One Piece ワンピース [Water 07 Saga / Enies Lobby Arc] : Cipher Pol Number 09 (CP9) vs The Straw Hat Pirates

Nico Robin : “First with Aokiji..and now, I’ve involved you twice! If this is to continue forever, no matter how kind and compassionate you all are…someday, it will be too much of a burden. Someday, you’ll betray me and cast me aside! That’s my greatest fear.. That’s why I didn’t want you to come rescue me! If I’m going to die someday anyway..I want to die here! 
Chief Spandam : “I see, that makes perfect sense! Hahaha! Look at that symbol Straw Hats! It represents the unity of more than 170 nations…it represents the World! Do you realize how frivolous your resistance is?! Do you understand the sheer power of the organization that is after this one woman?!
Captain “Straw Hat” Luffy : “I totally get who Robin’s enemy is. Sogeking. Shoot down that flag.
“Sogeking” Usopp : “Roger. Hissatsu Firebird Star!”
Chief Spandam : Are you crazy?! Do you really think you can survive now that the entire world is your enemy??
Captain “Straw Hat” Luffy : “Bring it on!! Robin! I still haven’t heard it from your lips! Say that you want to live!!”
Nico Robin : *Live? I didn’t think I could wish for that. No one..ever allowed me to wish it. If it’s really okay..to make one little wish..I..*  “I WANT TO LIVE!!”
Captain “Straw Hat” Luffy : *heh* “Let’s go!”

A.U. where CP9 are secret paramilitary police like the Nazi SS & the Straw Hats are a (gang) crew in high school. My 2nd all-time favorite moment in One Piece! The Water 07 Saga was a superbly written storyline in OP. The twist of the Cipher Pol Number 09 members, the story of Cutty Flam & Shipwright Tom, and the clashes between the two groups blew me away. The Enies Lobby arc also revealed the Straw Hats in their peak conditions, very similar to the “Sasuke Recovery Mission Arc” from Naruto, these are my favorite kinds of arcs when you get to see many key characters fight to their full potential. Nico Robin was such a beautifully written character and her backstory was precious. I’m kind of sad to see her thrown on the backlines in the New World because she deserves better. Also, Sogeking was a huge development for Usopp, really pushed his character forward in the series. And of course, Blueno vs Luffy & Rob Lucci vs Luffy were some of the best fights in the series. Gear 2nd!

: Haikyuu!! - Makko Shobu

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Do you have any anime recommendations?

Oh, sure I do!

If you like sports anime I recommend Haikyuu!! It’s awesome and not a sports anime where everything is super exaggerated, plus the characters are all amazing and unique.

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If you want an anime with super amazing fluid animation and fight scenes and a nice suspenseful plot, i recommend Kyoukai no Kanata (Beyond the Boundary)

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If you want fun and happy times with super interesting and awesome characters then I recommend Little Witch Academia

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If you like one that’s magical and historic with two beautiful (gay) women then i recommend Izetta: The Last Witch

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If you want a heart stopping, heart wrenching, suspense thriller anime then I recommend Re: Zero

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If you want a dramatic one with amazing music then I recommend Your Lie in April

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I do apologize if by some crazy chance you’ve already seen all of these and i didn’t help, but these are what I would recommend now. :) Hope that helped!


Do you know the difference between pain and suffering?
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Anyway. Stop making edits with flower crowns on ted bundy. Stop making columbine lock screens. Stop writing Dylan and Eric imagines. Stop fucking romanticizing those cruel sick bastards or otherwise lessening the severity of tragedies and horrendous acts made by them. Stop pretending they’re characters you can write about, stop saying ERIC BABY HES SO HOT 😍stop doing the shit that makes murderers seem less monstrous than who they were. They’re all burning in hell and should be. I am so sick of some of the people in tcc that do that. Not fucking okay.