april 11 2010

People Fall in Love in Mysterious Ways

     I often analyze fate and how it works in mysterious ways to bring people together. Fate works in crazy, ineffable ways. I’ve heard stories about couples who were brought together in such outlandish situations, that I’ve  questioned how the concept of the universe, and destiny work. One couple in particular that has captured my full attention is Larry Stylinson. Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson’s lives were changed drastically at very young ages. Their other bandmates’ lives changed as well, but theirs changed in a different way. They met each other and fell in love. Louis was 18 years old when he accidentally peed on 16 year old Harry. Or maybe it was the other way around, we still don’t know. Those two haven’t explained the story behind their oops and Hi tattoos, but we have a good idea about what went on. Anyway, I think their story is incredible, it is one for the movie screens. No perfect fictional story can ever compare to theirs.

     Many fans believe that the two met before the X-factor. Whether that’s true or not, you can’t argue that fate ultimately brought them together in an adorable way. Let’s take it way back to see the timeline of the times the two could have met, but didn’t.

     Harry and Louis were both in bands in high school. Harry’s band was called, “White Eskimo”, which consisted of him as the lead singer(super important fact that you should remember for later. Basically, I’m saying to get your highlighters, people!) and his friends from school. Louis was in a band called “The Rogue” which he has tattooed on his ankles. As Harry says, you can tell a man by his ankles. Interesting. There is a picture circulating Tumblr where you can clearly see teens holding up posters with, “White Eskimo” and “The Rogue” on them. The picture was from a battle of the bands competition which Harry’s band won.

     My theory is that Louis saw Harry sing, and thought, “Hey, this kid’s got a great voice.” A voice so great that he remembered it by simply seeing his face years later. Moving on.

     The Script concert in 2009! Harry and Louis have said that they both attended the same Script concert a year prior to having met at the X-Factor. They could have met here and they could have had a quick encounter, but fate had better, greater things planned. Maybe they saw each other in the crowd, maybe, but not in the way that it was meant to be.

     There you have it, two events where the two could have easily had an encounter. If they would’ve met, maybe they would’ve been friends for a while, maybe they would’ve actually dated for a bit, but ended things because of distance? Maybe. Fate wanted more for them, because they are soulmates and soulmates deserve the best. 

     On April 11, 2010, the two boys headed to Manchester for their X-Factor auditions. Think about this, they were in a place with thousands of people and multiple bathrooms. Somehow, their bladders gave out at the same time and they ended up going to the same bathroom. They ended up peeing next to each other, and on each other. I believe that this was the first real verbal encounter they had. “Oops” “Hi” who gets the first words they said to someone tattooed? Who even remembers that kind of thing. I mean I guess I get it, when you meet by being peed on by someone, you tend to remember small details of the conversation. I strongly believe that whoever did the peeing (Pretty sure it was Harry), was distracted by the other’s cute self, and forgot how to aim. I guess he was marking his territory.

     Moving on to the people thing. There were thousands THOUSANDS, of people in a line that stretched for ages, and somehow, the two were stood close enough to each other to be able to interact. Their families confirmed that they could see the other being interviewed, so they must have been close.

     Going back to the part that you had to highlight, Louis knew Harry was an amazing singer, because he had heard him sing at the battle of the bands. He told Harry that he was going to be fine and that he knew he would be famous one day. He believed in him so much that he got a hug and a picture with him. If little Louis only knew that he’d have endless Harry hugs and millions of pictures in the future. The future is a crazy thing.

     It is not confirmed, but it is speculated that Louis gave Harry his cardigan to wear for his audition. Not sure if that happened, but if it did, that is adorable. Letting a stranger wear your clothes, totally normal behavior.

     Let’s discuss the auditions. Harry’s audition was very good, there was no doubt he’d get through. Louis’ audition however, wasn’t the best. He says it himself! Don’t hurt me. I adore Louis’ voice. I think it is unique and beautiful, but let’s be honest here, his rendition of “Hey There Delilah” wasn’t his strongest vocal moment. His voice has improved immensely since then. Imagine if the judges wouldn’t have given him that chance. They could’ve easily turned him down, but they didn’t. I guess they heard the uniqueness his voice possessed and decided to give him a chance, or maybe fate beat all odds.

     Bootcamp time! The two were caught staring at each other multiple times throughout the harsh rounds of bootcamp. Maybe their mouths were a bit too shy at the time, so they let their eyes say it all.

     Many people were eliminated during this round, including these two lovesick babies. On July 23, 2010, Harry and Louis, along with Niall, Liam, and Zayn, were eliminated and were about to be sent home, when they were called back on stage. First, the judges told them that they were being put in a band, BUT they did not mention that they would be getting through to the next round, which was the Judges Houses round. All they said was that they’d be in a band together and that was enough for Louis to jump into Harry’s arms like they’d known each other for years. This was such an intimate and beautiful moment in their history. Louis literally LEAPED into Harry’s arms at the thought of simply being with him, and Harry accepted the embrace. They had no idea that they had gotten through. After they were told they had gotten through, they were ecstatic of course, but I think the first announcement made by the judges filled their hearts with a bit more joy. There’s this interview that the boys did after being put through as a band where Harry and Louis would NOT STOP STARING AT EACH OTHER! They stood there smiling at each other like love drunk idiots while the world went on around them. Two became one. Who knows if either of them were aware of their sexuality yet. They simply knew they were fond of each other.

They’re so embarrassing. 

     From that point on, they faced multiple hardships. They embraced the love they had for each other all throughout the X-Factor days, through 2011, and through some of 2012. After that, they were pushed far into the closet by their money hungry management. Sadly, they were not allowed to show the world their love. They were not allowed to speak about it, so their skin became their voices. The two secured the ultimate life long bond by getting multiple matching/correlating tattoos, such as The Anchor and the Rope, the Heart and the Arrow, the Ship and the compass, half a heart, oops and Hi, I can’t change and quotation marks in the same area, It is what it is and the butterfly, the rose and dagger, etc. They’ve had to show their love through secret touches, ink, tweets, and song lyrics. The two have gone through stormy waters (yeah nautical reference because I’m Larry af) but they’ve managed to keep loving each other. They will always be in each other’s hearts even when they can’t hold each other. They still love each other even though the world has done everything to tear their love apart, but the thing is, the world can’t beat fate; the world can’t beat soulmates.

Two million people support this. 


so where WAS obama on sunday april 11, 2010? I’m glad u asked. this was the date of harry styles first x-factor audition. coincidence???? obama chose THIS SPECIFIC DAY to break years of presidential tradition and abandon the press. where did he go? what was he doing?? who was he with? 

….i see u obama….i see u

This Day in 1D History - April 11


  • Harry auditions for The X Factor UK



  • hot yoga instructor Louis breaks out the moves with awkward young divorcee Liam (x) on Nova FM (several clips)


  • Harry shows off his counting skills

11 April 2010 - Soccer player Leo Messi and his girlfriend Antonella have lunch and a tennis lesson in Barcelona. 

I am pretty sure some of these pics were already posted on other places, but I guess some of these are ‘new’. They are from the same day of that tennis lesson, apparently they had the tennis lesson and then a lunch with some friends at the same club.

This Day in 1D History - April 11


  • Harry has his next round of TXF auditions and gets approved to sing for the judges in July!



  • the boys doodle on Vervegirl notebooks (video posted)
  • Sunrise interview, feat. Niall trying Vegemite 
  • “why don’t you come down and give us a cuddle?” (aka the Today Show interview)
  • Liam sneakily sets up a date with Zayn while chatting with Telegraph
  • hot yoga instructor Louis breaks out the moves with awkward young divorcee Liam on Nova FM interview (several clips)


  • Harry shows off his counting skills


  • OUCH
  • Louis stops for fans
  • Louis is TOO CUTE at Club Liv in Manc 

Baltimore Then (1935) and Now-ish (2010)

  1. Aerial Photograph of Baltimore, Maryland, 06/18/1935
    From the series: “Airscapes” of American and Foreign Areas, 1917 - 1964. Records of the Army Air Forces, ca. 1902 - 1964.   
  2. 412_DSP_BaltimoreMd_012, 04/11/2010.  412_DSP_Cities_Towns - Photographs of Cities and TownsStock Photograph Files, 1/23/2005 - 1/21/2011. Records of the Environmental Protection Agency, 1944 - 2006

Please meet Venus (with really bad hair and no makeup bc I’m too lazy)!! I literally cannot wait until tomorrow night when I’ll be seeing the most important person in my entire life.

I got my tickets on Christmas Day and found out I would get to bring two of my best friends ( irwin-x and keepingituglierthanyou ) with me to the show. We’ve been counting down these days for months and I literally am still speechless just thinking about being in the same room as you again, Tay.

I went to the fearless tour on April 11, 2010 and it was beautiful and magical. This time around it’s going to be even better though! Every since I was little you’ve has been in my life. I started playing guitar because of you, I started writing songs because of you, I’ve gotten through my hardest days because of you and I’ll never ever be able to thank you enough for these things. You’ve helped me find my passion and the easiest way for me to escape reality and I’m so thankful.

Tomorrow will be the best day of my life and I can’t wait for it!!! See you soon Tay!! taylorswift tree-paine