april 24th 1999

Media camped outside the Trinity Christian Center filming people arriving at Rachel Scott’s funeral on April 24th, 1999. The two hour service was covered by CNN, and it had the most viewers of anything on the network in its history. It even had more viewers than the funeral of Princess Diana. Over 1,000 came to pay their respects to Rachel and her family. 


“I haven’t had the best life, and I’ve always prayed to God that he would send somebody who would love me, who would care about me, and who would made me feel wanted. I just praise God for sending me an angel. In the short time that we had our friendship, Rachel made me feel like the most important person in this world. She called me her bigger brother, and I just say this to you, Rachel: I love you, and I know you’re in heaven, and I’ll see you there someday.” - Mark Bodiford (April 24th, 1999)