april was a slow month

Rest In Peace Zanzen Oct 2014-April 29, 2017

Zanzen passed away after a pretty slow decline over several months. But she lived a wonderful life and ran on her wheel until just before her death. Zan was a friendly, easy going rat that was wonderful to have around in a group, large or small. 

I got Zanzen at a reptile convention where she sat in a greasy tub, and I brought her home in a tiny little white box. She went on become one of the most sleek and beautiful rats I have ever owned. Being pretty is one thing, but Zan was also sweet, so she as the complete package. 

I wish I had spayed Zan when she was younger, but by the time I had assured myself myself that spaying my females in addition to neutering my males was best, she was simply too old. But it might have given her a few more months of life. That is not to say she did not have a good life, for she certainly did. 

Zanzen was beloved by everyone in the cage and will surely be missed by both them and me. The wheel that she basically lived in will probably go unused for a while if I had to guess. I will miss her sweet face coming up to investigate or to get a treat. 

Rest in Peace sweet doll