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12x21 Japril & Kepzona Thoughts

First of all, I realize I didn’t post my thoughts on episode 12x20, as well as the next chapter for Little Do You Know. I’ve been completely swamped with work these past couple of weeks.

Anyway, 12x21 thoughts:

#1: Seeing Jackson and April together in that clinic made my heart happy. I just wish the show gave us even a small glimpse of them outside the clinic, especially after they had the pregnancy scare. 

That’s it. Now, on to what I honestly think is more important than Japril in this episode - Kepzona.

#1: While I really really love my Japril, I am willing to sacrifice Japril screen time in 12x21 and 12x22 for Kepzona screen time, especially beacuse of the Calzona storyline. 

#2: Angry April is so much fun to watch, and no one stands up for loved ones better than her. She defended Alex to Stark, and Jackson to Webber even when she was pissed at Jackson at the time. On top of that, April gave Callie the stink eye (fine, she did it behind her back but still) during that fundraising event when she overheard her telling a crap story at Arizona’s expense, and she ditched the event altogether to get drunk with Arizona in the supply closet. This child custody thing should bring out even more of the fiery fierce fearless ferocity of April Kepner. 

#3: Also, Callie has Meredith (general surgeon) and Owen (trauma surgeon). Arizona only has Webber (general surgeon). It’s pretty obvious she deserves a trauma surgeon in her team. I mean come on, even Captain America and Iron Man had equal teams. 

Side note: Civil War. Watch it.  


And that’s okay. And I feel like if people thought of it that way, they’d find happiness a lot more often.So, you think it’s okay to be a little miserable every now and then…even when you have great things in your life? Is it okay to be a little hungry now and then? (insp.)