My mum, my best friend (@asdfgazhjkl) and my wee sister are all going to be climbing Ben Nevis soon to raise awareness for the Multiple Sclerosis Society. This is a charity very close to home and any donation would be extremely appreciated. They are also doing it in memory of my beautiful brother.

Anyone who knows my mum will understand how ill she is with Ms itself but will also know how determined she is to do this for the third year in a row and it means more to have my best friend Gaz and little sister Paula climb with her. The first time she climbed Ben Nevis it was to raise money to help a little girl to travel to America to receive a life saving operation while this is amazing itself she also carried my brothers ashes to the top and scattered them. The second time she raised money for the language department in a local school which helps children with autism and this time around she’s doing it for a charity which in the long run she may need to help her. She’s also doing it in memory of my brother Sam who sadly passed a July 2012.

My mum is one of the most giving and courages woman I know, i was an only child growing up until a bit older and yet I never felt like that, she looked after many children including me, children with rubbish parents who would’ve probably never experienced good if it wasn’t for her, fed them, clothed them, had birthday parties for each of us. She did all this on child benefit alone. My mum is now a very ill woman but never have I seen the world defeat her.

I will be going with them however due to my lungs I won’t be climbing but If you could all please support us and donate that would be amazing and if not then get your mums and dads to or even the dog, reblog it for your friends/followers to donate. I just want to show her the world is behind her. Please? ☺️

  • me:ugh I'm so lazy I don't wanna clean my room or do the dishes or take out the trash or workout or finish my homework
  • me:but Steve Rogers would want me to do all of the above
  • me:fuck
  • me:
  • me:
  • me:fine I'll do it FINE STEVE ARE YOU HAPPY NOW
E eu temo ser insistente ao constatar o que se renova todos os dias em mim. As palavras se parecem as mesmas, mas o sentido não. Vai melhorando com os dias.