“Steven gave me the most amazing note, actually. He said, give me your war face, and the camera’s gonna move across. And as you feel it come up in front of you, I want you to de-age yourself by 20 years. So you’re 29, and then when you see those machine guns, you’re nine years old. I want to see the child in you. And I just thought that was one of the most astonishing acting notes I’d ever been given.” – Tom Hiddleston

I got my bags all packed and I’m ready to go
I’m standing outside of your figurative door
Ready for the flight or the fall of the cliff
But if it’s alright with you I’d rather not miss out on us
Your face is all I need to stay sane
Spent my life getting in my own way
So I could use something good
I really need this to work out
Cause the way things are going it might be smarter to just cash out
—  frank iero