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Hey guys! Sorry for the inactivity; I’ve been super busy the past week organizing a student council event, but I’ve finally gotten around to making printables for April. This time, I also made a monthly organizer sort of thing, which has the following features:

A goals list to list down your goals for this month.
A section for major events so that you may plan for them ahead of time. This would also be convenient if you have trouble sorting out your events on a calendar planner.
A vision box for you to write your, well, vision for this coming month, such as how you wish to change, what you can improve, what you should stop doing, etc.
New habits you’d like to try out this month, or even old ones you want to keep doing.
A space for notes
A quote by Albert Einstein (which frankly I spelled wrong at first because of my blog’s name hehe)

The calendar planner is the same as other months, but I’d really appreciate it if you could tell me how I can improve it or what features I should add.

Download them here in my studyblr google drive!

Don’t forget to tag me (#eintsein) when you use them :)

Dís was a member of the royal line of the House of Dúrin, the sister of Thorin Oakenshield and the mother of Fíli and Kíli. Like her surviving family, she was driven into exile in the Blue Mountains after the dragon Smaug sacked Erebor, then only 10 years old. 

She is the only known named Dwarf-woman. 


What? I love garbage.

Melian was a Maia, of the race of the Valar. She dwelt in the gardens of Lórien, and among all his people there were none more beautiful than Melian, nor more wise, nor more skilled in songs of enchantment. It is told that the Valar would leave their works, and the birds of Valinor their mirth, that the bells of Valmar were silent and the fountains ceased to flow, when at the mingling of the lights Melian sang in Lórien. Nightingales went always with her, and she taught them their song; and she loved the deep shadows of the great trees. She was akin before the World was made to Yavanna herself; and in that time when the Quendi awoke beside the waters of Cuiviénen she departed from Valinor and came to the Hither Lands, and there she filled the silence of Middle-earth before the dawn with her voice and the voices of her birds.

For @legendariumladiesapril and SilmWeek. 


Haleth became the Chieftain of the Haladin after her father and twin brother were slain under orcish siege. She was the one who held her people together, and after their rescue departed from Thargelion, refusing alliance with Caranthir. After a time living in Estolad, she led her people westward again, and travelled through Nan Dungortheb into the forest of Brethil where her folk settled. She was renowned as a woman of great heart and strength who enjoyed fierce loyalty from her people, and from the bodyguard of women who were her companions.