I had this lesbian friend in high school who one year for April Fool’s bought a fake positive pregnancy test from a gag store and presented it to her father with fake excitement of becoming a mother and him becoming a grandfather

And it took him a little longer than it should have for him to process the joke. He started lecturing her about responsibility and was getting angry with her, until her stepmother shouted “FOR GOD’S SAKE, IT’S APRIL FOOL’S DAY AND YOUR DAUGHTER IS F****** GAY


THEY ARE TOO FUCKING CUTE I SWEAR THIS IS EVERYTHING I EVER WANTED!!! I CAN DIE HAPPY NOW! MY SKIN IS CLEAR MY GRADES ARE GOOD THE WORLD IS AT PEACE AND LIFE IS AMAZING!!! These two cute fuckers are the reason I’m happy and this entire day was a fucking gift rather than a prank… Happy April Fools

Imagine trying to explain to Jerome what a proper April Fools’ joke is...

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Opps…have I made a Jerome Valeska x Reader fanfic/imagine? How silly of me…I’m so sorry..not sorry mwhaha! >:D If you haven’t already heard some people have been complaining that there are so many Jerome Valeska x Reader fanfics so I’ve retaliated in the most mature way possible…and wrote a Jerome Valeska x Reader fanfic O:3 If I want to write fics about my Puddin’ I will.

Y/N: Jerome April Fools’ day is approaching and we need a talk about what type of joke is appropriate.

Jerome: What’s wrong with my jokes?

Y/N: Err…well your last April Fool joke…pushing the mail man down a flight of stairs and then shouting ‘April fools!’.

Jerome: What was wrong with that?

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Y/N: You pushed a man down a flight of stairs, Jerome. A good April Fools’ joke is getting someone to believe something that’s not actually true.

Jerome: I did! He believed he was going to make it down the stairs safely.

Y/N: Never mind…

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With April 1st right around the corner, few things to keep in mind...

**People sensitive to mental illness/chronic illness/physical illness/invisible illness, be careful of number 13, people struggling with fertility be careful of number 9**

1. DO NOT DO THE INFAMOUS OREO TRICK! It’s that picture where they’re like “put toothpaste in someone’s oreos :’D” Don’t fucking do that people. That can send people to the hospital!

2. DO NOT put “regular” soda in a drink instead of “diet”. If a client asks you for diet, you fucking put diet. Why? There’s a lot of potential health issues if you do “regular” instead of “diet”

3. Don’t be an asshole. What I mean by this, is don’t maliciously go after someone and purposely emotionally torment them ( “I killed you family members” prank type deal) or maliciously harm them that could easily send them to the hospital ( “Haha, I lit you on fire!”). You can do the clear wrapping on a door or toilet seat (those are always funny as hell), but please don’t maliciously torment someone. That’s just mean.

4. Don’t be groping people. If you don’t have their consent, don’t fucking touch them. Don’t be grabbing girl’s bums. Don’t be pulling on dude’s hairs. 

5. Don’t be handcuffing people together. Seriously, if no one consented explicitly directly before something took place, don’t fucking do it.

6. Lacing food/drinks. I don’t care who it is, people have all kinds of allergies and health conditions today. Don’t send someone to the hospital.

7. Stink bombs. Avoid nut based products at all costs, since this is a very common allergy. True story: some idiot sent off stink bomb with nut products in it while I was in high school. A girl I knew had to be tubed (the nurse said she could barely get the tube down her throat in time because of how much swelling she had) and the EMS was called because she was deathly allergic to nut products.

8. Internet pics/vids. The RBG-split/3-D images give people with specific health conditions headaches. The “screamers” can break headphones and give people heart attacks. The quickly flashing contrast colors can give someone a seizure. The hard core porn stuff can get someone fired from work or have a super awkward conversation with police officers. The hard core gore/blood/organ stuff can also lead to an awkward conversation with police officers.

9. Pregnancies. This one is kinda touchy. If you know someone doesn’t have fertility issues, it can be amusing, but for those who do have fertility problems for any reason under the sun, don’t do it.

10. Adoption. This can ruin a young kid’s world. Don’t say “by the way, you’re adopted” or “we got you on sale” or anything along these lines. That’s just cruel.

11. Kids. If you’re a minor,sure, prank another minor. However, it might be awkward as hell (especially if the minor’s parent gets involved) if you’re legally an adult and try to prank a minor. 

12. FBI shit. Be careful. That’s all I am going to say. Don’t be saying things that could potentially get the FBI at your door. 

13. Chronic/Invisible Disorders. Be mindful of these, including suicide. It isn’t funny to “prank” a suicide or to say someone else committed suicide. 

Pranks can be fun and/or hilariously, but that doesn’t mean you gotta torture someone and/or risk a serious hospitalization. Have fun, but not maliciously at someone else’s expense. 

707 pulling a prank on Jumin on April Fool's day
  • Jumin: Assistant Kang, where are you?
  • *facing a window with a high pitched voice: Uh yes I'm over here j- Mr. Han.
  • Jumin: Alright... Did you get the report done?
  • *Giggling trying to act serious*: Yeah and the report says... You're sTUPID!
  • Jumin: Excuse me assis-
  • *the person turns around and it's 707 dressed as jaehee*: BAMBOOZLED
  • Jumin: Who let you in? They're getting fired. Which one was it?
  • 707 *tries running away in heels*: BAMBOOZLED!

Just in time for the first season’s 10th anniversary on April 3rd, another season was announced. It’s going to cover The Wavering of Haruhi Suzumiya and The Intrigues of Haruhi Suzumiya which are the light novels immediately following Endless Eight and The Day of Sagittarius. The studio is still Kyoto Animation, but the cast is not yet announced.

For more information click here.

My biggest dream for an internet April Fool’s joke is for the Game Grumps to release a completely normal looking video, but then you start it and the intro suddenly goes, “Not so grump, and not so grump, aaaaaand weeeeee’re not so grump”.

And then it cuts to Danny and Jon talking over gameplay footage. Just doing a normal lets play together.

At no point do they acknowledge that anything strange is occurring.

At no point do they make any reference whatsoever to Arin’s existence.

And the next day on April 2nd the videos resume as normal and that fact that this happened is never brought up by anyone ever again.