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'Wonder Woman' is outrunning 'Spider Man' as summer's most anticipated movie - Gal Gadot - 24 May 2017

 Wonder Woman is the most anticipated movie of summer 2017 — so much so, that it’s outpacing where Captain America: The First Avenger was at this point in the sales cycle, according to an annual survey by Fandango.
The online ticket-seller says it counted more than 10,000 online votes from April 27 to May 19, the largest response in its 17 years. Fans are asked to pick the one movie they were most looking forward to seeing, and it was Wonder Woman in a rout.

1. Wonder Woman
2. Spider-Man: Homecoming
3. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
4. The Dark Tower
5. Dunkirk
6. Despicable Me 3
7. War For The Planet of the Apes
8. Transformers: The Last Knight
9. The Mummy
10. Baywatch

"Discovering Gwen Stefani 1991" in new retro HQ

“"Discovering Gwen Stefani 1991”, in super new retro High Quality. Directed by Richard Alan White. March 9, 1991. Originally uploaded on youtube April 19, 2007 totaling 1,236,574 views as of April, 2017. Segments will be aired on HBO’s “the Defiant Ones” with Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre July 9, 2017. Thank you Gwen Stefani, Goldenvoice, Paul Tollett.“

53 people killed (as of May 22nd, 2017) in Venezuela during the April-May protests by paramilitary forces and the National Guard, either because they were protesting PEACEFULLY against this corrupt, tyrannic dictatorship or because they happened to be nearby while a protest was going on.

Jairo Ortiz - 19 years old, April 6th.

Daniel Queliz - 20 years old, April 10th.

Miguel Ángel Colmenares - 36 years old, April 11th

Brayan Principal - 14 years old, April 11th.

Tony Calderón - 32 years old, April 13th.

Carlos José Moreno - 17 years old, April 19th.

Paola Ramírez - 23 years old, April 19th.

Niumar San Clemente - 26 years old, April 19th.

Mervins Guitian - 26 years old, April 20th.

Ramón Martínez - 29 years old, April 20th.

Kevin León - 30 years old, April 20th.

Francisco González - 34 years old, April 20th.

William Marrero - 33 years old, April 20th.

Robert Centeno - 29 years old, April 20th.

Joanathan Meneses - 27 years old, April 20th.

Elio Pacheco - 20 years old, April 20th.

Stivenson Zamora - 29 years old, April 20th.

Jairo Ramírez - 45 years old, April 20th.

Yorgeiber Barrena - 15 years old, April 20th.

Kenyer Aranguren - 19 years old, April 20th.

Albert Rodríguez - 16 years old, April 20th.

Manuel Pérez - 19 years old, April 20th.

Almelina Virguez - 47 years old, April 23rd.

Renzo Rosa - 54 years old, April 24th.

Jesús Sulbarán - 42 years old, April 24th.

Luis Márquez - 52 years old, April 25th.

Johan Medina - 23 years old, April 25th.

Christian Ochoa - 22 years old, April 26th.

Juan Pablo Pernalete - 20 years old, April 26th.

Eyker Rojas - 20 years old, April 27th.

Carlos Aranguren - 30 years old, May 2nd.

Yonathan Quintero - 20 years old, May 2nd.

Ángel Colmenares de Hernández - 43 years old, May 2nd.

María Guanipa - 36 years old, May 2nd.

Armando Cañizales - 18 years old, May 3rd.

Jesús Samiento - 26 years old, May 3rd.

Gerardo Barrera - 36 years old, May 4th.

Luis Pacheco - 22 years old, May 4th.

Hecder Pérez - 20 years old, May 5th.

Miguel Medina - May 5th, age undisclosed.

Angerson Dugarte - 32 years old, May 10th.

Miguel Castillo - May 10th, age undisclosed.

Luis Alviarez - 18 years old, May 15th.

Diego Hernández - 33 years old, May 15th.

Yeison Castillo - 17 years old, May 16th.

Diego Arellano - 31 years old, May 16th.

José Francisco Guerrero - 15 years old, May 17th.

Manuel Castellano - 46 years old, May 17th.

Paúl René Romero - 24 years old, May 18th.

Daniel Rodríguez - 17 years old, May 19th.

Edy Aguilar - 23 years old, May 20th.

Yorman Bervecia - 19 years old, May 22nd.

John Quintero - 20 years old, May 22nd.

José Ramón Gutiérrez, Ángel Salas, Estefany Tapias and Natalie Martínez, Daniel Gamboa, Carlos Mora - Deaths STILL not confirmed by official authorities, but frankly, when have they ever.

2,459 ARRESTED (AS OF MAY 19TH) for protesting and being tortured by the hands of the monsters that call themselves our “national guard.”

13,050 INJURED (AS OF MAY 19TH) in the hands of our “national guard” as well.

And yes, this list is likely to be kept updated because that’s what the fuck is happening right now.

Attendance Requested (Part 2)

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victorian au cont. (tw very internalised homophobia)

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word count: 299

Master Pitch had invited Simon Salisbury out of politeness, and had not counted on the young sir responding, or showing up. Of course, a part of Basilton desired the man’s company in more ways than one, but it was not in polite society that he could or would ascertain that. That kind of companionship was for the alleys and small inns. Not that Basilton was altogether ashamed. He would never admit it, but for these encounters, he lived a sad and solitary life.

Simon was smitten with the young Miss Wellbelove, but she had shown no interest in him whatsoever, and had gone so far as to tell him that she only wished to remain friends. There was no one else she was seeing, however, and Simon missed their time together. He was to see her at Master Pitch’s ball, which made the event that much more strenuous.

Basilton had plenty of wealth to pay for these commemorations, and much more, and yet he was hesitant to spend it on anything else. His family was mostly gone, leaving his stepmother, Daphne, and three little siblings. Daphne and his siblings lived in a manor outside the city, while Basilton rented an urban townhouse. Occasionally, Daphne mentioned to him that shouldn’t he be courting someone, and didn’t Miss Wellbelove look radiant these days, but mostly she allowed him to go about his business.

A couple days before the gathering, Basilton received a simple note.

Dear Sir,

If you would be so kind as to have me, I request a meeting with you before this Saturday.

My best,

Simon S. Salisbury.

Mr. Salisbury did not understand etiquette, but Basilton accepted his request.

Mr. Salisbury,

Please arrive promptly at noon. Lunch will be served.


T. Basilton Pitch

P.S, S stands for—?