april 2012 sketches

So I’d meant to post this a while back but I have a terrible memory.

We’ll just pretend April’s pose makes a modicum of sense.

I like how this came out otherwise, though! Parent Swap AU from my Karai blog, @fallenchunin, April and Miwa bein’ the soldier girls they are. Miwa’s outfit is the same one Karai wears in the IDW comic, except with the top closed the correct way (it’s always left over right, not right over left… right over left means u ded).


Feeling out of practice, so I started drawing in my portable sketch book on  breaks to flex my art muscles. Focused on drawing human girls, expressions, and of course cuteness. Was extremely limited on references most of the time.

After April first met the guys, Raph was the one who took the longest to warm up to her. He kind of lurked off when she came around. (didn’t really know how to act around her) To get his attention, April kinda just randomly started flopping on him. The first time took him off guard and embarrassed him majorly, but now it’s a usual thing, normally taking place after she gets out of training with Splinter.


This was supposed to be angsty shit from the season 4 finale, but I have this thing that doesnt allow me to do angst….its call my fucking brain. Stupid brain.

Anyways, hes comforting her, she isnt crying, yet. But after a long week, your gonna need some cuddles with your closest turtle.

Ill make more art angst! If my brain lets me lol!


TMNT comic sneak peak sketches

  • First one “For the Love of Soup!” (ramona fluff)
  • Second one “Mom, Dad. How did you two fall in love?” (it would feature Myrling’s Irrilia) 
  • Last one…..”Chest Cups of Carnage!” <- (least likely to complete unless arm is twisted enough) so much compacted action happens DX

idk which one I should complete though. I want to hear what you think. :)  ? 

Soooo… zombie apocalypse AU, character evolution, frantic action scenes AND heartbreaking one sided correspondence? Waiting for GaVG,  @theherocomplex seems to know how to keep me on my toes…