april madness

Cheritz, the all-seeing eye

Sometimes you feel like you’re starting to get over Mystic Messenger. Then Cheritz gives you a new DLC and suddenly you’re hooked again.

And they somehOW conveniently update when you’re starting to get over MM.

It’s like they can sense your distance.

Cheritz sees all.

Cheritz knows all.



I missed drawing anything ;-;


Compiled Memories- Directed by Mike Inel

Three masterpiece indie horror RPGs, re-imagined into an anime.”

I happened to come across this on youtube and fell in love with it immediately. It looks amazing. The detail, the art, everything. It’s a shame that I couldn’t show every scene ( Seeing as how Tumblr only allows ten pictures )

According to the video, the volume 1 DVD will be coming out April 31, 2015. Hopefully, I’ll have enough money to buy it by then! I can’t wait!

( P.S. The second volume will have Misao, Ao Oni, and April Fools ) 

Why couldn’t they have April and Jackson discuss their current status? Even if the scene was 30 seconds? April’s patient was all about having sex. Shonda could not even fit in a 30 second scene of Japril? Where’s the continuity of their storyline? It seems to me that most of their storyline has been offscreen why? What is going on? Why is every storyline underdeveloped and out of place? This season has been so disjointed and all over the place and it feels like all the episodes are useless. And Stephanie being a resident burnout is unlike her and disrespectful to the character. Stephanie deserves a better exit and Minnick needs to leave the show.