydream Club, “On the Move (Part II)”

33. Rochelle Jordan, “Shotgun”

32. SOHN, “The Wheel”

31. Woodpecker Wooliams, “Sparrow”

30. April was a passenger, “Red Light Romance”

29. Meg Myers, “Curbstomp”

28. Garnets, “Misty’s Ocean”

27. Grimes, “Oblivion”

26. Mary Epworth, “Black Doe”

25. PINS, “Eleventh Hour”


It’s 2am. I’m sober, emotionally fragile, and have some thoughts of the episode I just watched.

WARNING: Spoilers. Duh.


What I’ve learnt from this episode is that after years of endless optimism in the face of Shonda’s torture, I’ve turned. I’ve turned into that girl who assumes when a girl named Tatiana shows up on the screen, Jackson will leave April and get remarried to her. I’ve turned into the paranoid weirdo that expects the second Jackson takes his eyes off the road, a lorry will be oncoming and all passengers will die. Or April will go through a windscreen and sing her way through a coma.

Two weeks ago today, I gave Japril a fortnight to get their shit together and make out against a car. A kitchen worktop is infinitely better so I no longer will put them in a time out. Their shit is definitely not together though.


I love that man. That sexy sexy man. He looks so fucking heart-wrenchingly hot when he’s traumatised and ripping a cot apart. I didn’t know whether to cry or moan. He should NEVER have hair but I love him.

Since the end of season 11 I’ve been on his side regarding the Japril/Samuel healing process thing. I agree that April was selfish going back to Jordan the second time, and quite frankly, he was the brave one by actually getting on with life. I choked when he said he was covering, not coping. Sure we can all relate to that.

“You were all that I needed”. Stick a fork in me people, I’m done.


Remember how annoying she was? Literally never stopped preaching about being a virgin considering she was the one who said “I don’t talk about it”. She does have fucking beautiful hair though. All the time. Sarah Drew killed it tonight and she just… ugh… she plays April perfectly.

Dance it out

Just yesterday I had a dance party (admittedly by myself) to Jackson 5 and thought, ‘I miss Greys dance parties!’ Then I got one. I’m going to give the shittest dancer award to Jackson for his ridiculous arms. That man has swag but NO to those arms on the dance floor. Best dancer would probably go to Callie. @superheroshepherdess pointed out that Derek would have been roaming the halls during that scene. I nearly threw my brick at her.


She gets a whole section to herself purely for this line:

“Who died?”

Honestly, burst out laughing. This stole the entire episode for me!


Were in an exam room together, examing a patient I think? Although, in my mind, all I saw was them making out… don’t know if anyone else saw that?


No Omelia baby. Boo. Yes Japril baby. Yay! I predict they’ll stay apart until s12 finale and then she’ll be all like, “look, here’s our baby that is alive and cute and amazing. We cool now?” And he’ll be like, “yeah, wanna have sex in the kitchen again?”


Ellen Pompeo can steal her own show with 2 words, Japril are not in a time out but get a warning for those fucking divorce papers, Jesse and Sarah killed it, Omelia made out BTS, I was very glad not to be drunk cos that whole episode and the rewinds was a complete mind fuck for even my sober mind, and whoever thought that a 2 second clip of Cristina Yang would make me so happy? Although, they could have shown the scene of Derek getting shot on the walkway, right?!