april tale

Tbh I’m so torn as to how April was portrayed in this episode…

Cause on the one hand, April being a total badass, having mastery over her powers, and being singled out by Splinter for her incredible intuitive prowess is amazing. I’m really proud of how far she’s come!

But at the same time the show never resolved her emotional instability after “The Power Inside Her.” They never explored how becoming an unstoppable danger to her loved ones might’ve negatively affected her. There was no backlash, no consequences for the fact that she literally murdered someone. They just pushed her off-screen for one episode, brought her back, and POOF well I guess she’s magically okay now! Hey writers, THAT’S NOT HOW MENTAL HEALTH WORKS!

And yes, I know she was being possessed but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t still 100% aware and witnessing Za-Naron’s actions. In a way, that’s even worse, because if there’s one thing April O’Neil is afraid of, it’s feeling out of control. That’s why she went to such lengths to become a kunoichi and why she allowed the crystal to take control of her mind as effectively as it did! You can’t tell me this experience doesn’t still haunt her! 

So yeah, because there’s no episode where we actually see her recover from her trauma and overcome her fear of losing control, to see her suddenly have such a strong mastery over her powers feels… cheap somehow. 

And I don’t want it to feel cheap!!! I want to feel proud of my girl because she earned this and because she’s stronger than her fears, not because the plot suddenly needs her to be a psychic master because reasons. 

So… Yeah. I am so torn on this one.Seeing April as an emotionally balanced, confident kunoichi is incredible and that telekinesis trick she does with her tessen is probably the coolest thing I have ever seen. But it makes me sad that I’m not allowed to see how she mentally got to that place. T-T

Splinter initiating the turtles into ninjadom: I’m going to fake my own kidnapping, knock them all unconscious, put them in cages with trap doors, make them go through a maze of potentially lethal crumbling floors and ceilings, fight them all while disguised as a malicious spirit, and then maybe if they beat me they’ll kinda sorta be real ninjas I guess

Splinter initiating April: I’m going to light a ton of candles, say some nice stuff…. give her a pretty sword? IDK I’m tired


Have some more breakdance AU because boy do I love it :’)))) also I’m sorry about her shoes I know they look weird

Also I though that a roller derby AU would be fun because why not :^))))