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day 28. something you love about skins.
i’ve talked at length probably about the friendships and non-romantic relationships being the thing i love most so it’s not really necessary to do it again… so this pretty much sums it up: story, cinematography, music, april pearson (heh), pushing limits of what is considered normal “teen fare” on TV, being downright beautiful. and, relevant on this day of lovely trailers.

anonymous asked:

Why that picture of April Pearson as your display pic?
That's the most ugliest pic of her I've ever seen, just saying.
At first I thought it was a joke pic or something like a herpderp sorta thing. But no. Ah.

Shut up, anon. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, yeah? I think she looks hot. Besides, I bet April on her worst day looks better than you on your best. Grow a pair and show your face if you’re gonna go around bashing other people.

I’m turning off anon. Seriously. This is moronic.

anonymous asked:

If you had the chance to meet one celebrity, just one, dead or alive, who would pick? :)

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But maybe not. Cos then if she’s not like I’ve built-up in my head (which tbh I don’t think is that far off but who can tell) I’d be disappointed and disillusioned. Slim, slim chance of that tho. Maybe Olivia Wilde cos she’s so fucking brilliant and fascinating and I deffo know it’d be a good experience. I’ve met most other people I’ve always wanted to meet, and I was so fucking close to meeting Olivia but I bailed. Kicked myself for ages afterwards so I’d like a second chance. It’s tough. I think I’d get all gushy and stupid around April cos I love her so, but I feel confident, despite my admiration of Olivia that I wouldn’t around her. AH. Can’t decide. I’m going to say April at this exact moment however.