april fools homestuck


Happy Day Before April Fools’ Day from NHFC and ANHFC!
As par for the course, the next update in the current story arc and the next ask response will will be posted next Sunday and Thursday respectively. You know the drill.
Until then, be true to yourselves as you go about your day tomorrow, concocting various antics of magical frivolity and practical japery to your heart’s content!
(NHFC and ANHFC are not legally responsible for any physical/mental injuries sustained from either partaking in or being on the receiving end of any acts of frivolity or japery conducted post-viewing of this comic, magical, practical or otherwise. Seriously, man, keep that shit in check. For real.)
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Terezi Week Day 7 is Pranks! And although I couldn’t really think of a suitable prank for Terezi to pull on other people, I did make a picture so that you can use Terezi herself to prank your friends! Happy April Fools day, people!

And with that I happily end my contribution to Terezi Week. It’s been a blast participating in this for my spring break.