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Gothic Tales of Haunted Love: A Comics Anthology
200 pages of new full-colour gothic romance comics! Stories of ghostly and dangerous love from comics' finest creators.

Hey guys, I wanted to let you know I’m going to have a comic in an anthology that’s funding on KS right now!!! It’s a teen rated gothic romance&horror anthology that’s lgbtqa+ positive and has a lot of great representation (and a story I’m doing with @cydare about some Really Extra™ necromancers).

Check it out! Even if you can’t pledge, reblogs are greatly appreciated!!

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OH COLOR CELS? Jesus I’ve been wondering how CLAMP put together these pieces for TB for fucking YEARS! Thank you!!

I’m not 100% certain, but I THINK so. Here’s a pic of a few of the ones I have. They’re semi-transparent cel sheets with a sticky backing, very similar to traditional screentones. They’re a solid color rather than dots like tones are, though.

Babylon was run from ‘90-93 and I don’t think CLAMP was known for doing digital art, especially since Photoshop was first released in ‘90 and I think even now CLAMP is a bit old school. It’s pretty easy to see that some of the lines were most definitely done with a dip pen, probably a g-pen, based on the variations in line width. The colors look completely flat, despite being traditional, and they’re done in a way that looks like cels. That type of look is achievable with gouache, poster paint (not the western kind of poster paint, but the eastern one), and whatever the animation paint is that’s used to make anime cels.

BUT if you look closely at some of the art the colors are layered in transparency. As above, you can see the same pale green is, in one piece, layered over the eye and skin, which 100% wouldn’t work if it was paint. Plus if it was paint, it’s probably have at least some small color variation or texture, unless it was done in the same technique as anime cels (which it wasn’t, based on the layering effect). Any texture on the picture above is uniform, and most likely because this was a scan from a magazine image, not the original art.

 I’ve also cut out a fair number of screentones in my life and you can see on the edge of CLAMP’s Babylon stuff where they didn’t quuuuite cut the tone all the way to meeting the edge of the lines, which honestly happens all the time when using screentones, grey or color. Again as someone who’s cut out a lot of tones, the shapes that the colors make look a lot like screentones cut by a razor, rather than the edge of paint. 

The black is probably filled in with ink or marker, unless it’s an entire black background or large section (like the shirt here, but the hair is definitely done in ink), which would potentially be quicker/less messy with a black cel sheet. 

Long story short, all my money is on that the color Babylon illustrations were done with these. 

Hi, this has been a completely unsolicited technical analysis of CLAMP’s Tokyo Babylon illustrations. 


Hi guys, I’d just like to say that I’m not dead, I’m just working towards a deadline. 

Here, have my jam for tonight to compensate for my lack of posts.

This is a wildly useless personal post about cosmetics and aesthetic. Feel free to skip since I can’t figure out how to do a read more on mobile.


I ordered a million perfume samples because I decided I want to try to find a perfume. This is all well and good, except I’m allergic/sensitive to lots of fragrances 8D

Time to put myself through hell with the goal of finding one that doesn’t murder me so I can smell pretty. Holding hope that Serge Luten’s La Fille de Berlin doesn’t kill me and smells good, because it sounds approximately like everything I’d ever want in a perfume (it’s a cold peppery rose).

I was also a dumb/smart and ordered all high end/niche samples, because I know cheap artificial fragrances are BAD for my headaches, though some natural oils are terrible as well. If I find a perfume I like it will probably be $60-120 for a full bottle……CRIES.

I guess I switched my obsessive focus from skincare to perfume because my attempts at really good skincare only made it worse. It took fucking up my skin to realize I had hella good skin already, if a bit dehydrated and in need of moisturizing. Once it heals I’ll figure out a hella basic routine.

I’ve been focusing a lot on sloooowly revamping my style (80s & early 90s, with a dash of 60s and modern ftw) and on refining myself. Part because it’s the first time I’ve been single in ages (in the last 6 years I’ve only been single ~7 months until somewhat recently) and can focus only on who I am. Part because if I get my butt to Tokyo, I want to be on point and be able to fully be myself, which isn’t something I can do right now living at home with my family. Oh how I long to live alone again, even if I appreciate being able to spend lots of time with family.

IDK my dudes, trying to reach toward the best version of myself. Which, man, “girly” stuff like skin care and make up and perfume is HARD and such a learning process. My mom wasn’t ever really into any of that, so I’ve had to teach myself everything from ground zero. It’s tough shit.

Anyway, this has been a mostly useless post.

I’ve been mostly gone over here thanks to irl stress/deadlines.

I dare you to tell me this isn’t Acchan. I was skimming through artbooks listed on ebay from the seller I normally buy from and I liked one. And then I flipped through the preview images…and BAM, this. And then I looked up the artist and she’s drawn BT members before.

Let’s just say I purchased this artbook instantly. If it won’t hurt the book’s spine I’ll scan the picture when I get it. 

Art from Tomomi Kobayashi’s art book Flower Garden.