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RT-20P - Intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) / mobile missile system. Development of the complex was carried out by OKB-586 (now CB “South”, Dnepropetrovsk, General designer M. K. Yangel), the leading designer of complex - B. A. Kovtunov (1964). The decree of the USSR №316-137 of April 4, 1961

NCT - cherry bomb theory 🍒

i was trying 2 uncover anything about cherry bomb but kept hitting a dead end??? like rip it was impossible to create a theory ,,, on a pair of cherries ,,,,, & a bomb ,,,,,, UNTIL.

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Bacon Bookmarks

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April 12th 1961: Yuri Gagarin becomes the first man in space

On this day in 1961, the Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first human to travel into outer space. Gagarin, a fighter pilot, was the successful candidate for the mission, being selected by Russian space programme director Sergei Korolev. Russia already had a lead in the Space Race, having launched Sputnik 1 in 1957, which was the first satellite in space. On April 12th 1961, Gagarin left Earth aboard the Vostok 1 spacecraft, famously declaring ‘Poyekhali!’ (which means ‘Let’s go!’ in Russian). He spent 108 minutes completing an orbit of the planet. Upon re-entering the atmosphere, Gagarin executed a successful ejection and landed by parachute in rural Russia, to the consternation of locals. Yuri Gagarin became famous worldwide and a Russian hero, being awarded the nation’s highest honour - Hero of the Soviet Union. Gagarin died in 1968 when the training plane he was piloting crashed; his ashes were buried in the walls of the Kremlin.

“Don’t be afraid, I am a Soviet citizen like you, who has descended from space and I must find a telephone to call Moscow!”
- Gagarin to some stunned farmers when he landed

This Week @ NASA--April 14, 2017

Cassini and the Hubble Space Telescope, two of our long-running missions, are providing new details about the ocean-bearing moons of Jupiter and Saturn. Hubble’s monitoring of plume activity on Europa and Cassini’s long-term investigation of Enceladus are laying the groundwork for our Europa Clipper mission, slated for launch in the 2020s. Also, Shane Kimbrough returns home after 171 days aboard the Space Station, celebrating the first Space Shuttle mission and more!

Ocean Worlds

Our two long-running missions, Cassini and the Hubble Space Telescope,  are providing new details about “ocean worlds,” specifically the moons of Jupiter and Saturn. 

The details – discussed during our April 13 science briefing – included the announcement by the Cassini mission team that a key ingredient for life has been found in the ocean on Saturn’s moon Enceladus. 

Meanwhile, in 2016 Hubble spotted a likely plume erupting from Jupiter’s moon Europa at the same location as one in 2014, reenforcing the notion of liquid water erupting from the moon.

These observations are laying the groundwork for our Europa Clipper mission, planned for launch in the 2020s.

Welcome Home, Shane!

Shane Kimbrough and his Russian colleagues returned home safely after spending 173 days in space during his mission to the International Space Station.

Meet the Next Crew to Launch to the Station

Meanwhile, astronaut Peggy Whitson assumed command of the orbital platform and she and her crew await the next occupants of the station, which is slated to launch April 20.

Student Launch Initiative

We’ve announced the preliminary winner of the 2017 Student Launch Initiative that took place near our Marshall Space Fight Center, The final selection will be announced in May. The students showcased advanced aerospace and engineering skills by launching their respective model rockets to an altitude of one mile, deploying an automated parachute and safely landing them for re-use.

Langley’s New Lab

On April 11, a ground-breaking ceremony took place at our Langley Research Center for the new Systems Measurement Laboratory. The 175,000 square-foot facility will be a world class lab for the research and development of new measurement concepts, technologies and systems that will enable the to meet its missions in space explorations, science and aeronautics.

Yuri’s Night

Space fans celebrated Yuri’s Night on April 12 at the Air and Space Museum and around the world. On April 12, 1961, cosmonaut Yuri Gagrin became the first person to orbit the Earth.

Celebrating the First Space Shuttle Launch

On April 12, 1981, John Young and Bob Crippin launched aboard Space Shuttle Columbia on STS-1 a two-day mission, the first of the Shuttle Program’s 30-year history.

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If I am in something I will watch it once…maybe twice. That’s it. It always fascinates me that my best friend has seen Trainspotting maybe fifty times. I can’t do that. And I am sure he’s not alone; I am sure people watch it over and over again. I watch other films that I am not in it countless times, but it’s just your own face sometimes is weird.

Happy Birthday Robert Carlyle! (April, 14th - 1961)

Hardworking Diligent af Garrison Student Keith: The Fanfic That Got Too Long

Keith waits for the rest of the class to clear out before approaching the teacher, “Commander Iverson?”

Iverson turns around, “Yes? What is it, Cadet?”

Keith straightens his posture, “Sir, if at all possible, could I have a physical copy of the lessons’ subjects? I know paper isn’t the way it’s done most days, but I find it’s easier to work with when I’m studying.”

Iverson hums, “You think it’ll help you study?”

Keith nods, “Yes, sir.”

Iverson shrugs, “Well, it’s not like anyone else has started asking for assistance on the tests,” His eyes twitches in irritation, “even though there are a good portion of the class failing.”

Keith takes a hesitant step forward, “So I may have a physical copy of the lessons’ subjects?”

Iverson nods, “I’ll get it printed for you and have you stay behind to collect it in your next class.”

Keith nods and gives a short bow, “Thank you, Commander.” He heads for the door, “I’m going to find the other instructors to ask the same question. Any idea where I might find them?”

Iverson blinks, “Uhh, faculty office is your best bet.”

Keith nods and leaves the room. Iverson allows a small smile and goes back to work on his grading.

Keith sits on his bed, a note pad in his lap and one of the physical copies of his lessons laid in front of him. Off to the side he has a 20 minute hour-glass timer trickling away as he reads and rereads the physical copies, then summaries and shortens them in his note pad.

Who cares what people say about the pen and the paper? Who cares that it’s pretty out-dated now? It can’t be hacked, unlike a computer and it’s a limited resource, which makes you more careful of what you write on it.

Or at least, that’s how Keith sees it.

A knock on the door.

Keith blinks and puts the hour-glass on it’s side, turning to the door, “Come in?”

In walks Shiro, one of the older Garrison students. Keith flushes a little as he gives him a smile.

“Hey Keith,” Shiro greets, chuckling as he observes the bed, “I see you’ve been working hard.”

Keith shakes his head, “I’ve got a lot to do, I can’t stop or slow down. I need these notes ready and memorized long before the exams.”

Shiro blinks, “But you’ve still got two months before the exams start.”

Keith nods and goes back to his notes, “I know, but that’s typically the best time to start studying for me. Besides, with all the exams I’m facing, I’ll need all the time I can get.”

Shiro smiles and puts a hand on Keith’s shoulder that was holding the notepad; Keith shivers and almost misses Shiro talking, “Just don’t push too hard, okay? You won’t be able to do anything if you’re sick.”

Keith nods, “Don’t worry, I got this.”

Keith says into his phone’s microphone, “The first person in space was Yuri Ga-gar-in. The date was 1961, April the 12th. He made a 108-minute orbital flight in his Vos-tok 1 spacecraft.”

He ends the recording as it’s the last of that section in the book and sighs, taking a deep breath.

“Keith.” His roommate grumbles.

Keith turns and blinks at him, “Yeah?”

“It’s 12 fucking 30 in the night. Go to sleep.” The roommate growls.

Keith blinks, “Seriously? That late already?”

His roommate sits up, “What do you mean, already? You’ve been working on those bloody recordings since school hours ended! You didn’t even stop for dinner!”

Keith’s stomach growls right on time, “I guess that would explain the hunger. You think there’ll be anything left in the cafeteria?”

His roommate gives him a death glare, “No because they don’t have the wannabe Hermione Granger for a roommate. Now go the fuck to sleep.”

Keith tilts his head, “No idea who that is, but okay. I’ll start getting ready for bed.”

Keith starts taking off his school uniform, folding it neatly.

His roommate scoffs, “Golden boys.”

Keith walks into the classroom with his headphones on. He starts setting up his desk as the teacher walks up to him and scowls.

“Mr Kogane.”

Keith twiddles on his phone and takes one of the headphones out, “What is it?”

The teacher narrows his eyes, “Can you tell me why you’re wearing headphones in my lesson?”

Keith blinks, “I was studying, sir.”

The teacher scoffs, “Oh really? Then you wouldn’t mind if I take this-” he grabs Keith’s phone, making the headphones snap out and leaving Keith in shock, “to play for the whole class to hear? Ya know, to help out your fellow pupils.”

Keith flushes with anger, “Sir, I told you what it was, there’s no need to yank my headphones out.”

The teacher fakes a gasp, “Such back talk! I wonder if you talk like that when you’re ‘studying’ Kogane.” He plugs Keith’s phone into the classroom speakers, “Let’s found out.”

The teacher presses play.

“-calculating a ship’s flight capabilities is easily done! It only requires-”

Everyone begins laughing.

“You sound like a nerd!” Someone in the class barks.

Keith flushes with embarrassment.

“Or a robot.” Someone howls.

Keith narrows his eyes and turns to the teacher, “There, you’ve proven I was simply studying, may I have my phone back now?”

The teacher gives him a death glare, “Cadet Kogane, you know any technology that isn’t Garrison made isn’t to be used in class. Therefore, I’ll be confiscating it for the day.”

Keith squawks, “What?! That’s my main method of studying, I need to use it between lessons!”

“Kogane, detention!” The teacher barks.

Keith growls and sits in his seat.

Shiro knocks on the dorm room door, “Keith, it’s me, Shiro! I’m here to-”


Shiro blinks, startled, “Excuse me?”

“Dude, do not make him keep studying, he is driving me mental as it is, do not encourage him do it more! I can’t take it!”

Shiro raises an eyebrow, “Uhh, who are you?”

“I’m the roommate he keeps up all night because he’s too busy studying to notice time passing! He doesn’t eat dinner half the time because he didn’t notice his hunger! Don’t you fucking dare make him study more or I’ll kill him before the stress does! He’s so goddamn annoying, talking to himself and tap-tap-tapping his stupid pens on his stupid paper! I’ve had it!”

Shiro takes a step back, “Okay, but I’ve got a question; where is Keith now? He told me to meet him here at this time.”

“Told him you had to cancel because you had a hot date! He got pissed and ran out!”

Shiro gapes and resists groaning, “Thanks. I’ll leave you alone then.”

The guy on the other side of the door huffs.

Shiro turns around and gasps, “Keith!”

Keith stands there, actual books in his arms, a note-pad, a pencil case, headphones around his neck and his phone in his pocket. He’s got dark rings under his eyes and now that Shiro is paying attention, he notices Keith looks like he’s lost a little weight. His hair is looking a little greasy too.

It’s not a good look.

“Oh Shiro.” Keith greets, a flush on his face, “I thought you had a date?”

Shiro looks at Keith and sees how tired he is. How his face seems to be turning pink with a fever. How he’s holding the stuff in his arms like it’s a lifeline. He feels his heart bleed.

“Not a chance, but you don’t look like you can study anymore.” Shiro takes a hesitant step forwards, “I know you’re working really hard for these exams Keith, but you don’t have to endanger yourself like this.”

Keith frowns, “What are you talking about? I’m perfectly fine.”

Shiro looks at his face, “You look like you’re gonna drop. Keith, I think it’s really awesome that you’re willing to work this hard for your exams. I think you’re gonna do just fine on them. But you need to look after yourself, too. You can’t win a marathon if you don’t take the breaks for water.” He takes a step forward and slowly grabs for Keith’s books; he doesn’t fight him, “Please Keith? Take a break with me? I don’t get to relax often either and I find it a lot easier when someone I care about is with me.”

Keith stares at Shiro, as if about to argue a point.

Then he looks to the ground, sighs and raises his head, “Okay. But only because you need to have fun sometimes.”

Shiro smiles, “Thanks, but to tell you the truth,” He blushes a little as he watches Keith puts his studying material in the room, “I always have fun when I’m with you.”

Keith turns around, blushing but smiling and he already looks a lot better, “Yeah, me too. I mean, you’re fun to hang out with and stuff.”

Shiro flushes a little more and offers Keith his hand, “Ready to chill out a little, then?”

Keith smiles and takes his hand, “Only if you are, oh Most Golden of the Golden Boys.”

Shiro laughs and starts walking, “Let’s go then.”



George Harrison and Ringo Starr, from 1961 to 1990: fall 1961, Tower Ballroom, New Brighton; at the Carl Alan Awards, 23 March 1964; at Ringo and Barbara’s wedding, 27 April 1981; and at Heathrow Airport, 1990.

Photos: Dick Matthews, Getty Images, Terry O’Neill, Dennis Stone/REX

Once again appreciating the wonderful friendship between George and Ringo.

“We [George and Ringo] were the economy class Beatles.” - George Harrison, Wogan, 12 February 1988 [x]

* * *

“How could anyone have anything bad to say about Ringo?” - George Harrison, early 1970′s, quoted by Al Aronowitz in The Blacklisted Journalist, Column Sixty-Two, 1 August 2001

* * *

“Ringo’s a lovely bloke and a great mate.” - George Harrison, 1988 [x]

* * *

Q: “If it’d all never happened, what would you be doing now?”

[…] George Harrison: “I think I probably would’ve been a guitar - probably a better guitar player than I am now, because, you know -”

Ringo Starr: “Impossible.” - Aspel & Company, 5 March 1988 [x]

* * *

“George presented him recently with a special, leather-bound volume, which said on the cover, ‘Ringo Starr: greatest drummer on earth.’ Inside, all the pages were blank.
'George told me to start writing, to fill it up.’” - The Beatles Authorized Biography by Hunter Davies [x]

* * *

“Ringo’s got the best backbeat I’ve ever heard.” - George Harrison, 23 October 1974 [x]

* * *

“He can hold the rock steady all day long.” - George Harrison on Ringo Starr’s drumming, 1987

* * *

“When Ringo asked [George…] to compose guitar music for a new song, ‘King of Broken Hearts,’ George put his own heart into it. One reviewer would later describe his beautiful slide-guitar work as ‘sharing a little of his soul… [a] moving musical statement [that] spoke of the musician’s inner peace.’

George sent the tape off by mail. Ringo took the package to his recording studio and sat with his hands behind his head, listening to an unexpected poetry of notes.

'You’re killing me, George,’ he mumbled. 'You’ve got me crying, you bugger.'” - Here Comes The Sun: The Spiritual and Musical Journey of George Harrison by Joshua M. Greene

* * *

"I loved George, and George loved me.” - Ringo Starr, Concert for George, 29 November 2002

* * *

“[O]f course Ringo was probably his best friend.” - Olivia Harrison, KSHE 95, 7 July 2014 [x]