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“Rachel was beautiful, inside and out. She was a hard worker with a great sense of humor. After I got out of the school on the day of the shooting, I watched the news coverage on TV, trying to find out who had been shot. I saw videotape of students running past a body on the ground. All you could see clearly was the victim’s hair, but that was enough. I had helped to cut Rachel’s hair, so I knew she was the one lying there.” - Devon Adams

“Lauren Beachem was trapped in one of the science rooms that day. When the SWAT team evacuated everyone, she saw Rachel’s body on her way out of the school. She didn’t want to believe it was Rachel.

We’d been at home watching helicopter footage outside the school, and lying near the exterior steps of Columbine was the body of a girl who was wearing clothes just like those I’d seen Rachel wearing earlier that day.  My brother Aaron was on the phone all afternoon, asking people if they knew anything. I was sitting with my friend Steve Partridge on our porch when Aaron ran out to give us an update. “Rachel Scott’s dead,” he said. Aaron was just giving us a name. He didn’t realize that we both knew Rachel, or that Steve had dated Rachel for a long time. When Steve heard the news, he fell silent. Then he collapsed.“ - Brooks Brown

“Officials began to let Granillo and other students still leaving the school run up a nearby hill to safety. “I run up the hill and I look down and there’s a girl who had been killed laying on her back – which was my friend Rachel. I didn’t know that at the time – and I almost tripped over her.- Sam Granillo

“I went to the local Elementary school where the unconnected children and parents were gathering. It was there where countless students told me that they’d been evacuated past the body of Rachel Scott, a girl on my debate team with whom I was close with. I looked at the first boy who told me that - her varsity mentor on the team, my state poetry champion - and said, “That’s not true. You’re lying.” Then I walked away. - Paula Reed


Women of the House of Bëor

The Men of [the House of Bëor] were dark or brown of hair, with grey eyes; and of all Men they were most like to the Noldor and most loved by them; for they were eager of mind, cunning-handed, swift in understanding, long in memory, and they were moved sooner to pity than to laughter.
- The Silmarillion

There were fair-haired men and women among the Folk of Bëor, but most of them had brown hair (going usually with brown eyes), and many were less fair in skin, some indeed being swarthy…the Folk of Bëor were more steadfast in endurance of hardship and sorrow, slow to tears or to laughter; their fortitude needed no hope to sustain it.

- Of Dwarves and Men

Andreth - Rachel Weisz  ✧  Beril - Jessica Brown Findlay
Bregil - Aiysha Hart  ✧  Hirwen - Yasmine Al Massri
Gilwen - Jennie Jacques  ✧  Emeldir - Indira Varma
Beleth - Irina Shayk  ✧  Beldis - Begüm Akkaya
Morwen - Tuba Büyüküstün  ✧  Rían - Golshifteh Farahani


If only you saw what I saw in you..

how the afternoon sun played with your hair

how your eyes lit up when we were together

how beautiful you were when the light danced on your skin

If only you knew how beautiful the music was..

when we played together in perfect harmony, as if our souls were in sync with each other

when I heard you play for the first time, and you stole my breath away from me, leaving me breathless and wanting more.

I miss you Kaori, and I would give anything just to make music with you again.


Women of the House of Haleth

Like to [the House of Beor] were the woodland folk of Haleth, but they were of lesser stature, and less eager for lore. They used few words, and did not love great concourse of men; and many among them delighted in solitude, wandering free in the greenwoods while the wonder of the lands of the Eldar was new upon them.

- The Silmarillion

[The Folk of Haleth] did not willingly adopt new things or customs, and retained many practices that seemed strange to the Eldar and the other Atani, with whom they had few dealings except in war. Nonetheless, they were esteemed as loyal allies and redoubtable warriors, though the companies they sent to battle beyond their borders were small…One of the strange practices spoken of was that many of their warriors were women, though few of these went abroad to fight in the great battles. 

- Of Dwarves and Men

Haleth - Thalissa Teixeira ✧ Haldar’s wife (Danyal) - Camila Pitanga
Hareth - Keisha Castle-Hughes ✧ Hiril - Courtney Eaton
Hunleth - Ashley Madekwe ✧ Meleth - Hanelle Harris 


Women of the House of Hador

The people of Hador, being hardy to endure cold and long wandering, feared not at times to go far into the north and there keep watch upon the movements of the Enemy…His people were of great strength and stature, ready in mind, bold and steadfast, quick to anger and to laughter, mighty among the Children of Ilúvatar in the youth of Mankind. Yellow-haired they were for the most part, and blue-eyed…

- The Silmarillion

The Folk of Hador were ever the greatest in numbers of the Atani, and in renown (save only Beren son of Barahir descendant of Bëor). For the most part they were tall people, with flaxen or golden hair and blue grey-eyes, but there were not a few among them that had dark hair, though all were fair-skinned.

- Of Dwarves and Men

Zimrahin Meldis - Sofia Helin ✧ Adanel - Leelee Sobieski
Gildis - Sarah Gadon ✧ Glóredhel - Sophia Myles
Aerin - Rebecca Hall ✧ Niënor Níniel - Anastasia Tsilimpiou