april garcia

One of the only pictures of then, Mayte Garcia-Nelson pregnant with Prince and her’s son, Amiir Nelson. (Arabic for Prince)

Sadly, Amiir was born with a rare genetic disorder and died 6 days after birth. He was cremated.

Unfortunately, Prince burned everything and anything that reminded him of his dead son.

Mayte laid in bed with Amiir’s ashes for weeks. —Maytes memoir debuts April 4th—

All Wrestlemania appearances made by The Bella Twins.

 (Wrestlemania 28, Wrestlemania 30, & Wrestlemania 31)


Ferb than concocted a plan that involved Ferb telling Buford that Isabella had calmed down and that he was safe. As soon as he left the Flynn-Fletcher residence Isabella was waiting on her front porch and ended up chasing Buford all the way back home. Ferb witnessed all of this and laughed. From this day forward Buford vowed to never pull another April Fools Day Prank on Isabella. Ever. Again.