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au where Mari and Adrien are astronauts just because I wanted to draw them in space suits

@powerdragonmoon I redrew them better and in half the time B)

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(If you haven’t see the TMNT finale then don’t read this list)

  • Where’s April?
  • Where’s Karai?
  • Was that really Casey’s skull?!
  • How are turtles able to grow hair?!
  • How old exactly are the turtles?
  • How was ice cream kitty able to live in a hot desert all these years and not melt?
  • Where’s Slash?
  • Where’s Leatherhead?
  • Where’s Mona Lisa?
  • Where’s Shinigami?
  • Where’s Mondo Gecko?
  • Where’s Dr. Rockwell?
  • Where’s Muckman?
  • So Leo never had a first kiss?
  • No Ramona babies?
  • Apriltello…?
  • …did any of the turtles ever do it with a girl…?
  • What happened to all of the turtle villains who left to go live their lives like Fishface, Bebop, Rocksteady, and TigerClaw
  • How’s everyone is Usagi’s dimension?
  • What happened to the EPF and the Utrom Council?
  • Fugitoid!!! Where you at?!?
  • So remember those other turtles from the past that went to space with past Fugitoid in season 4? WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM?!
  • What is the best thing Mikey has ever said to Renet?
  • Is Renet alive????
  • If Renet is alive in the future, but there’s no humans then how is Renet, who is a human, in the future?! Does this mean not all the humans are dead?!

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Even though I have all these questions, I still enjoyed the finale! It was not how I imagine TMNT to end, but they did a good job with this arc. I do hope Brandon or Ciro or anyone who worked on the show will answer these questions. Maybe some day…

Apritello in “When Worlds Collide”

You know how Nickelodeon is airing the season all out of order? At the beginning of “When Worlds Collide,” Mikey is talking to Renet using a device that can help them basically Skype through time and space which he would have gotten from her during the monster arc.

It kinda makes me wonder… what Apritello developments have we missed because we skipped over the monster arc and other episodes? 

Throughout “When Worlds Collide,” they were super coupley. 

I loved how worried April was anytime something happened to Donnie.

And look at her taking charge when her turt is in trouble:

And did you notice how she was the one to retrieve the map of the city in Donnie’s lab? She spends so much time with him she knows where he keeps his belongings. 

When they arrived in Dregg’s ship, there was definitely a difference in the way she said Leo and Donnie’s names.

She said Donnie’s name with a lot more urgency. 

Also, look how she comforts him when they thought Mikey had blown up with Dregg’s ship, and the way Donnie puts his arm around her when he thinks they’re in danger:

And throughout the episode, any time they were in a group or in the same room together, they were almost always right next to each other. They were nearly inseparable!

I mean I’m not normally one to be like, “OH MY GOSH THEY’RE STANDING NEXT TO EACH OTHER THEY’RE SO MEANT TO BE!!!” …Well okay, I am, but I usually don’t post it… and if I do, I poke fun at myself a little for it. 

But look at them in this episode! 

It’s as though the show creators decided, “Hey, let’s make April stand next to Donnie in EVERY SINGLE FRAME… except for when Donnie gets kidnapped. Then let’s have April be super worried about him and be the one to initiate them getting him back. One does not keep the salt shaker on the kitchen counter and the pepper shaker on the dining room table. They must be kept together! SO SHALL DONNIE AND APRIL BE!!!”

Can’t wait to see if we’ve missed something in the monster arc. 

TMNT Wish List

As many of us already know TMNT 2012 is ending soon. Apparently the last episodes of the show will take place 50 years in the future, which means a lot of time has passed and many things must have happened (good or bad).
This is a list of what I personally want to happen or questions that I want answered before the show ends.
Feel free to make your own list as well! 

- In the 50 years episodes are the turtles going to be known as “The Turtles Warriors” like Renet called them in season 3? 

- Humans knowing of the turtles existence. Renet said that people will know that the turtles exist soon, but when? 

- Will Chompy be all grown up in 50 years and be the size of Tokka? 

- Donnie and April being a couple. I want them to end up being to together. 

- Donnie turning Timothy aka The Pulverizer back into a human. He’s been a mutant for too long!

- Leo gets kissed by Karai. He’s the only turtle that hasn’t been kissed by his love interest. Leo deserves some love!

- Ramona babies! (I know it might not happen but a girl can dream)

- Mona Lisa with the Mighty Mutanimals. I’m curious to see how she and the other members of the team would interact.

- Renet and Shinigami meet and interact. I don’t want them fighting for Mikey or anything stupid like that. I just want them to meet each other and maybe become friends.

- Will we see ANY of the Turtles as parents? Or can we at least see Apriltello, Ramona, and Leoari married?

- Personally I want Mikey to end up with Renet (Sorry to any Shinianglo shippers, but I don’t see any chemistry between those two)

- If Leo and Karai don’t end up together then I want KaraiXShinigami to happen!!!!

- In the ending of Earth’s Last Stand we see Fugitoid’s head turn on. Does that mean he will come back??? or no?…


- I would like some more answers on what happened to April’s mom or did the writers forget about that?

That’s all I got! If I think of anymore I will make a part 2!