I’m honestly just so hyped for this show and both kiddo me and adult me are equally screaming across time and space with ultimate joy. In other news, April’s glasses absolutely Kamina scream: WHO THE HECK DO YOU THINK WE ARE?!! 

Killer Ghost 9000 - possibly the worst (or best??) horror film of their generation. There’s evidently a coveted one-of-a-kind OMEGA EDITION floating around somewhere (literally) that has some bonus features that are out of this dimension.



I was too excited to finish this so I harnessed that joy (and tea) to power through! Hopefully there are no glaring mistakes that will slap me later in the morning…but…I’m too excited not to share right now ahh!! Hope you guys enjoy!!

A lot can happen in a year


He sits at his favorite coffee shop. Orders tea with milk and honey, the way he always does. She walks past him, the scent of lavender dragging behind her. Blue eyes, vampire smile, but she doesn’t look like a monster. She orders tea with ice. She glances at him. This is a woman he needs to know.


They talk everyday. He asks her out. He exhales her name and waits to hear her voice. She says yes. He starts ordering his tea with ice.


He kisses her under the falling snow. She tastes like blueberry cheesecake. She’s like a delicate flower that he gets to hold. She is a hurricane that’s filling his lungs. She keeps her heart behind bars. She’s been hurt too many times before.


They build a snowman together and drink lots of hot cocoa. She smells like warm lavender. They’re wrapped in a thick blanket. She runs her fingers over his arms like the old type-writer in her room that she’s always hunched over. He pulls her close and plays with her hair. They make love for the first time.


She stays home on Valentine’s day and doesn’t answer her phone. Her dad calls him the next day and tells him she almost drank herself to death. She says Valentine’s Day isn’t for her. She says that love died long ago for her.


He still takes his tea with ice. Her voice turns cold, losing its warmth. He doesn’t understand. She smiles at him with a cigarette between her teeth. He gets a haircut and she doesn’t like it too much but that same night she grabs his hair and he screams her name.


No phone calls. No texts. He goes to her apartment to see if she’s okay. He smells another man’s cologne in the air. She grabs his arm and shoves him out the door. She is telling him to fuck off. She says he was never good enough, that he was a better fuck.


He drinks coffee instead of tea. He locks himself away in his room. He tears pictures of them apart. He takes scalding hot showers, trying to rub her lavender scent off. He checks Facebook. Taken, but not by him. He curses her new boyfriend and cries himself to sleep.


He still smells lavender even though he’s holding another girl’s hand. Her eyes don’t glitter the same as hers. Her touch is sloppy. She thinks she’s a good writer when she really just gets drunk and writes bullshit. She’s not her. She’s not her. She’s not her.


He cuts his hair. He cuts his hair until there’s nothing left because he knew how much she loved to touch it. He dresses differently and gets tattoos. He smiles when he can, and cries when he needs to. He drinks coffee now. Sometimes he sees someone that looks exactly like her. His stomach twists. His heart throbs. Please come back. Please come back.


She posts a picture of her and her new boyfriend. He blocks her. He still has dreams about her. He still thinks about her. He doesn’t feel like ripping himself apart. He knows that he will someday love again. He learns that loving himself is not the same as narcissism.


There are flowers growing around his ribcage, where there once was dust. He is true smiles and honest giggles.


He sits at his favorite coffee place. He wonders if she remembers the day they first met. He orders tea with milk and honey. He can’t smell lavender anymore. Everything is okay. This is a new beginning.

-Kris Roberta Charleston


Gosh I literally feel like Nickelodeon was just like…HMMM YES LET’S MAKE THIS NEW TMNT LITERALLY EVERYTHING HAILEY THINKS IS COOL AND GREAT - it’s literally everything I think is cool great. Anyways….here are a couple doodles of some cool and great teens <3

Actresses Gilly Fraser (right) and Pauline Collins during a break from filming the TV Space and Time-travel series ‘Doctor Who’, London, UK, 27th April 1967. Photo by George Greenwell.♥️

  • Don: Leo is late. Again.
  • Raph: How did this happen? I called him at 8 o’clock this morning and pretended it was 11.
  • April: I printed up that fake schedule for him saying we were starting at 9 instead of noon.
  • Mikey: I set his clock to say PM when it’s really AM.
  • Don: Oh, boy. We may have overdone it.
  • [Leo bursts through the door]

Wanted to doodle some action poses and ended up drawing Leo and Donnie, but then I wanted everyone else to be there too?! Also have you watched the show yet?? You should check out the show <3