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Part of my HP au for TMNT, a bit of first year Mikey getting into trouble.


Mikey pushed his foot against the ancient stone, grunting as he shoved with all his eleven year old might.

A long, gritty dragging sound later, and the ages old secret door popped open- swinging out on its invisible hinges and releasing a cloud of tunnel dust with it.

Mikey lost his footing when it did, and slid out the slanted tunnel with a yelp. Thankfully, the house elves of the Ravenclaw towers hadn’t done laundry yet that day, and Mikey landed with a soft “pomf!” on someone’s pile of dirty sheets.

Face down.


Mikey hurriedly sat up, wiping his mouth to get rid of the taste of dusty sheets. The room was empty, like he thought it would be, so he sat for a moment on the dirty laundry.

Now which bed was his brother’s again…?

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Here's the trailer for Tom Hanks and Emma Watson's new dystopian movie about Silicon Valley


There’s a new trailer out for the film “The Circle,” an adaptation of the Dave Eggers novel that explores the dark side of Silicon Valley and the tech behemoths that dominate it.

The movie stars Emma Watson as Mae Holland, who goes to work for a powerhouse tech company called The Circle, a sprawling giant in the mold of Google or Facebook.

Holland is initially in awe of the perks and vibe typical of many tech companies in the Valley, but she discovers a darker side as she becomes more involved with the company, particularly its founder, played by Tom Hanks. But no spoilers!

Here’s the trailer for the film, which will come out April 28.



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That Arigato guy was actually kinda nice I hope I get to see him again.

(( Akabayashi is no longer running the blog its back in Shizuo’s freaky strong arms now! ))