I decided the other day that I’d try and make some backgrounds for an iPhone 5/5S, so these are the best 10 I made. I might make some more if people like them. Each photo is 640x1134, the appropriate size for the 5 or anything above. I’ll make some 4 and 4S sizes as well, and if you see one you like that doesn’t fit your phone, just message me. If you use one, please like this post.


So um, yeah..I obviously got way too carried away in creating a simple line art tuorial and made it a how-do-i-lazily-color-my-simple-lineart thing. 

Anyway, getting off-topic here, but imo, the trick to using the brush(or any hard brush, for that matter) is by setting it’s opacity to somewhere between 50% and 80%. In this tutorial, I used an opacity level of 63%. Remember, opacity of the brush okay not the layer. This tutorial was lined and colored by the same brush. Only the bg used a different, more stylized one. Oh, and as with all my drawings, I used Photoshop Cs3. ^^

Experiment with layers, styles, color palettes, etc. It’s funner that way and sometimes things look better when you do :) Good luck with your art!

Finished photo:

btw this is my OC Moriko, the fabulous Kitsune, from my never-made comic Apricity. I feel like I should apologize to her for always drawing her lazily and bleh

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Vlad accepts Dani as his heir instead of shunning her.

(on fanfiction)


It was a worse than useless habit to have, imagining Daniel living here with him willingly as his son and going about his day in the castle… only to turn and find all of the rooms and hallways empty.


Something inside of Vlad, something he had tried to bury so deep inside him that it would never resurface long enough to whisper doubts in his ear, told him that this was crossing a line that even a half ghost should not defy… that this was wrong.


Vlad fiddled around with the permutations of the last three readouts, stepping back to look at every capsule containing the beginnings of a clone; one of them would have to be just like Daniel… one of them would have to work.


Steam hissed out of each module as he pressed the button that slid the doors open to reveal two rows of clones, perfectly modeled and adequately incubated; now it was time to see how accurately they mirrored the boy he would have as his son one way or another.


The entire batch was an unmitigated disaster, full of melted puddles of goop, skeletons, hulks, midgets, and by some strange stroke of misfortune, a female version of the son he yearned for.


Vlad stared morosely into his fireplace, wondering not for the first time how he had gotten here and how everything always managed to go so completely and utterly wrong.


The clones all vied for his attention and affection, but how could any of them compare to the original none of them could ever hope to be?


He never meant for them to be unstable, but he didn’t realize just how fragile they were until they tried to prove their worth to him and simply fell apart as he watched them trying to prove which one could fly faster or go intangible longer.


He avoided the basement after that, leaving his misbegotten children to their own devices, only checking up on them in person long enough to give them food and take yet another reduced tally of which ones were left, which had melted, and which were in the process of literally hacking up a lung.


The girl stared up at him with Daniel’s eyes every time he brought down a simple tray of food, adoration and worship he had never earned from anyone gleaming in the blue depths for no other reason than he had created her and she owed him everything.


On those days when he saw the clones, he abandoned his beloved soothing teas for a much stronger drink.


Days and nights passed as he poured over his notes and calculations, trying to figure out some way he could go about this differently, some way that he could create what he actually wanted, could take Daniel’s eyes and soul and make sure they were part of a body that didn’t destroy itself as he looked on in horror.


When his perfect model was exposed to the air and dissolved slowly, conscious of his melting body throughout the entire ordeal, Vlad realized that nothing would work; even if he could find the missing piece of the cloning process, he couldn’t go through that again, couldn’t watch any version of Daniel die so horribly at his hand when all he wanted was for the boy to be here, happily beside him.


So he gave up his cloning attempts, shutting up his lab, and waiting with morbid fascination to see which of the clones would be the last one to dissolve and leave him alone again except for a cat and a hologram that shared a name.


Weeks passed and the girl was the only one left.


It surprised him, but then, Daniel was always surprising him, so it made sense that even when he woke every day expecting a fresh puddle of green slime coating his lab walls, the clone greeted him at the bottom of the stairs with a brilliant smile.


As he looked into those deep blue eyes, grateful for no reason and excited when he’d locked the girl down here as her brothers died around her, he asked himself why he had ignored what had been here this entire time instead of chasing after dreams that he now knew he could never achieve.


The girl was here and she still existed- no matter that she wasn’t Daniel because she was close enough and, for some unfathomable reason, she loved him like the father he’d always wanted to be.


She was tougher than he had given her credit for, that he could see just by the fact that she was still holding together in one piece, but it quickly became evident from the slightly green footprints left on his carpets once he invited her upstairs to share the large empty mansion with him, that she was not undamaged.


But if there was one thing Vlad had learned about himself, it was that he did not give in and he found a solution to anything he pursued long enough, so he frantically poured over all of the copious notes he had taken from the cloning process to see if there wasn’t a way to stabilize the remaining survivor before he ran out of time.


As the phone rang repeatedly, Vlad had just enough time to wonder if this was actually a good idea, but then his public relations manager picked up and he found himself saying, “I have an announcement that I’d like to make.”


Newspapers dropped everything as soon as they learned that billionaire Vladimir Masters had decided to adopt a little blue-eyed girl and make her heir to his vast and ever-growing fortune.

I have collapsed
Everything that has kept me up
Has put me on the floor

The conversations and negativity that kept me up
Were like a sudden shock of gravity
I’ve been repulsed from the sky
And I’m chained to the ground

The happiness that kept my spirits up
Ceased to exist in a solid form
It lingers like smoke
It comes in and decays my lungs

Because happiness is a drug
Because joy is nicotine
Because everything I’ve ever wanted made me ill
And everything I can never have is what I am forced to see

—  Collapse

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Vlad knitting

Knitting was a wonderful hobby, Vlad discovered, one that kept him from blasting many a stupid or irritating person throughout his work day, but as he completed the red beanie, he realized that he’d made yet another thing that was useless to him and tossed it beside his armchair as he set aside his needles to brood toward the fireplace for the rest of the night–he was rather glad when it had disappeared the next time he thought to look.

Happy Canada Day from the staff of BronyCAN!

“My beautiful subjects, it is with great pride that we celebrate our nation’s 148th birthday, standing strong with our red maple leaf flag for 50 of those wonderful years. It has been a roller coaster of a year for many of us, from Vancouver to Ottawa to Halifax. But through all of it, we as a nation came together to keep spirits high and resilient. I wish many happy years to come to all who live, serve, and support their country.

HRH Princess Apricity

There are less than 60 days before BronyCAN! Here are some important reminders if you plan to attend our convention this year:

  • Pre-registration closes soon! If you have not completed your registration, please do so as soon as possible. Information on memberships and extras our available on our site’s registration page!
  • We’re still looking for volunteers to help run the con! Audio-Visual, Games Room, AR, Gophers and others are waiting for you to join us! Submit your application form here!
  • Have you planned out your time at BronyCAN? When you view our online schedule, you can create a Sched account to mark which events you plan to attend and print them out in a detailed list! Open our schedule here!
  • If you’re a writer who would love to share your talents with our attendees, you have until July 13 to submit your entry to the BronyCAN 2015 Writing Contest! The winning entry will be featured in our con book! Details can be found here.
  • If you would like to advertise in our con book this year, time is running out! Reservations will be closing July 20, and graphics must be turned in by July 26. View details here!
  • We’ve announced a plethora of new guests in the past few months, including Michelle Creber, Black Gryph0n, More DHX Staff, and two Australian community guests: IMMATOONLINK and Mathew “MetaHew” Mckenna! And we’re not done yet. Check out who’s coming to BronyCAN on our guests page!

We look forward to seeing you this year at BronyCAN! Now stay tuned, because we have another surprise for you!

for promsien

(prompts from promsien to go up in the next chapter of apricity)


Dash stood in front of him, shuffling and unable to meet his eye, voice scratching out the question, “Can you ever forgive me for everything I did to you?” and Danny smiled gently, wondering how to tell the guy that he’d forgiven him years ago.


The problem with knowing how all of the timelines proceeded until the end of the world had come and gone, Clockwork realized, was that it left no room for hoping that people would make the right decision, or choose the path that would guide humanity away from total destruction.


The worst part about it was that Valerie had honest-to-God thought that they were her friends, and would stick with her through anything.


She was a rich, outspoken, activist Goth and ultra-recyclo-vegetarian; he was a techno geek, shameless flirt, and lover of meet and yet, even without their mutual best friend to bind them together, they got along marvelously well (at least, when they weren’t busy leading opposing rallies on the front of the school lawn).