Graves: We are not moving to Chicago for like a million reasons
Credence: But Percy, pizza.
Graves: There’s pizza in New York
Credence: Right. Thanks, Percy, you’re so good at reminding me where pizza is

(Parks and Recreation; season 6, episode 21: Moving Up) 


On August 17, 2002 Justin Barber and April Barber, an apparently happy and loving couple celebrated their third wedding anniversary with dinner at an italian restaurant, followed by visiting the Guana River State Park beach late at night. What starts off as a romantic and beautiful story tragically ends in the murder of April Barber. While walking along the beach expecting nothing bad, a man with a gun rushed to Justin and April, demanding money while wounding the couple, eventually killing April with a single shot. Justin realized that his wife was dead and tried to search for help, but there was no one to reach out to at the time. He intended to carry her body to his car but couldn’t due to his injuries so he left her at the beach and drive off, looking for help. When he had found someone who was offering to help him called the police, he was transferred to a hospital while the police was searching up the beach for April. After finding April, the immediate search for her murderer began. The police had no clues at the beginning, but suspicion fell later on Justin himself. There were just some facts that seemed unusual to investigators, such as Justin leaving his phone at home this particular night and not using his wife’s phone to call for help. It quickly emerged that the marriage of the Barbers had not been a happy one and the fact was supported by several family members and friends of April. Later research revealed that Justin had an affair with a woman named Shannon Kennedy and that April speculated that Justin may be unfaithful circa two months before she was murdered. She had confronted him about her concerns but he denied it whenever she tried to talk with him about it. Prior to that in 2001, after a mere three years of marriage, a $2 Million life insurance was issued by Justin on April and himself. There was also a rumor that April told Justin about divorce plans. However, the most striking evidence just waited to be discovered on his laptop after investigators recovered parts of his internet history. On February 9, 2002 he looked up various famous murder cases. On August 17, 2002 just hours before murdering his wife, he downloadedUsed To Love Herby Guns N’ Roses. The following lines are from the actual song:

I used to love her
But I had to kill her
I had to put her six feet under
And I can still hear her complain

Justin Barber was convicted for the murder of April Barber and was senteced to life without parole.

i really hate how many hugely talented and charismatic groups go unnoticed. like i know they can’t logically all be popular, but i still hope during each comeback that this one will be the one that finally brings them success

101 Reasons to Love Ken
  1. He’s the cutie main vocal
  2. Everyone recognizes that he’s the CUTIE main vocal of VIXX
  3. He has a wink disease where he can’t stop winking
  4. He twits like a five year old kid
  5. He posts instavids doing almost the same thing over and over again
  6. He turned into a dragon
  7. He has the sexiest voice ever
  8. He will do embarrassing things while filming and regretting it after
  9. But he’ll never learn his lessons so he’ll do it again
  10. Ravi has a thing on calling him cute and scratching his neck like a puppy
  11. We’ve got a cyborg concept because of him
  12. He wants to earn first before he goes solo because he doesn’t want to burden anyone
  13. According to Leo, Ken is always humble.
  14. He has a strong alcohol tolerance ;)
  15. He’s such a cute ball of hair during pre-debut
  16. His animal impressions are the best
  17. He had some of the best yet pervy OTP moments. (If you know what I mean *coughs* re-uploaded vixx tv *cough*)
  18. He’d be wearing girl’s outfit and wig but he’ll be walking really manly, show off his armpit hair and you know… everything that you might see… unintentionally
  19. Everyone be thinking that he’s cute and innocent but he’s a quite a perv deep inside
  20. He got a perfect score in their Starlight exam
  21. He thinks that he’s a three year old boy
  22. He’s the sweetest guy you’ll ever meet like you’ll get toothache if you’ve got to taste him *cough*
  23. He’s a walking aegyo machine
  24. He’s a VERY good kisser
  25. He cried during their second concert while singing Love Letter. Now, that made me cry too. *ugly sobs*
  26. Leo can’t stop wondering what’s running on Ken’s mind
  27. His mouth runs faster than his brain
  28. He’s an ahjumma
  29. He has a very sexy English accent
  30. He’d be watching horror movies with you but don’t be surprised if someone suddenly crawls under your sheets at midnight
  31. He’ll take you on a food trip on your date
  32. He also have cute hyungs kkk
  33. He has this thing for pouting
  34. He looks great with glasses
  35. He’s a chic magnet so don’t go crying to me when you see him kiss a lot of girls
  36. He gets embarrassed around girls though
  37. But you can actually tell that he knows his way around them
  38. He draws the member’s caricatures on VIXX TV’s opening
  39. He’s close friends with B1A4’s Sandeul & BTS’ Jin(a.k.a. the 92-line Monkeys) as well as BigFlo’s HighTop, ToppDogg’s Nakta and many more
  40. He’s the type who will spit out nonsense in the most crucial time like if you’re angry with him, he’ll suddenly say that he’s hungry and he wants to eat gopchang
  41. He tries to edit out his part by exclaiming different brand names but Ad***s & N**e are his faves
  42. He’ll be the first one to wake up but the last one to get in the car
  43. His grandpa beatbox is the best
  44. He gave his lines to Hyuk in RUB because he didn’t get that much in Superhero
  45. He always tries hard to improve his dancing (he almost quit VIXX because of it, people)
  46. He steals the limelight on live performances
  47. His high notes are a must
  48. He wants to be known as a variety idol but gets awkward when on one
  49. He knows how to shake his butt like a pro
  50. He says things you probably wouldn’t understand
  51. VIXX thinks that he came from the farm when he first came to the company
  52. He’s a puppy but sometimes he’s a dog, or a chicken, no, maybe a sea lion that turns into a mosquito that morphs into a pterodactyl, well…
  53. He can literally be anyone you want him to be
  54. He’ll be trolling himself when no one else does
  55. He never gets angry.. Like what will actually make him angry?
  56. Raken is rockin’ all other OTPs once they’re together
  57. He said that VIXX doesn’t even smell nor fart
  58. He broke up with SpongeBob because of Chopper
  59. He had changed the most since pre-debut
  60. His nose is so cute and his lips too, oh and his eyes *sings eyes, nose, lips*
  61. He starts a secret rebellion against Mama Cha by saying “Malhi Manhi (a lot of horse)” which also means “talks to much”
  62. He has a nice butt XD
  63. He tries to expose Leo’s hidden charms and sweetness only to get hit by the said Hyung
  64. He says “otteokhaji” a lot that you would actually think that it’s the only word he knows
  65. He made Ravi and the others ROFLing on MTV Diary
  66. He started the whole “Ravi is dirty” thing
  67. He’ll give you drawing lessons but will spank you if you won’t focus XD
  68. He talks nonstop while on the way to Gimpo Airport because Leo won’t say a thing
  69. His biceps are… okay, hot
  70. He is spiderman
  71. He calls VIXX - Bikchuu
  72. He asked Ravi to call him “his man”
  73. He is dying to ride a horse but falls off the moment he rides one
  74. Ravi called him “his girlfriend”
  75. He’ll teach you how to eat gopchang and become… a pig
  76. He continues to bow down to people even though he’s already being carried by Ravi
  77. He’ll do everything for his girl even to the point that he needs to sacrifice his life.. *tears*
  78. He calls Starlights his Babies
  79. He sang in a local resto in Jeju because they are broke
  80. He’ll drive you wherever you want
  81. There’s no boring time when he’s around
  82. He’s a closet ahjumma
  83. Like, he’ll be dancing inside the closet and no one will ever notice
  84. He doesn’t really look at a girl’s visual, he just wants someone who’ll only love him
  85. He’s an amazing actor
  86. He’s actually a prince
  87. He asked Leo if he prefers “regular size” or “big size” *winks*
  88. He draws really well
  89. He thinks that having a good personality is really charming
  90. He learned that the members are having a hidden camera prank on him and he rode along faking his annoyance so that his members will think that they succeeded
  91. “Starlight is the reason VIXX can Exist” - Ken
  92. He looks good on anything but Ravi callss him the biggest fashion terrorist
  93. He walks around the dorm with no clothes (or less clothes maybe, just wth is this guy doing anyways?)
  94. He wants to be a monkey if he’s going to be an animal
  95. On his Chained Up Contract there’s a warning saying that regardless  of the place he’ll throw infinite aegyo and kisses at you so you’ll need a strong heart
  96. He will suddenly scream out of nowhere
  97. He’s chained up special clip might leave you in great state shock
  98. He covers Adele’s songs like a pro
  99. He turns VIXX TV into a Meokbang (Food Eating show)
  100. He was dubbed as “Multi-talented Jaehwan with a face of god” during MyDol
  101. He just turned 20 + 4 years old last April 6.

So I’m currently out of state but I just saw a post about the billdip theme for today on tumblr (flowers!!) and I just so happened to have this on my phone from last week when I was testing out a flower crown I just bought. What good timing! 

-Mod Clover

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