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  • Friend: How do you pick your ships?
  • Me: I unknowingly decide what will cause me the most pain and emotional wreckage
The Flash and Supergirl aren’t the only ones showing off their pipes on The CW. During the first three episodes of iZombie’s new season (premiering Tuesday, April 4), David Anders’ Blaine sings not once, not twice, but three times! The first tune is a fun nod to musician-not-series creator Rob Thomas, while the other two are courtesy of Blaine’s new job.
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Wandering Around Back To You

Author: munchkinpandas

Rating: M

Status: Complete

Word Count:130,146

Summary: From strangers to floormates to best friends, to roommates, to the closest two people can be. This is the story of two boys who found each other and never let go.

Tropes/Genre: college!Klaine, bestfriends!Klaine, AU, angst, romance, fluff, humor, bisexual!Blaine

Lynne’s review: Every once in a while I read a fic that I can’t stop reading and curse real life because all I want to do is READ this fic! This is one of those fics. I screamed and was frustrated af, then squealed and clapped, then cried, then flailed, then sighed happily.  These two boys are so damn in love it’s scary, and at first they’re just so dumb, but it’s so endearing you can’t hate them but you definitely enjoy everyone around them who knows. One thing that’s so different about this fic is that Blaine’s parents are WONDERFUL (what?!) and Kurt’s dad is NOT Burt Hummel.  Kurt’s parents are complete OCs and the family dynamic is so refreshing here - different than most fics you’ve read. I love the way the second half is written with flash forwards.  It’s a fabulous read and you won’t want it to end.

Read at: AO3

There’s a future one-shot in the verse HERE

And the Gender Is... || April 28th

Blaine grumbled as he struggled to get comfortable in the wheelchair. It was bad enough that he broke his ankle, but now he has to be in a wheelchair because he might loose his balance due to his bump. He feels he shouldn’t be complaining because he doesn’t have to move a muscle until the cast comes off, but that means having Kurt do all the work and he feels a bit bad. Not bad enough to have someone help. He still feels that it is Kurt’s fault his ankle was broken.

“Ugh, when are we gonna get called back? This baby’s doing somersaults and I need to stretch out because of it. I’m so cramped.” he whined softly as he rubbed his belly. Ever since he has been confined to the wheelchair, the baby decided to be mean and move around a lot. “This is so your child Kurt. The baby’s doing all of this on purpose because I have limited mobility.”

50 Shades Of Klaine

Author: satonawall

Rating: M

Status: Complete

Word Count: 75,084

Summary: Blaine’s roommate cannot make it to her interview with fashion designer Kurt Hummel, but when Blaine eagerly volunteers, he gets a lot more than he expected.
NOTE: this is not a BDSM fic nor does it follow the plot of the book beyond the first few chapters; I’m not saying it’s any less ridiculous, though

Tropes/Genre: AU, fashion designer!Kurt, college!Blaine, romance

Lynne’s review: Yeah, I suppose this was cracky, but I really enjoyed it. I never read 50 Shades Of Grey so I have no idea if it’s anything like that, but I enjoyed this. Several interesting surprises along the way and a fabulous ending.

Read at: AO3

Touch of the Fingertips

Klaine, 1100 words, A03.


Part of a series of “Season 7” ficlets that look at events in the early married life of Kurt and Blaine.



April, 2015


It starts when Blaine buys Kurt a set of three pairs of silk boxers for Christmas.  They are an extravagant gift, made of the finest silk, and are unimaginably soft.  Kurt loves the colors – sky blue, sage green, and a deep red.  And he loves the way Blaine’s eyes follow him when he walks around their apartment clad in nothing but… of course, one might say that Blaine’s eyes follow him like that all the time.


He also knows Blaine likes the feel of them.  Sometimes when they are cuddling together at night, Blaine will slide a finger under the waistband of Kurt’s pajamas, not to tease or grope, but just to stroke at the silky material.  Kurt doesn’t wear them all that often, but he does keep them in his regular rotation – they don’t deserve to be hidden away in a drawer. 


One day Kurt gets home from a late rehearsal to find Blaine in the bathroom, humming to himself as he does some handwashing.  He is carefully sudsing the boxers up, rinsing them, and laying them down flat to dry. 


“You didn’t have to wash my underwear,” Kurt says, a little embarrassed.  Not that they haven’t been as intimate as two people could be – and frequently – but still, it’s underwear.


“I don’t mind,” Blaine says, smiling gently.  And he continues with the next pair.  Kurt shrugs and goes to make a pot of tea.  He’s not going to question it.  If Blaine has a thing for his panties, well, Kurt’s got a thing for Blaine’s ass, so it all works out just fine.


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7isagoodnumber After almost getting a picture with him on the last day Glee was filming, I finally got my picture with Darren Criss, who was my favorite Gleeker and a super sweet guy! I’d talked to him on set a few times, but never been able to get a picture, so was really happy I saw him tonight! 😆 #darrencriss #glee #gleek#gleeker #harrypotter #hp #potterwatch  #wizardingworldhollywoodpremiere   #wizardingworldhollywood #blaineanderson #blaine

April 6, 2016

Glitter Optional

Klaine; 1340 words; A03.

Kurt and Blaine run into an old acquaintance at a club, and let him in on a secret. Part of a series of “Season 7” ficlets that look at events in the early married life of Kurt and Blaine.

April, 2015

Blaine and Kurt are enjoying a well earned night off from work and school, sitting in a dark and cozy nightclub, champagne cocktails in front of them. The jazz trio has just finished, and a second group is setting up, when a shadow appears between them and the stage.

“Well, well, well, look who it is?” The tall man sits down at their table, and Blaine groans as he recognizes Sebastian. “I’m told I can’t be angry about not being invited to your wedding, given that you two didn’t even know it was going to happen, so I’ll just say congratulations.” His smile seems genuine.

“Hi, Sebastian,” Blaine says politely, as Kurt nods.

A man comes up behind him, drinks in hand, and Sebastian turns to introduce him. “Guys, this is my boyfriend Patrick. Patrick, Blaine and Kurt. Soon to be stars of stage and screen, and we can say we knew them when.”

They all rise and shake hands. Patrick is blond and good looking in an undeniably Irish way, broader than Sebastian through the shoulders, and a bit shorter. He has a shy smile which he directs at them all, and the way he gazes sweetly at Seb makes Blaine think that Sebastian may have turned over a new leaf - or perhaps succeeded in keeping the leaf he claimed to have turned over back in high school flipped to its proper side.

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Summary: Chances Verse AU. His costar was very, very familiar. 

Prompt: Chances AU. Blaine is forced to give Henry up for adoption right after he’s born. Blaine marries Kurt and they have April a few years later. Blaine had a husband he loves, a beautiful daughter, and a blossoming Broadway career, but he misses his son more than anything. Then, he’s cast in a new show and his costar is none other than Henry, the son he was forced to guve up years ago.

Warnings: Past rape and Mpreg

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