it’s so weird how tv shows can affect you and change your life. I heard the song Time After Time and it immediately reminded me of that scene in parks and rec where Ann and April are singing it and then Donna busts in and joins them.

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Like I will never be able to listen to this song in the same way. I will always be reminded of this beautiful scene. 

Credence: We are throwing a Halloween party at our house! It’s going to be the greatest thing ever!
Graves: Someone will die.
Credence: Of fun!
Graves: And of murder.
Credence: There’s going to be beer, pumpkins..
Graves: Bloody goblins.
Credence: Fake ones! It’s going to be awesome. We have decorations..
Graves: Dead people that we just murdered.
Credence: Not murdered, but pictures of dead people from TV or movies..
Graves: Mutilated bodies.
Credence: But fake ones! Candy, dancing, tequila, all kinds of food and snacks..
Graves: Blood orphans.
Credence: No blood orphans. I… I don’t know what that is.

(Parks and Recreation; season 4, episode 5: Meet n’ Greet)