When I was doing my last post, I noticed a mistake!

…Maybe. Probably. 97.3% sure.

When Splinter went to Shredder’s evil lair to try and rescue April in the season 1 finale… look what the animators put across the street from said evil lair:

Is that April’s apartment???

Yup, that’s what it looks like. 

Who knew April lived across the street from Shredder this whole time? XD hahaha


Robron Awards 2016

Best Kiss

My choice for favorite Robron kiss has to be their first kiss on the lay-by. The kiss itself was so intense. Aaron walking away and Robert swinging him back around. The feet scuffing, the heavy breathing, and Robert pulling Aaron back in because he hasn’t gotten enough of him. But it was also all of their scenes in the days preceding the kiss that just added so much to it. Robert’s thirsty face (damn that tongue movement) after Aaron threw him up against the wall. Robert’s look of startled realization during the “dirty little greasemonkey” scene when Aaron told him he was gay. Arron’s confusion and little smile when Robert brings him the coffee and says he’d like them to get on. Aaron testing Robert during the Sugden family dinner and Robert having to leave because he was struggling so much with what he was feeling for Aaron. Aaron knowing exactly what Robert wants when he gets to the lay-by but waiting for Robert to make the first move. Not because he didn’t want it just as much as Robert but because he knew it had to be Robert’s decision. All of these little moments leading to this one kiss that was so electric it would have scorched anyone within a five mile radius.