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sleeplessbutdreaming  asked:

What are some of your April Ludgate head canons?! Mine definitely include that she's prone to anxiety and depression, but that's just me :) I also think she has a secret addiction to cheesy 'mainstream' 80s music despite claiming to hate it!

Oh yes, gotta agree with you on those!  Let’s see…my own personal head canons are more related to my fanfiction world, or I should say, what I think happens later in her life:

-When they have children, April always sends Andy when one of them needs to volunteer at school or chaperone a field trip.  Not only because she usually has to work, but because she hates interacting with the other moms, and everyone loves Andy anyway so it always works out.

-She becomes quite good at making dinner for her family, regardless of her earlier admission that she’ll “never cook for Andy” in season 3.

-When Jack plays football in high school she makes all three of her girls wear matching jerseys with her and Andy.  As much as she hates cliche stuff like that, she feels that supporting Jack is more important than how she feels.

-For Mother’s Day, she has her children each make a card for Leslie, and she sends them in the mail along with a box of waffle mix and a homemade voodoo doll (usually of Ben).  Leslie follows up with a gryzzl chat that usually involves her crying because of how emotional and thankful she is.  Leslie also saves every single thing April, Andy and their children make her.

Thanks for this ask! :D