april 1937

80th Anniversary of the bombing of Guernica (Gernika)

80 years have gone by since the Nazi German Condor Legion (an air force unit Hitler wanted to test out before WWII and guess who were its Guinea pigs?) and the Fascist Italian Aviazione Legionaria warplanes bombed the Basque town of Gernika, which represented the heart of Basque culture, on April 26, 1937 at the request of the Nationalist faction during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) in an manoeuvre known as Operation Rügen.

Ruins of Guernica after the bombing. Number of victims: between 150 and 1650 (estimates vary according to different reports).

This heinous attack aimed at civilians (mostly women and children since the men were away fighting at war) on a market day, inspired one of Pablo Picasso’s most famous paintings Guernica (1937). It took him 35 days of work and finished his masterpiece on June 4, 1937.

Guernica (1937)
Pablo Picasso
349cm x 776cm
Oil on canvas
Museo Reina Sofía, Madrid (Spain)

P.S. This is primarily not related to OP but if you want a slight connection to it, think about Nazi Germany being the main base for the Vinsmoke family and Jora’s art powers would connect to cubism.

One day, one rhyme- Day 1164

You were Nanna, but so much more.
You always had an open door,
An open fridge, an open heart,
Always, every day from the start.
Counsellor, peacemaker you were,
But always ready with a stir-
“Oh fight, you buggers, I hate peace.”
You were the families centerpiece.
You’d lend a hand, an ear, a knee;
The frequent ducking to Aldi-
You never ‘drove’, you never ‘went’
But always 'ducked,’ and were content;
The birthday calls, where you would sing
While we laughed, all the while cringing;
The statues and the garden gnomes
That made your house feel like our homes;
The water fights, the Christ-mouse tree
And always something nice for tea;
The 'honeymoon suite’ out the back
And laughter the constant soundtrack.
These are bonds of the heart that nothing can sever
And so we will love you forever and ever.

Today we laid to rest my Nanna, Mary Isobel Kilmartin. The last five days have been some of the hardest of my life, and I know things will be tough for the near future. I’m so glad to have spent today with family and friends remembering a truly amazing woman, who lived an extraordinary and difficult life with grace, love and a cheerful outlook. She encouraged, celebrated and cultivated my silliness at every opportunity. I will love and miss her forever.

In loving memory of Mary Isobel Kilmartin (April 13, 1937- March 5, 2017). May your afterlife be as kind to you as you have been to all you knew💚

Theda Bara at age 52 with her husband, Charles Brabin. 

The occasion was Basil Rathbone’s 11th wedding anniversary. Their celebrity couple friends were instructed to come as famous couples throughout history. Playing on her vamp notoriety, Theda’s husband came as Dracula and she as Dracula’s bride. From the April 19, 1937 issue of LIFE magazine.

The offices of the Central Social Institution of Prague, Czechoslovakia with the largest vertical letter file in the world. Consisting of cabinets arranged from floor to ceiling tiers covering over 4000 square feet containing over 3000 drawers of 10 feet long.

It has electric operated elevator desks which rise, fall and move left or right at the push of a button. to stop just before drawer desired. The drawers also open and close electronically. This work, which formerly taxed 400 workers, is now done by 20 with a minimum of effort. 26th April 1937.

George Hosato Takei (born April 20, 1937) is an American actor, director, author, and activist of Japanese descent. Takei is best known for his role as Hikaru Sulu, helmsman of the USS Enterprise in the television series Star Trek. He also portrayed the character in six Star Trek feature films and one episode of Star Trek: Voyager.
Takei’s involvement in social media has brought him fresh attention. As of February 2017, his Facebook page has over 10 million likes since he joined in 2011, and he frequently shares photos with original humorous commentary.
Takei is a proponent of LGBT rights and is active in state and local politics. He has won several awards and accolades in his work on human rights and Japan–United States relations, including his work with the Japanese American National Museum.



Born Today, April 27, in 1937, Sandy Dennis…

“George, I can’t walk and you can’t carry me. And there are no buses, or taxis, and no car is going to stop to pick up bleeding strangers.” - Sandy Dennis as Gwen Kellerman in The Out of Towners

Over 35 film and television roles including Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf (Best Supporting Actress Oscar), The Out of Towners, Splendor in the Grass (film debut), Up the Down Staircase…


Ueno Park 上野公園, Tokyo. Hanami 花見 (Cherry blossom viewing)

April 1937 color film by William Carey Crane

This is 3 minutes and 51 seconds of the earliest color film shot in Japan. It was shot by US Brigade General William Carey Crane on 16mm Kodachrome. This video is from the last few minutes of part one of the Discovery Channel’s “The Rise and Fall of the Japanese Empire”, 2011.

Source : Youtube