Japril Fanfiction: The Agreement (x)
AU: With his political career in need of a boost, Jackson Avery sets out to further his image by finding himself a wife. His employee, sweet and innocent girl-next-door April Kepner, seems like the perfect candidate, with her quirky ways and feminist views, to win America’s heart.

“It’s my wedding night.” She breathes out quietly, the once dear memory of what she’d always imagined for that night coming back to mind. Well, no, that wasn’t happening.

“It is.” He nods, obviously having heard her mumble, “Did you have plans?” He smirks, looks down at her again.

“I wish! I was going to order take-out.” She confesses with a small dart of her tongue to her lips to soften them up, “You want in?”

“On disgustingly amazing food being delivered to the house without us having to move? Of course I’m in.” Jackson nods, brows creased in agreement, “No better way to spend your wedding night.” He voices low, teeth grazing his bottom lip as his smirk turns to a faint laugh at her crimson cheeks.

She just nods once, “I can’t imagine doing anything else.” She tries, “Is this what being married feels like? Takeout and laziness?”

“I think it’s a little more complicated than that.” He furrows his brows, a few frown lines appearing and she licks her lips when he faces her, takes a step closer. He speaks softly, husky and hushed and she almost wishes her special night was going differently than this, “Marriage requires a little more chemistry.”

“How much more?”

April holds her breath when she feels his hand reach for her waist and before she can breathe out, he’s pulling her against him, body crashing into his front and her hands flying to his chest. She slides her palms down his torso, locks her eyes on his.

Just a little bit.