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Republicans passed the American Health Care Act. Then only 7% of them held town halls.

  • The vote on the American Health Care Act took place on May 4. The bill needed 216 votes in the House and got 217
  • A day later, elated House Republicans took a 10-day-long recess to go home and talk to their constituents. Very few of them, however, connected with constituents in town hall meetings.
  • During the recess, which ran from May 5 until Monday, only 17 of 238 House Republicans held town halls — about 7.1% of the GOP House caucus, according to data provided by Town Hall Project, a nonpartisan group that tracks public meetings by members of Congress.
  • The number of town halls in the May recess was even fewer than the April recess, when just a fifth of House Republicans held town halls. 
  • That means less than half the number of House Republicans who held town halls in April opted to face constituents in a public setting after the AHCA vote. Read more (5/17/17)