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La La Land, Hidden Figures and Doctor Strange were among the movies whose costumes won at the Costume Designers Guild Awards 2017. Here is the complete list of winners. Congratulations!

Excellence in Contemporary Film: Mary Zophres for La La Land

Excellence in Period Film: Renee Ehrlich Kalfus for Hidden Figures

Excellence in Fantasy Film: Alexandra Byrne for Doctor Strange

Outstanding Contemporary Television Series: Lou Eyrich and Helen Huang for
American Horror Story: Roanoke

Outstanding Period Television Series: Michele Clapton for The Crown

Outstanding Fantasy Television Series: Michele Clapton and April Ferry for Game of Thrones

Excellence in Short Form Design: Ami Goodheart for Pepsi Momotaro feat. Jude Law

anonymous asked:

Bri, question out of the blue here, what do you think of GoT's costume designs? If you could do any improvements what would these be? do you like the books' costume descriptions better? Thanks

Hi! I’ve talked about this before here, though it’s more of an overview than a real analysis. To sum it up: I like the show’s costume design a lot, actually better than GRRM descriptions, which can sound…bizarre at times? Like he’ll be talking about a “confection of lace and samite” or something and I’m like?? What? It’s really hard to visualise and in many cases quite obvious that GRRM is just throwing fabrics together that have no business together (it’s ok, GRRM, you’re not a costumer). 

My main issues with the show’s design are a) they’re too revealing when they shouldn’t be; b) half-assed regional variances and character design, or complete lack thereof (THE STORMLANDS etc COUGH); and c) Essos is even less developed in the show than in the books, which is saying a lot…like come on y’all, those were the best costumes in the books. I could go on and analyse and nitpick 100 things—believe me, I could—but my opinion is no less subjective than the next person’s. 

….*jogs back to the podium* FOR EXAMPLE I found all of Melisandre’s costuming after season 2 to be horrendous, but she’s my fave and I’m biased, and I found pretty much everything about their portrayal of her horrendous. And yet that “look” which is nothing like her book description has become synonymous with the character. Just look at fanart or cosplays, it’s very rare to find purely book!Dany or book!Jon these days. So there’s a lot of ways to measure the success of a costume. 

All in all, I have tons of respect for Michelle Clapton as a designer and that entire costume department. They’ve done some tremendous work under their constraints. Yes, their budget is astronomical (so their costumes are superbly constructed, which is a HUGE factor in good costume design), but frankly people are oblivious of just how difficult it is to costume a tv series. Let alone a high fantasy one with armour and specialised hair and makeup (different departments). It is HELLISH to coordinate. How many principles are in GoT, with designs that need to be hand-built and embroidered and distressed? How many extras to be sourced and fitted?? Ok, once you’ve figured that out, remember that you’ve got three new characters to make costumes for next episode. Plot twist: they might not be cast until like, a week before shooting, or that actor you built a costume for has been recast (you remember Daario, right?). So, just…figure it out. And remember that you’re on a rolling shooting schedule. That means the cast/crew are taking however many days to shoot an episode in this location and once those days are up you better have finished the next episode’s costumes and fittings and transportation of thousands of costumes. OH, and GoT has TWO PRODUCTION TEAMS, shooting in different parts of the world, with different weather and legal restrictions and logistics. Good luck! 

I mean, holy shit. TV production is hardcore, guys. And it’s not like theatre, you don’t get to sit down and have a nice production meeting with all the other designers to learn that MAYBE their fugly blue lighting gels will turn your beautiful costumes black. You just don’t get that luxury. So when I read harsh criticism of GoT’s costumes I kind of…roll my eyes. Yes, there are things in the design that could be better. Some costumes flat out fail, it happens. And no one’s going to like everything (PSA, costume designers don’t give two shits if you think their costumes are ugly. Their job is not to make pretty clothes). Anyway, they’ve done a pretty damn good job? Yeah. The production design is the last thing I’d criticise about that show.

As a disclaimer I don’t watch the show anymore so I’m not sure whatever the hell April Ferry has been doing with the costumes…but I heard Michelle Clapton is back, so…let me know how things go xD

George Harrison aboard an Alster ferry, Hamburg, April 1961

Photo: Jürgen Vollmer

“[P]rinted later, the black and white contact sheet with twelve photographs of George seated and standing in a ferry, taken by Jurgen [sic] Vollmer, Pauline Sutcliffe’s personal copy.” - Auctioned by Bonhams on 29 July 2003

Rare photos by Jürgen Vollmer picspam

“He was such a sweet and charming little boy. But he also had this melancholy feeling that I identified with. I didn’t have much contact with Paul, and I was always a little afraid of John because he could be arrogant and overly ironic. But George didn’t have a mean streak in him.” - Jürgen Vollmer, Harrison

  • April: I’m not getting married.
  • Donnie: Why not?
  • April: What do you mean why not? Think about it.
  • Donnie: Well no. Besides being too young, having no place to live, you feeling a little awkward about being the only student with a husband, give me one good reason why not.
  • Casey: I’ll give you two good reasons why not: my mother and my father. They were married and they hate each other.
Dear Danwon, a letter project.

On April 16th, 2014, a ferry traveling to Jeju Island from Incheon capsized and sunk while carrying 476 people, mostly high school students from Danwon High school. Around 150 people managed to escape, but the rest remained trapped in the ship. Divers are still entering the boat but at this point it is no longer seen as a rescue mission, but instead a mission to retrieve the bodies and bring them back to their grieving families.

We have started a project to collect letters, both short or long, to send to the students, family members, faculty, and anybody affected by the Sewol Ferry accident. The students at the high school who didn’t go on the trip are coming back to an empty school with a quarter of their class missing. Families have lost their sons or daughters. Instead of attending their graduation, their loved ones are now holding funerals for them. What they need right now is love and support for this tragic accident.

Even a simple note will be greatly appreciated. We will be sending these letters to Danwon High School in Korea and hopefully these messages will make a difference in someone’s life. We are trying to collect as many letters and notes as possible to send over to Korea. We are also accepting small donations to help fund the cost of sending the letters overseas. Any and all support is greatly appreciated!

Please feel free to spread the word by reblogging, sharing on Facebook, and letting your friends know!

We would like the letters to be sent in as soon as possible so they can get to Danwon High School sooner! Please do not wait until the last minute.

DEADLINE: First batch of letters should be received by Saturday, May 3rd. The letters will be sent out a few days after the deadline.

We will have a second deadline (tbd) for later entries!

*NOTE* Letters do not have to be translated into Korean! It is up to you if you would like your message to be in Korean or not. We are accepting letters in ALL types of languages!

For more information on how to participate, click here

To learn how to donate, click here

Questions, comments, concerns? Feel free to email us at deardanwon@gmail.com

It’s understandable that sometimes you can’t keep up with international news with all that’s going on in our lives. I’ve been on Facebook and other social media constantly since yesterday and I can see that not many of my friends may know what’s been going on in Korea since yesterday morning. On April 15th, 2014, the “Sewol” ferry carrying 475 people (may be off a bit, they keep changing the numbers) took off from Incheon, heading to the Jeju Islands. There were many high school kids in this ferry going to Jeju Islands as a school trip. 8:58AM on April 16th, 2014, the ferry ran into an incident that caused the ship to sink. It has been 27 hours since the happening and there are still about 280 people trapped down there, HOPEFULLY surviving in the air pocket. As of now, 179 have been rescued, and death count is 4-9 (they keep changing the numbers on the news). PLEASE PRAY FOR KOREA. PLEASE PRAY FOR THESE STUDENTS AND OTHERS IN THERE.

I haven’t been able to put my mind on anything else so I decided to make an awareness poster. Hopefully the word gets out and people will send their thoughts to Korea!!

Don’t lose hope.