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While I think it's perfectly fine for Luna to cry, we get it... we've done it you know? We REALLY need to know more about her like you said. What was she doing between the covenants and healing people? What does she like to do? Maria (Believe that's her name) says she planted all the flowers in Lestallum. That's something.... I guess. Does she do other things!? I mean, are we supposed to believe she's an actual human who has interests outside of Noctis orrrr...? (Episode Luna pls)



But you know what DLC I really want is EPISODE KENNY. 

(I’m half joking here about Episode Kenny but I mean c’mon it would be epic with his Salmon Armiger as we’ve seen for their April Fool’s joke 2016)

Now you may think that a day like April Fools is all fun and games but there is a dark side to this holiday. April 1st was a day that was thought to be a bad luck day and in some cases even a cursed day. April 1st was thought to be the day Judas was born and it was also thought to be the day that Judas hung himself and it was also believed that April 1st was the day that Lucifer was banished from Heaven. And like so many other holidays and customs April Fools Day has its own set of superstitions that have been observed over time. One in particular is for anyone pulling a prank today never play practical jokes on April Fools Day after 12 noon. If you do, it’s thought to be bad luck, and by chance if you have a prank played on you make sure you respond to it by being a good sport about it, failure to do so is also thought to be bad luck. If by chance you are fooled after noon, you can always respond with this old saying, “April Fool Day past an’ gone, you’re ten fools for making’ me one!

-Macabre Matters, FB

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Do you remember the time when jikook changed their twitter profile picture with their picture? It was on april fool and most of the antis believed that jikook was trying to say that the ship is a joke. But tbh for me, they probably wanted us to think like that while subtly announcing their relationship. Im sorry my english is bad 🙃

your english is perfectly fine, no worries!!!

an yes! to be honest, yoon//seok changed it too. and like, those are two of the gayest ships in bts lmaooo. but for real, i don’t understand why people took it as them saying their relationship is a joke? but then praised yoon//seok for doing it lmao. but, to me, it was legit just them being like “lol we cute. happy april fools y’al”. like, they legit just copied what yoon//seok did, even down to the cover song. so they were probs mocking them lmaooo. (or did jikook post first)


“Something he’s done between now and the last tournament has given the guy powers way beyond what’s natural to him. Think about it, no one thought Spopovich had a chance, but somehow he’s flying and firing energy blasts? [So what’s going on?] I have no idea. All I can tell you for sure that he shouldn’t have these powers.”

-          Goku, Dragon Ball Z Kai: The Final Chapters (Ep. 13)

“I’m not done with you yet, buddy. This is Videl you’re dealing with. Daughter of the man who beat Cell and saved the world. You don’t scare me.”

-          Videl

The Toonami Trending Rundown for April 1-2, 2017. While jokes and fake news are all the rage on this day, it would be an interesting night to say the least. As part of Adult Swim’s April Fools festivities, Rick and Morty fans got a surprise treat in the unscheduled premiere of Season 3, which was originally set to premiere along with the rest of the season later this summer. Unfortunately, due to such festivities, both Samurai Jack and Dragon Ball Super had to take the week off to make way. While Adult Swim regularly does April Fools events during the night of March 31st as the clock strikes midnight (as we all know back in 2012 with Toonami’s surprise revival), it’s pretty rare to see Adult Swim do an April Fools event on the night of April 1st as well. A bit disappointing for the latter two shows, but hey, that’s April Fools for you.

Despite these surprise predicaments in addition to the buzz of the Final Four dominating the social media scene, the rest of the block went on as usual. Among the highlights, Videl battles against Spopovich, and despite looking like she had the advantage, Spopovich has somehow gained powers that has made him much stronger than what Videl could possibly handle. Meanwhile, JoJo defeats Wamuu in his duel, while Kars uses a substitution trick to defeat Lisa Lisa and take the stone, much to JoJo’s dismay. And we start off Naruto’s Pain’s assault arc as Fukasaku makes it back to the village and informs Naruto and co. that Jiraiya has fallen to the hands of Pain.

In regards to the social media buzz, Toonami and every show would successfully trended in US on Twitter during their respective East Coast airings, in addition to both Tokyo Ghoul and Hunter x Hunter trending during or after their respective East Coast airings. JoJo’s and Shippuden would also see trends later on in the night in addition to a trend of #adultswim during Gundam Unicorn. Hunter x Hunter would also trend on tumblr as well.

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest simulcasts from Japan, you might already know that after a 4 year wait, the new season of Attack on Titan is now underway. While normally, we’d have to wait a while for the dub to be ready for a Toonami broadcast, Funimation has been producing plenty of broadcast dubs as of late, and with a franchise as big as AOT, there was no doubt that Funimation would attempt to do one for season 2 as well. During a commercial for the Rick and Morty airing, it was announced that Toonami will indeed be airing the broadcast dub of Season 2. Welcoming news indeed, and in regards to social media buzz, #AttackOnTitanSeason2 would trend on Twitter while Attack On Titan would also trend on tumblr, partly because of the Toonami announcement, and partly because of the buzz of Attack on Titan’s return overall.

While the original premiere date was set for April 29th, Toonami decided on Monday to kick off the new season a week earlier, with a new premiere date set for April 22 at 12:30am Eastern. To make way, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, which is 3 episodes away from completing Battle Tendency at this point, will have a doubleheader on April 15th for its final two episodes. Tokyo Ghoul will have the night off then to make way.

And in regards to JoJos, as reported by our colleague CJ Maffris at the JoJo’s panel at Anime Boston and earlier implied by a tweet by Richard Epcar, it was announced that production for the dub on the next season, Stardust Crusaders is currently underway. Unfortunately, as the dub does not look to be ready in time for an immediate release, JoJo’s will be taking a break from Toonami festivities after the 15th. We presently don’t have an ETA on when Season 2 will be ready for broadcast, but with a good showing for Season 1, no doubt JoJo’s will be a favorite to potentially make a return at some point. We’ll keep you posted.

Another show to potentially look out for in the near future is Blue Exorcist, as the series has just completed its run of the Kyoto Saga in Japan over a week ago, and dubbing of the season is underway by the folks at Aniplex, with a dub premiere set for release at Sakura Con during the weekend of April 14. We’ll see what happens ahead.

Long time viewers of Cartoon Network do know that Adult Swim has had a knack for surprises, especially in regards to April Fools. Indeed, Toonami itself was revived by way of an April Fools joke, and it’s hard to believe that that happened 5 years ago to the day. It should be interesting what Toonami has in store for April Fools next year, as the block will air on the night of March 31st. In the meantime, we’ll be back to the regular schedule next week, which will include both Samurai Jack and Dragon Ball Super continuing at their regularly scheduled times. And of course the countdown to Attack on Titan’s return is just 3 weeks away.

Until next week, congratulations to North Carolina on winning the National Championship and stay gold.

Legend: The shows listed are ordered based on their appearance on the schedule. Show trends are listed in bold. The number next to the listed trend represents the highest it trended on the list (not counting the promoted trend), judging only by the images placed in the rundown. For the Twitter tweet counts, the listed number of tweets are also sorely based on the highest number shown based on the images on the rundown.

United States Trends:

  • Toonami/#Toonami [#5]
  • #AttackOnTitanSeason2 (During DBZ Kai and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)[#5]
  • #adultswim (During Gundam Unicorn) [#7]
  • #DBZKai [#7]
  • #SandWhaleAndMe [#8]
  • #JoJosBizarreAdventure [#4]
  • #TokyoGhoul (Also after the West Coast airing) [#5]
  • #HunterXHunter (Also during the West Coast airing) [#5]
  • #GundamUnicorn [#6]
  • #Shippuden [#7]
  • #GhostInTheShell [#6]

Tweet Counts:

  • Toonami [8,958 tweets]
  • #Toonami [4,871 tweets]
  • #DBZKai [1,553 tweets]
  • #JoJosBizarreAdventure [2,373 tweets]
  • #TokyoGhoul [2,730 tweets]
  • #HunterXHunter [1,917 tweets]

Tumblr Trends:

  • #attack on titan
  • #hunter x hunter

Notes and Other Statistics:

Special thanks to @coreymbarnes, @jmb70056, and others I forgot to mention for spotting some of the trends on this list.

Wubba lubba dub dub! Only Toonami on [adult swim] on Cartoon Network.

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Considering its April Fools day, could you please find me fics where Stiles is asked out on April Fools day and he thinks it is a joke? Pretty please and Thank you!!! :)

Here you go. Only a month and a half late. There weren’t many so I threw in some where Stiles asks as well. - Anastasia

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A Fool To Believe by bleep0bleep 

(1/1 | 1,156 | Teen I Sterek)

“So, I just wanted to let you know that I think you’re great, and I like you— I have, for awhile— and do you —would you like to go on a date with me?”

When Derek imagined all the possible ways for Stiles to reject him, he really isn’t expecting Stiles’ mouth to drop open, his face to turn an alarming shade of red, and to angrily shout, “What the actual fuck, Derek,” and slam the door in his face.


Or, the one in which Derek forgets it’s April Fools’ Day.

April Fools’ Is No Joke by aisatsanashiba

(1/1 | 1,169 | Explicit I Sterek)

Written for the tumblr prompt by captain-snark,

Can I get fic where stiles finally works up the courage to ask Derek out and Derek says no and Stiles is like haha ok and then is so devastated and Derek is devastated too because Stiles didn’t realize it was April Fool’s Day and Derek assumed he was being a jackass.
And then there’s misunderstandings and people mad at Stiles who’s very confused because he’s the one that got rejected and then they figure it out and have a nice date and then do the do.

The Joke’s On- Well… Both of Us by kitsunequeen

(1/1 I 1,842 I General I Sterek)

“You know, like- god, Derek. Do you wanna go out with me?” he blurts, then half-smiles, shoulders sagging a little like he’s relieved.

Derek stares at him for a moment before slamming the door in his face.

I’m not joking by IdontlikeIobsess 

(1/1 | 4,674 | Explicit I Sterek)

Derek overhears Stiles talking to Scott about his date in just two days. Maybe Derek should learn to mind his own business. And to remember what day it is.

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Mania, I remember in an earlier post you said the game would be called Multi-tale. Will it be that, or will it stay as Underfell?

I do believe you’ve fallen victim to the April Fools’ Day joke past its intended date… two and (almost) a half weeks past.

im the type of gay to come out on april fools day and have everyone believe it’s a joke, and then the next april fools day i’ll introduce them to my boyfriend, and the next april fools day i’ll say im moving in with my boyfriend, and i’ll just keep doing that for years until it finally gets to “im marrying my boyfriend” and everyone’s like “haha! funny” and then later that year we legitimately get married and people finally realize i was dead serious the whole time


Operation Just Cause and the Fall of the Fourth Reich

When Germany was defeated, the SS was declared a criminal organization. This had a number of consequences, but one of them was that many former members faced war crimes prosecutions. As such, near the end of the war the ground work of an escape plan was laid down, what would later become known as ODESSA (Organisation der ehemaligen SS-Angehörigen). So called ‘ratlines’ were created to secretly smuggle members of the SS, as well as other Nazi organizations, out of Germany (From *ODESSA Files*, a study done in the 1960s and declassified in 1972). Many found themselves in South America, including SS-Hauptsturmführer Dr. Josef Mengele (Levin, 1976), most famed for the inhumane experiments conducted at Auschwitz.

Mengele first went to Argentina, which was favored by former Nazis, and soon went to Brazil. The capture of Eichmann by Mossad was a major blow to the Nazis who had fled to South America though, and in Mengele’s case, he changed his identity, and eventually faked his own death in 1979.

Brazil no longer safe, Mengele made his way further north! Through back channels, he contacted Noriega in early 1984, who offered him a place to live safely, as long as any research he did was turned over to Panamanian authorities to use for their own programs too. Obviously, an 88 year old Nazi living in a country isn’t reason alone to invade, at least for the United States. Israel had done extraditions before, so clearly weren’t opposed to doing it again. No, the important part is the kind of research he was doing.

You see, one of the most secret programs conducted by the Nazis during the 1940s was their cloning program, as it was seen as the only way to ensure the purity of the Aryan race. The eventual plan was to eliminate any genetic impurities in the German people, and create a race of super soldiers. They didn’t quite perfected it before the war was over though, and Mengele, who headed the program, destroyed all the research, which set back research on cloning by decades. Except for him, as it was all stored in his mind. He originally set up his new lab in Brazil, but as I said, he eventually felt threatened. The famed Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal was hot on his trail by the mid-1970s (Schaffner, 1978), and he again had to destroy his work, this time faking his death which threw Wiesenthal totally of the scent.

What was he cloning though? Hitler of course! You see, when he fled he had kept some genetic material of his beloved Fuhrer with him, and for the next forty years had doggedly attempted to replicate his earlier research, and create a new leader to lead the 4th Reich to glory. And by 1989, he was damn close! He had moved beyond the animal testing stage (conducted, of course, using German shepherds cloned with Blondi’s DNA. Panama is still home to, per capita, more German Shepherds than any other country in the world (AKC Factbook 2013) due to the sheer volume of his work) and had seeded a few dozen women with Hitlerite embryos in the fall of 1989. Mossad caught wind of this, but knew that to conduct an operation of the size necessary was outside of their clandestine abilities, and an open invasion simply wouldn’t fly, even if it was to kill three dozen Hitlers. So the information was forwarded to the United States, where it was decided that something had to be done. An invasion date was set for December 20th, 1989. The main reason for the rush - they only had been informed earlier that month - was that the fetuses were believed to be at 20 weeks by that point, and Bush, being pro-life, while accepting the necessity of stopping the program, refused to allow it to be conducted using late-stage abortions. It had to be done before 24 weeks, or he wouldn’t sign off on it. They wanted to have as much buffer time in case they couldn’t find Mengele’s lad immediately. (Presidential Cabinet meeting minutes, Dec. 13th, 1989)

As it went down, the American invasion went down pretty flawlessly. The US gave a cover story about drugs and protecting human rights, but that is mostly BS. We didn’t really care. Three dozen Hitler clones though? Big deal. Within a few days, Panama was mostly pacified, and Mengele’s lab was discovered a week later. He had attempted to flee, but was ambushed by Navy SEALs as he attempted to flee in a Lear Jet owned by Noriega. A brief fire fight occurred, and he was killed. As for the clones, 38 Hitler clones were aborted between Jan. 12th and Jan. 14th. Two more that were discovered at another location, and one who had been on a day pass from the facility was caught trying to flee the country, intercepted at the northern border. Those three Hitlers were aborted on Jan. 19th. Mengele’s recorded indicated that that was the entirety of the program, but even so, all newborns in Panama for the next 9 month period were required to undergo DNA testing following their birth. No Hitlers were found.(US Army Medical Corps Report, Operation Just Cause Classified Debriefs, dated 1992).

A note, of course, must be made on sources here, as it is quite the fantastic story. Precious little information is available to the public. What we have from the American side doesn’t even fill a single manila envelope, those few documents part of the Chelsea nee Bradley Manning leaks made in 2010. While Mengele’s body was supposedly recovered, it wasn’t until after his actual death that DNA testing was run, by which point it was only a matter of money changing hand for the United States to be sure the results showed as being 'legit’.

While the Army Medical Corps signed off on all possible clones being aborted, a lone Panamanian document, transcribed and photocopied so not even necessarily legitimate, has raised the possibility that there was an earlier batch of clones, but this has been dismissed by American authorities as unfounded. Even so, if accurate, there are as many as 20 Hitler clones reaching their early 20s currently.

And finally, of course, the Soviet involvement must be addressed. Interestingly, the Soviets attempted to clone Hitler themselves. Rumor is, that Stalin was very upset he wasn’t captured alive, and his dream was to have a few Hitler clones to torture, and maybe personally shoot. The program never went anywhere though as they lacked the German documentation, even if they did have Hitler’s skull fragment, and it was abandoned following Stalin’s death. In the 1980s though, with the rise of Gorbachev, Communist hardliners attempted to bring the program back. Not to clone Hitler, but to clone Lenin, who they believed was the only thing that could save the USSR from progressive elements like Gorbi. The KGB had caught wind of Mengele’s program, and started negotiations with Noriaga about sharing the research in exchange for arms shipments. The CIA, amazingly, didn’t catch wind of this as best as we call tell though, since it isn’t mentioned in the Cabinet minutes, and would seem to be the most pressing concern if it was known. With the fall of the USSR though, some KGB files making mention of the program were found. The negotiations were only in the early stages, and there is nothing to lead us to believe Lenin cloning ever began.

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EXO reaction to you tell him you want to break up as a hidden camera prank, even though it's a day or two after April fools day?

Xiumin: Your acting skills have gotten better, babe. I actually believed you for a second.

Luhan: No, please…don’t leave. I love you. Is it someone else? I promise I’ll be a good boyfriend. Don’t—

You: I just don’t love you anymore.

*after you explain that it was just a joke*

Luhan: That was a horrible thing to do, ___. I’m going to go cuddle with Xiumin so you, little missy, will have to find a new cuddle buddy.

Kris: Please tell me you’re kidding. You’re kidding, right?

You: Are you crying? It was a hidden camera thing…I’m not really breaking up with you.

Kris: You wanted to see me cry, don’t you? …well, it worked, goddammit.

Suho: D-did I make you mad somehow? I’l give you anything you want. Don’t go. Don’t do this to me.

Suho: Wait, you were lying? Here’s a pretty present for you, though (just in case)

Lay: Did I do something wrong? Did I hurt you? Do you not love me anymore? Why are you breaking up with me? Is this about that time I accidentally gave your cousin a blue candy instead of a red one? I’ll apologize a thousand times over, if you want.

*once you explaining the hidden camera*

Lay: Oh? My girlfriend can scheme something like this?

Baekhyun: You didn’t try a stunt on April Fool’s Day so is this some kind of late retaliation? I said I was sorry for putting fake roaches on your side of the bed, but were you really that mad? *thinking he went to far with his pranks yesterday*

*once he finds out*

Baekhyun: I was so close to crying! Even though I mess around with you and sometimes act like annoying, I LOVE YOU, ALRIGHT? A LOT. SO DON’T YOU EVER…UGH.

Chen: That’s not what you said last night. I’m not believing a word that comes out of that mouth of yours right now. Besides, who wants to break up with the Chensing machine?

Chanyeol: Nonononononono, why don’t I sing you a song instead? Ready? Stay with me, I swear I’ll adore you. I promise to always be there for you. *sings really fast* Except when I have schedules, but don’t kill me because that’s not my fault. So please don’t break up with me.

D.O: …what?

*when you tell him*


Chen: Kyungsoo, calm down. It was actually kind of funny.

Tao: B-but you said I was your romantic kungfu panda AB style oppa…

You: Just kidding! I love you.

Tao: Why you little…don’t ever scare me like that again, got it? C’mere and kiss me, you idiot.

Kai: Well…if you really want to, I guess this is it. *tries to hold in his tears*

You: Wow, Jongin, you let go really fast. Are you sure you like me?

Kai: That wasn’t funny, ___. Whose plan was it? Tao? I’m going to get revenge. See how he likes it when I tell him Candy ran away from home.

Sehun: *on the outside* Okay, let’s break up then. See if I care. You’ll be lost without me anyway.

*on the inside* Was I too mean to her? Did she find someone who treated her better?

*after telling him about the camera*

Sehun: Look at me, _____. There are legit tears in my eyes and this doesn’t happen, okay? Never say this kind of thing again. …tell me you love me.

Awww, this is such a mean joke to play on them! Dx If you date someone, don’t do this!

-Admin Kato


i was actually going to do something else for april fools but then this happened during the broadcast today so of course i had to sub it

please learn ibuki’s stride dance i put way too much time into subbing this joke video

full view of the chart without the subs blocking it:


America’s Forgotten Soldier, Heinrich Schwindler

At the age of 7, Heinrich Schwindler, a recent immigrant, ran away from home. With minimal command of the English language, he was having quite a hard time, but was taken under the wing of a ethnic German soldier in the US Army, serving in the 3rd US Infantry Regiment, and was soon integrated into the regiment as something of a mascot. He trained as a drummer boy, and that year headed to Mexico with the Regiment, where he earned a mention in dispatches for his nerves under even the heaviest fire. Army life suited him, and at the age of 16 he traded in his drum for a long arm, seeing some action against the Native American population in the west serving in New Mexico. (The Third American: The Life and Times of Heinrich Schwindler, by Albern Schwindler, 1972)

By the outbreak of the Civil War, he was a veteran sergeant, and the massive need for expansion of the Army meant that he was able to secure a commission as a Lt. in a unit of volunteers, serving with the 195th New York Volunteer Infantry. Composed of so many recent immigrants, his command of both English and German was seen as a major asset, and by the end of the war he was a brevet Colonel in command of the entire Regiment! Not bad for a young man still in his twenties! It of course didn’t hurt that he had an agile mind and was unflappable in battle. He always led from the front, and took any risk he expected of his men. He had the distinction of never seeing his men break in battle, and his greatest achievement was undoubtedly saving the entire Army of the Wabash when his Regiment - placed alone on the extreme right flank - repelled numerous attacks by superior Confederate forces. Had they broken, it is assured that the Union line would have been entirely rolled up, and the Battle of Mount Carmel would have been a crippling defeat to the American efforts in the theater (The Civil War: A Tale, Hands 1967).

With the end of the war, he lost his brevet, and but he had risen in Regular Army rank as well, and served as a Captain of Cavalry in the Plains Wars, fighting Sioux and Shawnee with the same pluck and panache he had shown against the Rebs (A. Schwindler) . His continued success meant that, at the age of 58, he was a Brigadier General by the time the Spanish-American War broke out, and while his rank and age precluded him from battle, his role in planning out the Battle of Frying Pan Hill simply can’t be overlooked, as it is a text book assault plan, and still taught at West Point as an example of small unit tactics successfully taking prepared positions despite being outnumbered (Atlas of American Military Tactics, Pasman de Croire, 1984).

Following the end of the fighting in Cuba, he was sent to the Philippines to help fight the continuing insurgency, but took temporary leave from there when he received orders to divert to China where he partook in the relief effort of the Peking Legation during the Boxer Rebellion. He returned to the Philippines, where he was stationed for two more years. and his work there really revolutionized American counter-insurgency doctrine. Finally in 1904, he retired at the age of 64. Settling in Columbus, New Mexico, as he had fallen in love with the state (then territory) while serving there as a young man in the 3rd US Regiment. As fate would have it, in 1916 he would be out hunting with his grandson in the wee hours of the morning when Pancho Villa and his men made a cross border raid on the town. He fired a warning shot, which alerted the town garrison who were able to rouse themselves and repel the attackers. It is thought that the raid would have been much more disastrous without Heinrich’s intervention. He and his grandson (Albern) of course had exposed themselves with the shot, but took up a strong position in a rocky outcropping, and fought of the band of Villistas who attempted to charge them. Heinrich, always humble, insisted it was a lone raider that they killed, but Albern always insisted it was at least a half dozen (A. Schwindler), and the Army’s after action report stated there were five bodies in the vicinity, and indication that 3 more were wounded and either escaped or were carried off by their comrades (The Columbus Report, Library of Congress collection F1234 .C33).

By the 1930s, Heinrich was starting to slow down in his old age, a man in his nineties after all! Albern, now an Army Captain himself, insisted that Heinrich move to be closer to him so that Albern’s wife could look after him, so Heinrich moved to Hawaii, where his grandson was stationed, and took up residence with his family there. Heinrich was there on Dec. 7th, 1941, and true to form, refused to cower in the basement, although he rushed - rather hobbled, he was, afterall, 101 - the rest of the family there. He grabbed his old .29-31 Winchester (The rifle was later donated to the National Firearms Museum, where it is now on display!), and stood in the middle of the street taking potshots at Japanese planes. I wish I could tell you he downed one, but odds are against it, and truth is, we simply can’t be sure (Answering the Call of Duty: Civilian Military Involvement in World War II, Ben Chichoski 2003). Nevertheless, he was certainly out there. He passed away peacefully in his sleep two years later, at the ripe old age of 103. One of the more decorated of Army officers ever, not to mention one with a span of combat experience from the 1850s to 1940s, he was buried with full honors at Arlington National Cemetery (Section 46 Lot 366-11 Grid O/P-22.5 if you ever care to pay your respects).

Big announcement! Change of Plans! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Life really is full of surprises and we have a big one stored in for you guys!

So recently we’ve been very into space phenomena and space exploration and have dedicated a fair ammount of time to research about space! We’ve always been big fans of NASA so we figured we would make a game about space sometime!

But it just so happens that our artist Jes shares our passion at 100% and even made this celebratory illustration of our MC in space which has inspired us to move on with our dreams and aspirations.

Pocket Mirror as you know it has been cancelled - we will now redo the whole entire game from scratch! 

We know this might sound strange after 3 years of work but this is what we truly wish to do righ now. 

It’ll be called Rocket Mirror and will essentially be about space exploration in the 19th century featuring another one of our great passions - girls in frilly clothes.

We hope you will all support our decision and will continue to support us all the way until 2018 when the game will be released! Thank you so much for everything and look out for asteroids!


Summary- Dan basically ventures into the theories of 2012!Phan. 

Word Count- 1006 

I’m guessing it classes as fluff 

A/N- This isn’t bashing other peoples theories or anything its just a thought i had the other day so here enjoy another of my phanfails ly x 

It was an average Tuesday night in the Dan and Phil household, dinner had been cooked, Dan’s liveshow had concluded and he was left lying on the blue and green patchwork duvet he had grown so accustomed to. Everything seemed so calm, yes he could hear Phil’s rendition of death of a bachelor from the shower and he had Breezeblocks playing at a fairly loud volume, but with the midst of the tour over everything was just tranquil. 

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I want to believe that phan is real so bad , but sometimes it just seams like they aren't together *cries*

The best way to keep it together and believe is that there is so much evidence supporting it. Their dailybooth comments and tweets from 2009 were obviously flirting. And what do you do after you flirt? You eventually date. They live together for christs sake and Phil’s sister in law Cornelia even jokes about them being a couple. They are both bisexual guys living together for almost three years who flirted in the past, and if you’ve ever seen “The video that shall not be named”, you’d know that is wasn’t just some April fools day prank. That’s a poor excuse and even they know it, that’s why they try not to bring it up often. They don’t want people to find holes in their excuse. 

And you might be wondering, “Well if they are in a relationship, why don’t they just tell people instead of lying?”

Well, if you’ve ever seen Benjamin Cook’s “Becoming Youtube” video, the answer is right in front of us.

He clearly states that youtubers shouldn’t tell fans about dating someone because he doesn’t want fans to become too invested with relationships that are none of their business, and he goes on to say that it happens very often with youtube relationships. After saying so, he looks at Phil and says, “Right Phil?”

It’s obvious that Dan and Phil are together. Why else would Charlieskies get so jealous that his exboyfriend was living with someone new? 

Everything they do and say contradicts itself, but you know what? Who gives a shit. They are obviously lying to keep us out because it’s their own business and it’s their lives, and just because they decide to share a portion of it with us in their videos doesn’t mean we are entitled to everything they say and do and date and WHO they do. So just because I know they are together doesn’t mean I’m going to pry into their lives and hurt them by trying to dig deeper than necessary. But yeah, never doubt that they aren’t dating.


Fuck Toby Turner. Regardless of your view on the allegations.

This kind of behaviour is wholly inappropriate. Even if it was a joke like he claims, how can that justify behaving like this over this length of time during a livestream that children would be watching?

Both co-hosts are visibly uncomfortable, Tim is told on multiple occasions to “shhh” even though he is trying to remain professional and the audience was demeaned when he refuses to do a request because “it’s stupid” before going back with the “kiss me. kiss me.”

He doesn’t take “no” as an answer, doesn’t care if others are comfortable with his behaviour, forces kisses, holding her in place so she can’t move away… is he capable of raping his ex girlfriend? Damn straight. Did he do so? Looking at this, I find it impossible to believe that he would have any respect for her consent or lack of.

The female co-host, Shira Lazar, was apparently paid to say it was a joke.

The male co-host, Tim Baker, can’t speak about specifics due to a non-disclosure agreement but does say on his Twitter about the video: “Things are often hidden behind the mask of a joke. Don’t be fooled.”

I, for one, stand with @aprilefff.

Phandom April Fools PSA:

it obviously really bugs them when people post that video and Phil will report you for copy right like he usually does. ((they’re real people believe or not)) a joke or not, they don’t like bringing it up! we weren’t ever meant to see it in the first place.

2. Don’t tweet Dan with his old ‘photos’ that he used to take.
it was in his past.. no need to bring it up now! even as a joke!
Also in general don’t harass them with old screenshots/ phan stuff, they’re not going to address it so just be respectful.

3. Don’t spam! Don’t spam them or their family/friends with “don’t cry! craft” or any vday video things.. it’s rude and annoying ;)

Just remember that despite their large following base, they are real people. They’re not actors/ musicians with a gigantic following base, they actually see what you say. SO BE RESPECTFUL! Be respectful all the time (of course) but I’m just reminding you guys for April fools day!