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In celebration of me finally getting off my butt and updating my 2012 Raphril fict, “Afterglow,” (which this particular newest chapter is nsfw, but if you don’t mind, you can read here on tumblr, fanfiction.net, or A03) I decided to draw some too. It doesn’t correlate with the story really but thought it was cute (also, it’s old as all hell so I better submit it before I don’t like it anymore.) Just love that she’s taller than him. <3

If you do want to see some correlating art for, I did some for the NSFW scene on my other blog.

Anyway, hope y’all are having an awesome weekend! xoxo (I MAY just submit a little 2014/2016 Raphril tomorrow we’ll see how much I get done. This weekend has been CRAZY! O_____o)


Interview on 3 April 2012- Japanese medalists of Worlds 2012

I translated this because Coach Nanami’s message brought tears to my eyes.   Only Yuzu’s parts are translated.

At 2.46, narrator:  Last year 11th March, in the rink in Sendai, Yuzuru Hanyu experienced the Great East Japan earthquake. 

Yuzu’s voice:  ‘The Japanese people look ahead’,  I hope that they can feel that through my performance. 

Narrator: He gave a great performance on the world’s stage and became the youngest Japanese male skater to be on the podium. 

At 5.50, Q: (About the Japanese pair winning the bronze) Did you feel encouraged by them?

Yuzu:  It was my first time at Worlds, so I was really feeling the pressure.  As we have been competing together since junior days, (their performance) gave me a lot of encouragement.

At 8.45, Q: Your first time at Worlds and your quad was successful.  How do you feel about that?

Y:  I was worried during the short but I landed it, so during the free, I could do it in a more relaxed manner.

Q:  You said you wanted to be in the final group but you couldn’t.  You felt a lot of regret about your SP?
Y:  Yes, that’s right.  I made mistakes in the short.  I felt it could not be helped but honestly speaking, I was very regretful.  

Q:  (In the LP), there was a fall that no one expected.  What happened?
Y:  (laughing)  I was a little tired.
Q:  Tired?  Your legs?
Y:  Yes.
Q:  But after that there was a triple axel….. amazing…..

Q:  The moment that you finished your performance, well, many things happened this season, how did you feel?  
Y:  This past year, many different people have supported me, and I intended to work very hard with their support.  And really, because of their support, I am able to come this far.  I felt this very concretely, and so the tears came.

Q:  You have said before, “I want to tell the world that the Japanese people look ahead.”  You achieved that, didn’t you?
Y:  Well, yes, I think that getting on the podium means my name will be left somewhere, even if in a small way.  And so I do feel that I have achieved my goal.

Q:  People were in tears at your performance.  Did you hear about that?
Y:  Yes, I saw it on TV and when I returned to Japan, I was told about it.  I was very happy. “

Q:  The one who has supported you most closely, Coach Nanami Abe, her tears also left an impression.  She has a message for you.  Please watch.
Y:  Eh??  (very surprised)

Nanami Abe’s video message:  
Yuzu, congratulations on your bronze medal. Many things happened in the past year. I think there were many kinds of pressure around you. The kind of pressure that you have not tasted before, you tasted it this year. But I believed that you could turn that pressure into strength.   When you finished your free skate performance, I thought it was really good that I believed in you. From now on, there may be many more trials waiting for you. But just look towards your own goal, and let’s walk on, one step by one step.  Kore kara mo yoroshiku onegaishimasu. (polite term)”

Q:  Is there anything you would like to say to her?
Y:  I have no words, only thank you very much.  My overwhelming gratitude for her support all this time…. when I get back, I want to sincerely say to her thank you.

Translated by me (much thanks to kirariyuzu for the link to this beautifully clear video)

[In late April/May 2012, he moved to Canada to train under Brian Orser, a difficult decision which he made with Nanami-sensei’s blessings.]

Lilo, Larry & Bonding

Hello, friends.

Happier times ahead! Picture it. April 2012. Still 5 more years of Obama left on the clock. OT5 interviews! Australia!

Let’s focus on this 39 second video where Liam says something that sounds “American” to the other 4 and Louis and Harry, especially, find it amusing.

Liam: Hiiiii everybody who’s watchin’ this from Hot Hits!

At this point, Niall laughs and Louis is amused. SO AMUSED!

Harry notices Niall/hears Louis giggling and turns to Louis, obviously.

Then Louis very cutely asks Niall “Why you laughin’?” And they all wait for Niall’s response.

Niall can’t/won’t make fun of Liam, so Harry to the rescue!

He turns to Louis and says very dramatically “I have an American…” And looks at Louis.

Liam is genuinely confused and then catches up and makes fun of himself. They all stare into the camera as Liam tries again.

But then Louis says with emphasis on his accent “’ELLO, everyone.” 

And that’s when Harry turns and stares.

And stares.

And cocks his head a bit as he stares fondly.

Harry finally turns back to the camera, looking almost drunk.

Then literally tries to snap himself out of it as Niall begins to speak.

Liam is trying to finish the bite with Louis off camera, but every time Liam tries to speak, Louis makes a weird noise. Finally, Liam breaks and yells the bite in a silly voice and Harry is amused/pleased at Louis’ antics as he turns to smile at him.

And stare some more.

Over it, Zayn yells “A massive thank you to everyone watching this, love you guys, thanks you for all your support.”

Niall can make fun of Zayn and does by repeating “Thanks you.” Louis says it repeatedly then, while Harry continues to just!

The end. 

Except to say this: I really feel like this American/Australian/American leg of promo they did in March, April, May and June 2012 allowed Louis, especially, to bring Liam out of his shell more in interviews and with them, personally. I think this is a really important Lilo-building time period and you can really see it here as Liam is teased and after being momentarily confused, joins in on the fun and then everyone is giggling and having a fun time in the middle of a very grueling schedule of interviews and other promo.

And Harry was there to support Louis in everything he did, amen. 

anonymous asked:

Do you take prompts? I have this craving for Clexa meeting while walking their dogs.

Do I take prompts? Is a smurf’s butt blue?

March 3, 2012

The German Shepherd sitting quietly observing the children running about is adorable. Its owner is other worldly gorgeous. Seriously, when did God start making women that looked like that. It’s not even that she’s beautiful, she’s fucking radiant. Even from two park benches away, Clarke can see this woman’s… ora? Her energy? Clarke doesn’t know what to call it but it’s big and bright and it’s pulling even ounce of Clarke’s attention. The woman’s hair is so long, thick, and wavy. It is the shiniest brown Clarke has even laid eyes on. She’s slender with perfect skin and Clarke can’t breathe.

The German Shepherd nudges its owner with its nose. She barely looks up from her huge novel as she removes its leash. The dog’s off in a hurry after a squirrel, Clarke thinks, and its owner stays engrossed in whatever she’s reading. Shakespeare comes back with the ball Clarke threw for her about ten minutes ago and drops it on the pavement. Clarke’s 3 year old Norwegian Elkhound doesn’t so much play fetch but more like keep away. She’ll run after then ball or rope or frisby and Clarke always wonders if she’ll ever return. She throws the ball as far as she can and Shakespeare’s back in her own little world.

In the time it took Clarke to get distracted by her canine, the beautiful stranger is gone. Clarke’s on her feet, head swiveling. The woman is gone.

March 7, 2012

Every day she’s been in this park and every day she sees this woman – who she hasn’t talked to, yet can’t stop thinking about – and her well behaved German Shepherd. Today they’re playing fetch and the dog actually knows it’s supposed to bring the ball back. What a concept, Clarke thinks when she glances at Shakespeare who’s rolling on her back in the grass. The woman is laughing at her dog’s antics. The dog is dramatically catching the ball, hopping in the air when unnecessary. Rolling like a football player does when they catch a ball low to the ground. Trotting back to her triumphantly like its found gold. The woman laughs and pets her dog’s head and Clarke thinks she’d act a fool just to make her smile too.

March 20, 2012

This is the first time they’ve passed each other on the dog walk trail. She smiled. Right at Clarke. Her heart froze, her lungs hit the off switch and her feet forgot how to function. Clarke’s ashamed, she’s down right disgusted with herself. In high school, in college, in adult hood, she’s always been so smooth. Whenever she’s out and she sees a guy, a girl, whoever that she wants, she just goes right up to them, makes small talk, and before she knows it she’s added a new contact in her phone. Never has she lacked confidence or felt so helpless. Her best friend Bellamy praises her for being the best wingman ever. His sister turns her nose up at them because the troll for women while she’s been in the same relationship since she was 16. Her other friends egg her own, telling her she can’t get the hottest guy in the bar to notice her. Or that she can’t get the sexist woman in the room to swoon.

They’re always wrong.

And she’s always been so good with talking to people. Talking is her specialty. Her boss once told her he was sure she could sell sand to people at the beach. She’s not arrogant, but she knows she’s the best damn real estate developer his agency has ever seen.

But this woman. This drop dead, breathtakingly gorgeous woman has her tongue tied and her palms sweaty and she’s all the way down the walk before Clarke realized she didn’t smile back.

Shakespeare impatiently pulls on her leash.

April 4, 2012

Several times now she’s walked passed her, or been near her as they played with their dogs. Two days ago Clarke watched in awe as the stranger pushed two little girls on their swings. She was silly and cute with them, hopping back and forth between their swings. Her smile was so big and come to think of it Clarke can’t think of a time when she wasn’t  smiling. Maybe only when she has her nose in a book.

After work, every day, she looks forward to bringing Shakespeare to the park five blocks from her home. It may seem creeping or crazy but she just wants to look at her. That’s all. Well, she’d love to actually talk to her too but she thinks better of it, knowing she’d make a fool out of herself. She’s never been so unsure, so insecure, so frightened.

April 12, 2012

Shakespeare has her head out the window, tongue wagging. Clarke is thinking about the huge lot of land she just secured with a smile on her face. That lot landed her a generous bonus and she, Bellamy, Octavia, her husband Lincoln, and her co worker slash her other best friend Monty are going out to celebrate tonight but first things first. The park.

The long brown hair Clarke has dreamed about running her fingers through, is up in a pony tail. Her nose in in a bright yellow hardback book and she’s periodically sipping out of a coffee cup.

She let’s Shakespeare off her leash, she quickly finds another dog to play with and Clarke is embarrassed with herself. Her damn dog has an easier time in this dog park and she needs to do something about it. Just as her feet move her a few inches closer to the woman, she stops. What if she’s not into women? What is she’s already involved? A woman that stunning? There’s no way she’s single.

All the confidence she just had 30 seconds ago is blowing in the soft April wind.

May 8, 2012

There’s that bright yellow book again. Clarke is sure she’s seen the stranger read it three times. She wonders about this woman. What she does. How long she’s had her dog. What’s her favorite cereal. What’s her favorite book. What was her childhood like. Clarke has thought of this woman every day for two months and she’s resolved that’s she’s being a total pussy. Well, that’s what Bell had said last week when she finally broke down and told him. For no other reason than the fact that she desperately needed advice. He called her a few choice names, laughed at her, then got her a drink. After his teasing was over, he said the next time she sees her reading a book, to go sit by her and ask what she’s reading.

This is it. This is the “next time.” She’s reading and her German Shepherd is frolicking in a flower bed and she all alone and this is it.

Can a heart break ribs and rip through skin? Is that possible, for the organ to literally leap from a chest? It feels possible and the closer she gets the more of a possibility it becomes. The raging of her heart is only rivaled by the fluttering in her stomach. Clarke’s so fucking nervous she feels light headed. But she’s made it, and she sits on the far side of the bench. The stranger hasn’t moved and Clarke’s trying to remember how this breathing thing works. She isn’t sure how long she sat there before she blurts out, “What are you reading?”

The woman looks up and Clarke wants to tell her she should probably call an ambulance because anyone would have a heart attack after seeing those sharp, green eyes. They’re the greenest eyes she’s ever seen and she’s not sure but she thinks she might be drooling.

“Lies we tell ourselves. Have you heard of it? It’s a phenomenal read.” There’s this little smile on her lips. It seems like that’s something permanent, like this woman is so full of joy and  that’s  why she’s always smiling.

“It’s – it’s my favorite book.” Clarke manages. And it is. Even though it’s an very hard read and led to Clarke researching how bad segregation was in the 50’s. She discovered some hard truths but it helped her open her eyes and try to become a part of the solution instead of being a part of the problem.

The woman’s eyes shine even brighter. “Mine too. It’s such a special book.” Clarke nods. She tries to close her gaping mouth. This woman has the sweetest, softest voice she’s ever heard. “I’m Lexa.”


“Clarke…” Lexa says like she trying it out on her tongue. “That’s a unique name for a girl.”


Shakespeare’s howling catches Clarke’s attention and she’s off in her direction, chancing a glance at the stranger who just smiles and waves.

May 9, 2012

Clarke doesn’t go to the park. She takes Shakespeare for a walk around the block instead. When they get back home, she trots into the bedroom as if she’s disappointed. Clarke knows the feeling.

May 15, 2012

An excruciating week goes by before Clarke can muster the courage to return to her and Shakespeare’s favorite park. Octavia was far less of a ass about her predicament and gave her some sound advice. She hoped she could go through with it.

The woman – Lexa – was on her usual bench flipping through a magazine. Clarke took a deep breath, just like O had instructed and marched over there.


“Oh, hi, Clarke. Haven’t seen you around.” She smiling. Clarke is dying.

“I’ve been avoiding the park.” Clarke hopes to God O was right about honesty being the best policy.


“Well because you make me nervous.”

Lexa laughs as if it’s the most ludicrous thing anyone has ever said and Clarke is having second, third, and fourth thoughts.

“Me? How on earth do i do that?”

Here goes nothing. If this blows up in her face Shakespeare will have to get used to a new park. “Because you’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen and I just don’t know how to talk to you. But I want to,” she adds quickly when Lexa’s smile disappears. “I want to so badly I’m just a little…” Shakespeare wants to get away so Clarke releases her. “You could tell me to go away or you could ask me to join you.” She nods at the empty spot beside Lexa.

“To talk.” Clarke nods slowly. “About?”

“Anything, I just want to be near you.”

Lexa’s head tilts, her lips part, her cheeks color.

May 20, 2012

Their first date was two nights ago. Raven, her college roommate and the biggest serial dater she knows, told her to take Lexa Lazer tagging. Clarke was uneasy about it sighting that they should do something romantic but Raven was so fucking convincing. Thank all that is holy for Raven Reyes because Clarke and Lexa had a blast. They laughed the whole time as they mercilessly took down all the kids in the place. Lexa had never been but was a natrual. They teamed up against 52 kids and came out victorious. Afterwards they got ice cream and walked hand in hand to the train. Lexa’s lips tasted like chocolate. 

 Their second date, tonight, will take place at Lexa’s, she said chef at Silvo’s, this fancy itialian eatery in Soho. Clarke is so nervous she has no idea which one of her friends to turn so she makes the mistake of calling her mom. Abby Griffin has never, not once, thought a single person Clarke dated was good enough for her. Abby’s advice was that if she was this nervous then maybe something is wrong with this new girl. Clarke rolled her eyes and insisted this one was different and asked to hear about her first date with her dad for the three thousandth time. Clarke could hear her mom’s smile through the phone as she recounted the nervous wreck Jake had been. She paused and sighed when she got to their first kiss. Clarke’s heart broke in several places as Abby went on. She missed her dad so much.

 Lexa’s apartment was a little too modern for Clarke’s taste, she’s very much into any and all things vintage, but it suits her perfectly. There’s photography lining every wall and books at every turn. Her ceilings are high and her windows are huge and the decor is mostly black, white, and grey. Her kitchen is bigger than the rest of her apartment combined and she’s moving about naturally while telling Clarke all about her day. Thus far, when they are not together, they stay on the phone or texting. On nights when they see one another, they agreed to keep contact to a minimum, just so they can savor their time together after having missed each other all day. Clarke hopes Lexa is just as crazy about her; it seems like she might be. 

 The decision to eat in Lexa’s home opposed to a restaurant was a sound one. Clarke had never tasted anything so delicious in her life. And there was pie, homemade from scratch, after dinner and a couple glasses of wine. 

 Things got quiet and comfortable after dessert, even though Clarke felt like she could listen to Lexa forever. After staring a little too long at each other Lexa got up and put a record on. It was a man’s voice and song Clarke didn’t reconize. It was deep and melodic in a way that touched Clarke’s bones, warming her from the inside out. It was slow and Lexa offered Clarke her hand. They danced around Lexa’s living room while Clarke calmly burned. She was on fire, every inch that touched Lexa was scolding. Her chest ached and she wondered, briefly, if she had truly ever loved her ex boyfriend Finn. He never made her feel like this, no one had. 

 June 2, 2012 

 Trying to stay away from Lexa was akin to trying to not breathe. Unless she wanted to die, she needed to do it. But she didn’t want to move too fast, didn’t want to scared Lexa off. So even though she’d much rather be out with Lexa, she’s hanging at Octavia’s for an impromptu barbecue. She’s sipping a beer suffocating from Lexa’s absence. 

 June 15, 2012 

 Lexa wants to have sex. If she were any clearer there might be a sign around her neck that read, “Clarke, fuck me.” But she doesn’t want to, well she does want to, in the worse way, but she doesn’t want to rush, and she doesn’t want to ruin anything. Sex always ruins everything. 

 “I should head home.” Clarke kisses lexa nose, and forehead, and chin, and behind her ear. She loves that. 

 “I really want you to stay.” 

 “I’m flying out tomorrow, I need to get home.” Lexa kisses her in a way that demands Clarke stay right where she is, but she pulls back and gives Lexa’s nose another smooch. 

 “Well,” her voice is soft as silk, but dripping with seduction. “That’s why I want you to stay, because I won’t see you for a whole week.” Lexa pulls Clarke by the back of her neck but Clarke turns her face. If she feels Lexa’s lips just one more time, she won’t leave. 

 “It’s only six days, and you’ll pick me up from the airport right?” 

 Lexa’s hand drops and so do her shoulders. “Right.” 

 “Hey, come on, it’s only six days,” she reminds. 

 “Why won’t you have sex with me?” 

 Lexa isn’t assertive. She’s a quiet bookworm who’s meek and sweet. She doesn’t like attention, and she pays no mind to people gawking at her beauty. She’s humble and generous and Clarke, on a daily basis, feels no where near good enough for this angel. She can see the pain and confusion that led to that question and it kills her that she’s the one who caused it. 

 “Are you kidding me? Of course i want that, I just… I’m not ready is all.” 

 “I – we’ve been together for four weeks.” 

 “Together?” They’ve yet to label what they are. Is this what Lexa’s been thinking?

 “Um, well…no I mean dating. We’ve been dating for four weeks and I would never in a million years pressure you but it just feels like you don’t want me like that.” She’s tearing up and Clarke’s heart rate makes her sweat. 

“What, Lexa –” 

 “Is there someone else? Are you seeing other people? Because not two minutes again you blanched at the idea of us being together.” 

 “Lexa –” She’s off the couch, pacing. 

“I can’t be hurt again, I won’t be. I won’t sit here feeling all these things, wanting all these things and we aren’t even on the same page.” 

 “Lexa –” 

 “I deserve more than that. It’s taking me a long time, but,” her pacing ceases, she stares Clarke down, “I know my worth and I won’t sit here –” 

 “Lexa!” Clarke’s off the couch and across the room in two seconds, holding Lexa by her shoulders. “There is no one else. How could there be? How could I ever want anyone ever again?” Clarke shakes her head. “You’ve ruined me for anyone else. Lexa, listen to me, the reason I haven’t been ready yet is because of me, not you or us. Lex, I’ve fucked up literally every single relationship I’ve ever been in. Eventually I decided casual sex would be easier. I’ve lived that way for so long, then you come into my life. We haven’t taken that step yet because I always rush, I always move way too fast and before I know it everything comes crashing down. I knew you were different, I knew I couldn’t fucked this up. I don’t know how I’d live with myself if I fucked this up. I don’t want to do the same things with you that I’ve done with everyone else. You, this, us… it’s so special to me, I want to treat it as such.” 

 Lexa’s eyes have unshed tears in them when she sofly, slowly, pulls Clarke to her lips. 

 July 4, 2012 

 Fourth of July in the Hamptons with Lexa’s rich as fuck family. Yay. Clarke had no clue Lexa came from old money, she vaguely glossed over what her mother and father do. She said nothing about them owing estates and private helicopters. Lexa looks so nervous, like Clarke will run any minute. 

 “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I just never know how to bring it up.” She explains on the private balcony in her room. The home is at least twenty thousand square feet. The land, Lexa said, is seven acres. Clarke shrugs it off, pulls lexa into a hug and worries about her family thinking she’s not good enough. 

 Lexa has only ever brought one girl home before. Clarke knew everything about Costia, the woman Lexa spent nine years with and married. The woman who was Lexa’s high school sweetheart. The woman who proposed in a hotel in San Antonio. The woman who died three weeks after their wedding at the hands of a mugger. That was four years ago. Lexa hasn’t dated anyone since, until Clarke.

 Her family is a bit uppity and a little standoff-ish. They’re polite enough but Clarke feels unbelievably out of place. She went to a superb college. She makes six figures. She comes from the home of a doctor, and the ghost of a mechanical engineer. She of good elk. So why does she feel so small? 

 Lexa finds her by a willow tree, she kisses her so gently, then tells her the fireworks are about to start. She looks in Clarke’s eyes for a moment then kisses her once more. 

 “Then again, if you’ve seen one fireworks show, you’ve seen them all.” 

 Clarke gives her a grateful smile and they kiss under the willow tree until long after the sky stopped crackling. 

 July 8, 2012 

 The kitchen in her apartment has always been a safe place. A space where she can just go whip up whatever Paula Deen had just showed her. The kitchen has always been where she had fun and enjoyed being creative and trying new recipes. Today the kitchen is a living nightmare. For the first time since they’ve met, clarke is going to cook for Lexa. This woman who is held in such high regard in the restaurant community. The woman who’s restaurant has a five month waiting list. This is the woman Clarke is going to prepare a meal for and she’s having a fucking melt down. 

 The love of her life is wearing a yellow sundress that goes perfectly with those green eyes. They drink wine before she serves dinner – mostly to calm Clarke’s nerves – and she determines there must be a god because Lexa is looking pleased after her first bite. She smiles big and tells Clarke it’s really good. 

 “You’d tell me if it sucked ass though, right?” 

 She laughs. “I don’t think I’d use those words. I think I’d just give you some pointers for next time.” 

 Clarke sighs with relief and pours Lexa another glass of wine. Lexa is looking through Clarke’s extensive DVD collection. “What are you in the mood for?” 

 She takes Lexa’s face in her hands and whispers against her lips, “Not a movie.”

 Clarke was wrong, Lexa’s cooking is the second  most delicious thing she’s ever tasted. 

 March 13, 2014 

 What’s that old adage? Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong? Something like that and it sums up today. Things broke. The band was late, stuck in traffic. A bridesmaid was drunk. A disapproving mother tried to talk sense into a head over heels in love daughter. But after the I dos and the first dance and the cake in the face, Clarke and Lexa lay in a bathtub big enough for six, happily married.

 They’re at a fancy hotel by the airport, their plane to Bora, Bora takes off at nine am tomorrow. Clarke is kissing Lexa’s neck as her hand slips down her wife’s stomach. 

 September 7, 2016 

 Newborns suck, Clarke decides. They’re so small, how are humans ever this small? At every turn she thinks she’s going to break Jake, named after Clarke’s long gone father. They call him J.J. All he does is cry, vomit, eat, poop, and sleep. Lexa thinks every move he makes is the most adorable thing in the world. Shakespeare won’t go near him and Wolf stands at alert wherever the baby is. 

Clarke is worried she’s going to be a terrible mom. Lexa’s first night back to work after giving birth was hard for all three of them. J.J. was colic-y, Clarke was scared he was dying, and Lexa called home every thirty minutes. J.J. was sleep by the time Lexa arrived home but her other baby was a sobbing mess. Clarke is terrified beyond belief that they’ve made a huge mistake. How do people raise babies, it seems so fake to her. How have people not constantly killed their kids, why is having kids even allowed? Laughter isn’t what Clarke expected and she doesn’t want to sleep in the same bed as her wife. There’s a bed in J.J.’s room so she sleeps there. Good thing too because he woke up every two hours. 

She’s exhausted, grumpy, and pissed with her wife. She takes the dogs for their morning walk the second Lexa opens her eyes. 

 February 11, 2017 

 This mom thing isn’t as bad when you get used to it, Clarke finds. They fall into a routine, the three of them, and it becomes so enjoyable, taking care of J.J., that she sits Lexa down and explains she doesn’t want to go back to work. Lexa is secretly thrilled, even though she tries to downplay it, but Clarke knows her wife, Lexa wanted this, but she would have never asked for it. 

 August 29, 2022 

 Three down, one to go and Clarke finally Let lexa convince her to give birth this time. Lexa carried J.J. and Lana. They adopted Henry a year ago and now today they’re in the doctor’s officer waiting for Clarke to be inseminated. Lexa’s been sucking on a lollipop she conned one of the nurses into giving her. 

“You know, someone once told me chances of this taking increase if aroused.”

 Clarke smirks. “I was just trying to get some booty.” 

 “Well so am I.” 

 Her lips taste of cherry.

Xiuhan Archives

So….I have been sitting on-top of a mega collection of Xiuhan GIFS (saved by date, cause what is being anal retentive?) I finally did something with them, and I hope that translates into some Xiuhan amazingness (sqeeing and cooing and well, Xiuhaning) among anyone who chances to watch.  I decided to convert the GIFs to Vids and well..check out the Xiuhan Archives (13 volumes total). I have 7 uploaded now- as it takes awhile to transform Xiuhan amazing-ness to Youtube. Bear with me. And drown your Xiuhan feels here, by date of their amazing xiuha-ness of course-

Xiuhan Archive: Volume 1 [April-May 2012]

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Xiuhan Archive: Volume 3 [September-October 2012]

Xiuhan Archive: Volume 4 [November 2012- January 2013]

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Xiuhan Archive: Volume 7 [July 16th-August 2013]

Hamato Movie Night!
Most likely they’re watching a Space Heroes movie (after a long lecture from Leo as to why it would be the greatest movie ever), so you’ve got Leo trying to show his bae his favorite series while in actuality he’s just super invested in watching, and Karai’s just wanting to make him happy, Donnie’s trying to be all smooth and Casey’s having none of it, Raph thinks it’s all ridiculous, April and Mikey are legit trying to watch, and Splinter’s just thankful to have 7 great kids.

Handy dandy social media scrubbing guide for Louis post-breakup.

Handy links to Louis + Eleanor on social media in case he feels like scrubbing his “ex” out in the grand tradition of breakups everywhere. 

If any of these links don’t work anymore, it’s because they’ve been deleted. (feel free to delete these slowly Louis, we’re fine with it being kinda subtle)


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These tweets aren’t to Eleanor, but they can probably go too while you’re at it.

The bullshit tweet

@ jennselby Looking for a promotion?

I am in fact straight

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Hi, I don't know if this is a smart thought or something but I just want to share, feel free to correct me! Okay, so I was thinking that their management wasn't stupid at the start, about the covering up of their sexualities-

-I think that if they would’ve come out as gay I doubt that they would’ve reached the success they had later on, I’m not saying that the closeting is a good thing, I just think that’s a smart move to make on someone they want to let on a teen market.


It’s pretty standard that the more famous somebody is, the more iron their closet. What made this case a bit different was that in spring 2012, as their closet was being more harshly imposed, not only did they

1. get more famous, 

but also

2. they got more rebellious.







Case Study ~ December 2016 ~ Zigzag (Complete <3)

Well guys, here we are.  This part could probably use a little more revision, but I need to sleep now before work, so…

It has been such an honor to share this journey with all of you.  I can’t believe that this story actually came together this quickly, but it’s truly been a blessing, so… enjoy the epilogue!  Notes on the story, possibly additional drabbles (feel free to prompt, although I can’t 100% guarantee!) and the AO3 version will all most likely happen in near future :-)

Side Note: I told many of you that Blaine has intellectual disability.  That is what it’s called today, but when Blaine was diagnosed we were operating under a different diagnostic manual, and this story reflects that accordingly by using the multi-axial system and the term “mental retardation”.

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Warning: These stories all revolve around an AU world where Kurt and Blaine both have serious mental health disorders and end up rooming together at a boarding school geared towards special education.  I work in mental health, so I’m familiar with this stuff and will try to be as accurate as possible, but please keep in mind that this is a work of fiction.  There will be some angsty parts and some happy parts and many parts that are in-between, and I don’t have a definitive plan in mind other than a happy ending.

Also, Kurt and Blaine are in the same grade here, both juniors at the start of the story.

This part is PG, 4059 words (out of 45,323!)

December 2016 ~ Zigzag


Psychosocial Assessment Summary:

Kurt Hummel is a 16-year old boy who presents to Dalton roughly six months following the death of his father and only remaining biological parent.  He comes here voluntarily and with the blessing of his step-family, Carole and Finn Hudson, who appear sincerely supportive.

Kurt stared at his image in the mirror, straightening his tie, fiddling with the cuff links on his tux.  He found it strange that he didn’t feel nervous—at least not about the commitment he was about to make.  Lingering in the back of his mind was a great deal of anxiety about the ceremony and the music and the reception going smoothly, exactly as planned, but Kurt was doing his best to ignore it.  Those things weren’t what today was about, after all.

Today was about them: about Kurt and Blaine and everything they had somehow, miraculously built together.

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anonymous asked:

how long have you been vegan now and how did you started? what was the main reason to do so? i'm glad your blog exists I wanna try all the amazing recipes and heal myself (several mental illnesses)☺️

I’ve been vegan since like april/may 2012, I went vegetarian in 2010. I went vegetarian literally over night and went vegan a little slower, took like a good month or two to grasp it because I had no idea how to go or what to eat (why I have this blog). Seeing hidden camera footage inside slaughterhouses is what did it for me. This speech on youtube was my final push into veganism if you wanna check it out. I would have gone vegan way sooner if I had known the cruelty and death associated with dairy and eggs, why I speak out about it often, cause people don’t know. I love animals and think I’m a pretty compassionate person, so ya, that’s the reason. c: I’m happy you like the blog! Wish you the best. 

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"In spring 2012 Harry and Louis rebelled HARD before they got shut down hard..." Do you know of masterposts or timelines to explain this time? Was this mostly the twitter stuff? Ty from a newbie.

Here’s a start–March, April, May, and June 2012 were the critical months, but March (which is a monster in itself) is the most neatly compiled.


Here is my narrative summing up–I was watching the situation very closely at the time.


Case Study ~ May 2012 ~ Wedding

I actually got a little teary while writing this… in a good way.

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Warning: These stories all revolve around an AU world where Kurt and Blaine both have serious mental health disorders and end up rooming together at a boarding school geared towards special education.  I work in mental health, so I’m familiar with this stuff and will try to be as accurate as possible, but please keep in mind that this is a work of fiction.  There will be some angsty parts and some happy parts and many parts that are in-between, and I don’t have a definitive plan in mind other than a happy ending.

Also, Kurt and Blaine are in the same grade here, both juniors at the start of the story.

This part is PG, 2378 words

May 2012 ~ Wedding

Kurt smoothed the lapels of his suit, took a deep breath, and walked through the doorway.  The little bell jingled, assuring that the pretty, middle-aged woman standing behind the counter took notice of him right away.  “Hello,” she said, offering him a smile.  “Welcome to the Cheesecake Boutique.  Is there something I can help you with?”

He straightened his posture, reached down deep for his confidence, and said—“Yes, actually.  My name is Kurt Hummel, and I’m here to convince you to hire me.”

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