april 24th birthday

What I’d like for my 24th Birthday

Hello Tumblr, not entirely sure who still pays any attention to this ol’ washed up blog, but in about 1 minute I’m going to be 24 years old. I don’t want any fanfare, no fuss, no muss.

If ya’ll aren’t already aware, I am a proud Armenian currently living in Canada, and for the last day or so, I’ve been blogging about a movie that was released very recently. “The Promise” starring Christian Bale (Batman) and Oscar Isaac (Poe Dameron.) It’s a movie out of Hollywood about the Armenian Genocide, the very, very first of its kind. 

The only thing I want for my birthday is for you, all of you, to get on imdb and give the movie a ten star rating (You can sign in with your facebook to do so.). This is to offset the ignorant thousands (Essentially Turkish 4chan) giving it a one-star before it had even been seen by that many people, in their effort to suppress the movie’s success and hide the Genocide from the rest of the world, something the Turkish Government has been trying to do since the atrocities of over 100 years ago, on April 24th, 1915. (Great Birthday for an Armenian, don’t you think?)

That’s all I ask, really. All I can really ask. Being in the industry, I can tell you this movie is an exceptionally well made piece of cinema, no expense was spared, and in my opinion, it’s Oscar Isaac at his best. But it is not a nice movie. It take places during a Genocide. And it’s not light handed about this fact. If you’d like to see it as well, then thank you for that. That would make me so happy. It would make my entire community happy. I thank you all in advance.

Alright, back to tumblr with you all. Shnorhagalem kez. Shatt Merci. Thank you.

Yes! Since tomorrow (24th April) is going to be my birthday, I want to share my special day with you guys. And that’s why tomorrow requests will be open! Also get ready because this week is going to be packed with gif imagines and smuts!

By the way, almost 5.5K followers!

Here is how it’s going to go:

- Oliver Queen x Reader - Monday 24th April - 12am

- Finn Balor x Reader * - Wednesday 26th April - 12am

- Noam Dar x Reader * - Wednesday 26th April - 12am

- Lucifer Morningstar x Reader - Thursday 27th April - 4:30pm

- Jerome Valeska/Joker x Reader * - Friday 28th April - 12am

Also, I’d like to thank those people who helped me yesterday with a problem I had. (x) People on Tumblr are much better than most people I meet everyday. Thank you so much you guys (you know who you are). I felt better after seeing those messages!

If there are any blogs who want a shout out or want to send in their birthday date to celebrate together, feel free to do so!

Thank you all for your support!

With love,

Ivory White x

zorpher  asked:

HIII just realized that it's the 24th of April, HAPPY BIRTHDAY🎉 hope you have an amazing year. I have a question about the contest, can we still submit it? Or is it closed? Anyway, have a lovely birthday 😊

Thank you! Yes still submit! The official end is midnight tonight, but if I’m honest I probably won’t collect them all together until tomorrow morning 👌👌👌

Monday April 24th
  • Me: *birthday apr 22*
  • Friend: So how did you celebrate your birthday
  • Me: ...
  • Friend: you stayed at home and read Hamilton fanfics all day didn't you
  • Me: uninterrupted for 24 hours
  • Friend: I can't believe you
Tilian Pearson

Last Year, I had the pleasure to meet and work with Tilian Pearson of Dance Gavin Dance on my birthday, April 24th! After exactly 365 days, I received his blessing to share the images we produced that day on my tumblr! I got the ok from his management a few months earlier during his San Diego stop of his solo tour. He had just gotten off Dance Gavin Dance’s 10 anniversary tour and was now doing a quick run with DGD’s ex-clean vocalists, all of whom have solo careers and projects. Jonny Craig has SLAVES and Kurt Travis was in A LOT LIKE BIRDS. but this day was about Tilian. 

He was out promoting his latest solo record, PERFECT ENEMY, released just a few months earlier. I caught up with Tilian in the bar of House of Blues with my buddy Jotham, the 16-year old son of my friends Leonard and Jerusha, who showed up dressed like a stagehand.

^ “Stage hand”

Tilian had some stuff to do, so Jotham and I waited around, chit chatting with Jonny who I had worked with a year earlier around the same venue.

When Tilian was ready, we wandered around Downtown San Diego, shooting some press for the Dance Gavin Dance singer.

We started with some basic white wall backdrop. Tilian was very gracious of his time, which was evident in the generous way he interacts with fans, and there are plenty in San Diego.

^ Top of a parking garage overlooking the streets of San Diego

This Purple wall was deemed appropriate, as this shoot happened just after Prince passed away suddenly. #PurpleRain

My thought process in these types of shoots are that I want to get a large group of differing shots to give variety in my product back to the client. Also, I like this shot in spite of the door frame not being straight. I think its unsettling but in an interesting way that doesn’t detract from Tilian.

I changed the hue of purple just a bit in this one. I think I was just going for ‘pretty’.

^ “Beam me up into the MOTHERSHIP” (See what I did there?)

For more music from Tilian, check out his solo work on youtube HERE

or on Spotify. Dance Gavin Dance is also there. Go buy their latest album featuring hard hitting screams from Jon Mess, guitar licks (devotees call this genre Swancore) from the man Will Swan and, of course, the beauty of Tilian Pearson’s own vocals called MOTHERSHIP

INSTANT GRATIFICATION never felt so good…

THIS is my favorite DGD song

━━━☆ phoenix .

name; phoenix solberg.
behind the name; before phoenix, there were his three siblings. the youngest at the time begged to be the one to name the baby once it was born and, mistaking the babbled phoenix for felix, their parents agreed. it wasn’t until later that they realised what their child had meant, and it was too late to go back on their promise to allow them to name the new addition to the family.

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