april and blaine

For Better or For Worse

Author: Lexie

Rating: M

Status: Completed in January 2012

Word Count: 24,028 

Summary: Kurt is an up-and-coming New York City wedding planner working on the biggest wedding of his career, and Blaine is the frontman of an unfortunately-named band from New Jersey. Booking an untested band with a distracting lead singer is either going to be the best or the worst decision that Kurt has ever made. He’s not sure which, just yet.    

Tropes/Genres: Wedding Planner!Kurt, AU, musician!Blaine, romance, fluff, humor

Lynne’s review: This was such a fun read! Really funny, smart, and full of fluff! Very well written. Absolutely wonderful.

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Kama Seusstra

Author: @girliesportsjunkie

Rating: M

Status: Completed in March 2015

Word Count: 42,149

Summary: When erotica author Kurt Hummel follows the hot guy from the book convention party back to his hotel room, he thinks it’s simply a chance to spark his lackluster sex life. But when a scheduling change finds him sharing a speaker’s podium with his one night stand, he discovers that he has hooked up with Blaine Anderson, America’s darling of children’s literature. Can the writer of a popular erotic serial find love with the author who has made bow ties the literary and fashion trend of children everywhere? Kama Seusstra follows both their efforts to navigate an unlikely relationship as well as their stories: “Out at Home”, an online erotic serial set in the world of professional baseball, and “The Brave Little Bow Tie”, a children’s story about a bow tie trying to find his place in the world.This is a story of sex, love and the hard choices we make to balance happiness and success.

Tropes/Genre: writer!Kurt, writer!Blaine, angst, romance

Lynne’s review: Very hot, very sweet, very romantic, with a few dashes of inevitable angst. 

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Sora’s birthday was confirmed to be his/KH1’s debut day, so the birthday hcs I had for the Dandelion leaders based off their debut days are VALID!

Ephemera: December 25th

Skuld: March 3rd

Blaine: April 6th

Strelitzia: August 10th

Lauriam: August 24th

~BONUS~ Ven: April 12th (Big Wind Day)

Wandering Around Back To You

Author: munchkinpandas

Rating: M

Status: Complete

Word Count:130,146

Summary: From strangers to floormates to best friends, to roommates, to the closest two people can be. This is the story of two boys who found each other and never let go.

Tropes/Genre: college!Klaine, bestfriends!Klaine, AU, angst, romance, fluff, humor, bisexual!Blaine

Lynne’s review: Every once in a while I read a fic that I can’t stop reading and curse real life because all I want to do is READ this fic! This is one of those fics. I screamed and was frustrated af, then squealed and clapped, then cried, then flailed, then sighed happily.  These two boys are so damn in love it’s scary, and at first they’re just so dumb, but it’s so endearing you can’t hate them but you definitely enjoy everyone around them who knows. One thing that’s so different about this fic is that Blaine’s parents are WONDERFUL (what?!) and Kurt’s dad is NOT Burt Hummel.  Kurt’s parents are complete OCs and the family dynamic is so refreshing here - different than most fics you’ve read. I love the way the second half is written with flash forwards.  It’s a fabulous read and you won’t want it to end.

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There’s a future one-shot in the verse HERE

The Flash and Supergirl aren’t the only ones showing off their pipes on The CW. During the first three episodes of iZombie’s new season (premiering Tuesday, April 4), David Anders’ Blaine sings not once, not twice, but three times! The first tune is a fun nod to musician-not-series creator Rob Thomas, while the other two are courtesy of Blaine’s new job.
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Broadway Star Telly Leung Talks about his Upcoming NYC Cabaret Show

April 18, 2017

COTA: “Glee” was such a huge phenomenon. How did that show and its success affect you personally and professionally?

TL: I was on the second season. It was a big hit the first season—a water cooler show where people talked about it the next day. I thought, “Oh wow, what a cool job. I’m going to fly out to L.A. and do a couple of episodes. None of us, Darren (Criss) included, had an idea about the social effect that it was going to have. At that time teens were dealing with things like the Trevor Project and teen suicide and bullying. Because of the LGBT movement, kids were finding the courage to come out in high school, but they did not know how to deal with the ridicule and bullying they encountered. “Glee’s” creators of course wanted to create a hit show, but they also realized they had the eyes and ears of a captive audience—not just in America, but all over the world. They used the storyline between Darren Criss’s and Chris Colfer’s characters to empower kids who were being bullied, who were just coming out, and showed them a very healthy, loving relationship between two teenage boys on prime time television. And that was huge. The show said, “You’re not alone. You may feel really alone, because you don’t belong to any clique, but there is a clique for those people who don’t belong to any clique. And the common thing that will bond you all together is making music.”

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Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Author: @chrisanddarrenstuff

Rating: M

Status: Complete

Word Count: 32,295

Summary: The life of a single father might be considered somewhat of an adventure that consists of planes, trains, and automobiles, even if those adventures were unplanned and expected. Kurt Hummel, along with his daughter, get seated next to Blaine Anderson on a plane bound for Orlando. Little did either of them know that plane ride would change their lives forever.

Tropes/Genre: daddy!Kurt, future!fic, angst, romance, musician!Blaine

Lynne’s review:  She had me hooked from chapter one.  Some flirting, some fluff, a smattering of angst, and a little mystery. Throw in some Burt Hummel and I’m sold!  I enjoyed it from beginning to end.  

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Summary: Chances Verse AU. His costar was very, very familiar. 

Prompt: Chances AU. Blaine is forced to give Henry up for adoption right after he’s born. Blaine marries Kurt and they have April a few years later. Blaine had a husband he loves, a beautiful daughter, and a blossoming Broadway career, but he misses his son more than anything. Then, he’s cast in a new show and his costar is none other than Henry, the son he was forced to guve up years ago.

Warnings: Past rape and Mpreg

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