Directors/Writers: “Ok Sarah, for the season finale, we are going to have you insinuate and give the vibe to the viewers that there is something brewing between Jackson and Maggie romantically. I mean, what will offer better drama and angst than your character in a love triangle with Jackson and Maggie?! It’s awesome, right?!?!”

In Sarah’s mind: “Ok, this storyline is completely and utterly stupid! How can I convey my disgust on-screen without actually conveying to the writers and directors that this idea is COMPLETELY ridiculous?!?”

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This season did absolutely nothing for any of the storylines. None of the characters storylines made progress except for Meredith and Riggs. This season was a complete waste of our time.

On “that” Japril scene...

So I need to call bullshit on this idea that April knows Jackson’s feelings, and that’s why she can see what’s going on between him and Maggie. April has NEVER been able to read Jackson, let us count some of the ways:

  • in S9, she believes Jackson sees their relationship as just a booty call. She interprets his walking out after sex as him disrespecting her, and seems shocked that he actually feels disrespected by her shame over their sexual relationship. He then has to spell it out to her that he has feelings for her. April is stunned.
  • In 8x23 at Joe’s, when he moves in to kiss her, April claims that he just feels pity for her because she failed the boards, then runs away
  • she thought he was coping after Samuel, he again has to spell it out, that he was dying inside
  • in S12, she thinks he’s about to tell her it’s over after they’ve had sex, when really it’s made him question everything. (”I know what you’re going to say.” “You don’t know!”) He goes into a whole spiel about how she thinks she knows what’s going on with him, but she really doesn’t
  • the whole restraining order/crib debacle
  • 13.04 that he’s only “being nice” to her, and she should probably move out
  • that he was jealous of her new closeness with Catherine, or that what bothered him about the interim chief of general thing was her moving up the career ladder

I can’t even think of one example where April has, without words, has been able to deduce Jackson’s feelings without him spelling it out for her?? When she tries, she’s usually wrong. This is not a diss on April or Japril, just an observation.They love each other, but they’re always missing each other’s signals. It’s a fundamental part of their relationship.

So did they invent this totally bogus relationship trait just to sell us on Maggie/Jackson?

It’s possible. In a tweet, Debbie Allen called it “April’s admission“, and admissions are usually right. And it would make me laugh and laugh (not to mention kill me inside), if April’s observation of the situation is correct, and with the ONE LOOK that she has seen between them, the attraction of Maggie and Jackson is meant to just leap out at us…I mean, how deluded can you get? Neither Maggie nor Jackson is even aware of any feelings yet, but it’s so evident that even bystanders can see it?? COME ON. I guess we can’t discount that possibility, but the level of hubris involved to think that’s what’s coming across onscreen is hilarious (and depressing).

Or…could April be wrong about the whole thing?

That would actually make sense with the history of their relationship, and April’s character in general.

Just thinking out loud here…long summer, y’all…

I said this on Twitter, but I want to say again how impressed I am that the Grey’s Anatomy fandom has united so strongly in support of Japril.  If you haven’t done so yet, go check out the comments on YouTube and Facebook, look through the Japril and Grey’s Anatomy tags on Twitter and Tumblr, and read through the Grey’s Anatomy Reddit page.  Besides the twelve people who don’t like April, it is fairly unanimous that a Jackson and Maggie anything would be one of the worst story lines Grey’s Anatomy could ever do.  And that is saying a lot from a show that gave us Gizzie, Ghost sex, and all of season 13.  This is how far reaching Japril’s story is.  Their story has touched millions of people of all ages, genders, races, countries, and backgrounds.  That is not an easy thing to do, but somehow, Sarah and Jesse have that magic.  

Among the comments, I have also seen many people giving up and walking away from Grey’s.  I get that.  In many ways, the show is unrecognizable as the show we all used to wait all week for, and Japril is the only part of it that is keeping us watching.  I think at this point, the people who make the decisions don’t think the fans will bail.  Unfortunately, we all know this isn’t true anymore.  As hard as it is to give up on a show we have watched for thirteen seasons, we are at that point with this story line.  For many of us, this is make or break.  But for those of you who are giving up now, let me ask you something.  Wait just a little bit longer.  I know it is hard, but let me explain why I say this.  If we are being honest, we really should all bail now.  The finale was disrespectful to the actors, the fans, and the story we have loved for eight years.  The chemistry between Jackson and Maggie screams platonic brother/sister relationship and we are all tired of watching April comes in second place in every area of her life.  However, as many of you have said, we only got April’s perspective.  Because of that, I think we should at least give Krista Vernoff a chance to dig this show out of the grave.  So, if you need to take the summer to decompress, do it.  Read a book, laugh with your friends, lay in the sun all afternoon, and just be happy.

And then come back recharged because we will need you.  The show likes to say they don’t listen to the fans, but look how quickly Minnick’s story line shifted when just the mention of her name elicited anger at Paleyfest and online.  Does anyone really think they brought Minnick on to fire her in the finale all along?  I sure don’t.  So, they can pretend they don’t listen or care, but I think they do.  And just as the Minnick hate has been obvious, so has the Japril love.  They know what they have, now it is up to them to use it.  So we can’t just roll over and accept that this is the end.  I know that is the easy option, but Jesse and Sarah and their story deserve better.  They love Japril and even though we get borderline crazy, they do love our passion.  So, don’t give up on them yet.  This fandom has stayed alive through more than any other fandom on the show, I would argue, and this is just another obstacle to overcome at this point.  The story isn’t over yet.  So, although there isn’t much we can do, we have to do what we can to show our support.  The writers and actors are on Twitter for a reason.  RESPECTFULLY, let them know how you feel.  Comment on social media.  Someone is posting those clips and reading those comments.  And if you live in the US, use the ratings to send a message.  None of us want Grey’s to get cancelled, but the ratings are one of the few ways we can make sure we are heard.  The episodes and clips are all online almost immediately after the show airs.  If we are getting scenes that we don’t like, we have to send a collective message for anyone to hear us.  I don’t know a better way to unify the fans to send a message than these ideas, but if someone has a better idea, please share.  So, be pissed, but don’t give up on Sarah, Jesse, and Japril just yet.  This might just be a chapter in their story.