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Less “Autism isn’t a disability, its just a difference!”

More “The idea of ‘a disability’ obscures the reality of disablement and reduces it to individual experiences rather than the wide social disabling of disabled people and trying to separate Autistic people from other disabled people by acting like we are somehow better is harmful and unhelpful. We are disabled, denying that is not how to end our oppression, we need to challenge ableism and disablement at its root and join with other disabled people and other marginalised groups in doing so.”

4/20 Play-ze It
  • Student: hey, can you play Bob Marley in class today?
  • Me: oh? any reason why?
  • Student: ...because, you know...
  • Me: ...Adolf Hitler's birthday?
  • Student: NO! it's like...you know?
  • Me: Bay of Pigs invasion?
  • Student: what? no, it's 4/20!!
  • Me: ...I know, the Deepwater Horizon blowing up really affected me too, but no. No Bob Marley.
  • Student: OH MY GOD NEVER MIND!
Recommended Reading: Richonne Edition Part Seven

Here’s another quick list of some Richonne fics. Enjoy!
(Part 1  here, part 2  here, part 3 here , part 4 here, part 5 here and part 6)

7 Days  by twriter12   AU. It’s been almost a year since the survivors arrived in Alexandria. In safety and comfort, Rick starts a new life with Michonne. That happiness is threatened when Rick awakes from an injury and doesn’t remember his new life.

The Art of Control  by avintagekiss24   Maggie Greene has always been Michonne’s Achilles heel. Whatever the green eyed beauty wants, Michonne usually gives. So, when Maggie suggests a night out at one of her famous social mixers, Michonne obliges. Unbeknownst to all, a blue eyed stranger will shift her actuality from distinct to obscure. Limits will be tested, desires will be realized, and no one will be left the same.

Bad Thangs by kendrawriter32 Rick and Michonne are putting the pieces back together after the walker herd hit Alexandria hard, and the losses it brought them. With Maggie pregnant and the future for them all to consider, Michonne knows exactly what she wants, and so does Rick. They want each other. And they will have each other. In as many ways, on as many surfaces, in as many positions as they can get each other. The only question is who they’ll hurt, and what plans they’ll derail, in the process. Richonne smut, with a dash of angsty romance, stirred in with some plot. Enjoy!

Before The Reign  TheBaeTide Set Before ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ and long before 'Just Call me Lucifer’, this is the story of how Rick obsessed Rick and flawless Michonne came to be, starting from their first encounter. AU. No Walkers

Contractions of the HeartBy: Richonne4Life    Richonne. Michonne is a surrogate for Rick & Lori; Lori can’t handle reality; Rick is a lovesick fool; Richonne eventually rises.

Epic Love  By: 2violetflower15   Rick and Michonne navigate their way through an unexpected pregnancy. (Set post 6x16, about 4 months after the couch scene.)

Fires  by reciprocityfic   “Because sometimes fires burn to make way for something new…something beautiful.” The evolution of Rick and Michonne’s relationship throughout the course of season seven.

Girls With Brown Eyes  TheBaeTide Rick has been stuck in an undesirable position with his wife for months, and just as it begins to take its tole on him, he finds a reason to try happiness, over torture

The Great Wait by Nattah_Gudgrrl  Judith’s baby monitor spills the beans about Rick’s secret feelings for Michonne…Happiness for all my favorite characters! (because I’m a sap who can’t deal with tragedy very well) Ending with Richonne’s first time. (Because I need more swirl in my life) Kill me.  

Law & Order  by love.devil.movies.baby  It was just a normal day at the office until Michonne looked out the window to see two police officers brawling in the street. Now she feels compelled to help out the handsome cop who’s fighting for custody with his cheating wife and best friend. It should have been a straight forward case, but she and Rick seem to be spending more time together than necessary…Richonne AU

Me & You  By: blacklitchick Rick and Michonne enjoy some down time after the events of the mid-season finale.

Must’ve Been Somethin’ Else, Then  by idcabtthisish  This is a collection of Richonne one-shots.

My Best Friend’s Wedding  by  cakeby_thepound   Michonne and Rick recently ended a seven-year relationship, and now, Glenn and Maggie’s wedding is forcing them back together for the first time since the last time. (Richonne AU.)  

No Rest for the Gifted  by  Nattah_Gudgrrl   One Shot Michonne is insatiable. Can Rick keep up?(uhh… duh)             

Palm Trees  by cakeby_thepound   Rick and Michonne have been friends for years. They’ve seen one another through everything – marriage, divorce, new life, and even death. Now, as they look to leave the past behind, an island getaway with their closest friends may prove to be a second chance at life. And a first chance at romance… if they’re willing to take it. (Richonne AU.)              

Red Dirt Road  by Siancore   AU Richonne. This is focused on teenaged Richonne. Set in rural Georgia where Michonne has been spending her summer vacation visiting with family. Both she and Rick meet one day on Old Route 3 and a surprising friendship blossoms.

 Ride by  cakeby_thepound  “Every April, the county fair would come into town with a setup like this,” Rick fondly recalled, surveying the scene around him. He and Michonne had stumbled onto what was once the campus of a middle school, where a small carnival had been constructed in its parking lot. They were supposed to be on a weapons run, but in reality, it’d turned into a search for anything useful. And if nothing else, schools tended to have plenty of bathroom tissue and cafeteria food. “We would take Carl,” he went on to say. “Make a whole weekend out of it.            

Seven Days  by RickRhymes   "She knew, in her gut, if she started something with Rick, it wasn’t going to end with a one night stand. For either of them.” Richonne short story. Pre-apocalypse AU.

Something New  by dimples33  Ghanaian Princess Michonne Edo Okeke comes to the US to meet her betrothed Prince Desmond Umaze and to further her studies and falls in love with another man. (Rick, Michonne, Lori, Andrea, Maggie, Sasha, Daryl, Shane and others.) AU, No walkers.

Whisper  by  charrrmed  After surviving a herd and an explosion with Rick, Michonne feels alive. Rick, on the other hand, is preoccupied with what could’ve gone wrong. Despite being constrained by an occupied car, Michonne decides to give him some of her optimism. Set in 6x09 Rock in the Road.       

In the picture Princess Grace of Monaco is captured by a photographer wearing the traditional spanish folk dress in the Seville Fair of April. The dress was made by Lina Fernandez, a very famous desinger from Seville.

Seville (Spain) 1966: One afternoon, a gentleman of the City Council commissioned a suit overnight for Grace Kelly: “We sewed all night - says Lina Fernández- I took it to the Alfonso XIII hotel suite and I dressed her in the bathroom. Her body was full of little moles, she never stopped talking, but i did not understand her. She wore the dress with a lots of art”.


Countdown to Ben Mendelsohn’s Birthday (1/3)

Vanity Fair

“The briny stink of sleaze and fish guts upon him, Ben Mendelsohn entered streaming America’s consciousness in the debut season of Bloodline, the Netflix series by Glenn Kessler, Todd A. Kessler, and Daniel Zelman, the team behind Damages. As Danny Rayburn, the wayward, grudge-bearing eldest child in a family that runs a resort in the Florida Keys, Mendelsohn simultaneously exuded charisma and menace, evoking Gary Oldman and Peter Coyote at their most mischievous, yet possessed of his own distinctive scary-man juju. The actor has been a known and respected quantity in his native Australia since the 1980s, when he co-starred in the coming-of-age movie The Year My Voice Broke and the enduring soap opera and national institution Neighbours (back when Kylie Minogue was on it).

Even before Bloodline, Mendelsohn was enjoying something of a midlife breakthrough, playing various shades of unsavory in Animal Kingdom, The Dark Knight Rises, and The Place Beyond the Pines— and, for comic relief, guesting as the flake-ola father of Jemima Kirke’s character in Girls. His streak of prestige work continues with Mississippi Grind, in theaters this month, an Altman-esque road movie directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck in which he stars opposite Ryan Reynolds, and—in a coup for a Star Wars fan who was eight when the original film came out—in next year’s Rogue One, the first in Disney’s new line of spin-off Star Wars movies that will exist apart from the main Lucasfilm franchise. Herewith, some insights gleaned from a benign, wholly unfrightening conversation with Mendelsohn.” Source: (x)



VIRGO || (August 23 - September 22)

Gather ye rosebuds while ye can, gather your thoughts as you go,
Because purity of heart and maturity of mind all bond here at Virgo.
Serving the needy and pleasing the promised, their kindness knows no delay,
Because when a Virgo does as a Virgo will, they’re sprinkling thoughtfulness for days.

However soft their edges may feel at first, you must still beware,
Because if you step upon the wrong foot, you’ll feel the Virgo flare.
With a critical, condescending, prudish glare,
The harshest of rules are made to seem fair.

-April (@astrolofae)