I don’t even know what to say. This is a milestone I have been so eager to reach, and here I am! There aren’t enough thank yous for the joy your support has given me. The love of my fanfiction, the consideration towards me, just the overall kindness; I am so so appreciative. 

There have been so many people that have made my return to this blog such a wonderful experience, and you all deserve a little love note. A follow forever just didn’t seem to cut it for what I have to say; I figured it better for it to be more sincere with less people, the besties if you will. This has no order. I’m sure I forgot some people but just know; any bit of support is huge in my eyes. Thank you. 

(Credit to @blissfulcastiel for the most beautiful graphic. Thank you for being so wonderful, flexible, and tolerant of my indecisiveness. You’re the bomb.)

@loveitsallineed  Caroline, there aren’t words. Within such a short time we’ve become such good friends, and I’m so glad I stumbled upon your fic one day and kept contact with you. You are such an amazing, kind soul and an absolutely awesome writer. Talking with you always seems to make things better, and you’re such an amazing, supportive friend. You always leave such sweet little notes on anything I post, be it selfies, fan fiction, or just some little update about myself, you always make me feel as though people are hearing me, that I’m not just talking into a void. Thank you so much for being so very wonderful.

@righteous-fallen-angel Angie! HC Anon! French buddy! So many different nicknames to use. From day one on anonymous you have been your sweet, helpful little self and I’m so glad that you felt safe to come to my inbox, now look at us! I immensely enjoy swapping cat videos and thinking about each other whenever we see Henry Cavill. You are kind and wonderful and friendly and absolute stucky trash, and I wouldn’t have you any other way.

@chuckshvrley Dallie, you’re the bomb. I swear, we are who the quote “great minds think alike” was made for. I love having someone to react to GMM with, and you’re just an all-around super fun, genuine, down-to-earth person to talk to. I’m so excited to have made another awesome internet friend.

@winvhesters Brandi, you little sweetie pie. You’re just darling, and I’m always rooting for you. You’re immensely kind and you have a bomb url and you’re always so supportive of everyone around you. You deserve to have a huge following, and I’m so glad to be able to call you a pal.

@mrswhozeewhatsis Oh gosh Michelle, I’m so so very glad you exist. I have received kind words from you on pretty much all my fanfics, whether it’s complimenting my writing or assuring me that my angst has caused the intended heart shattering, you always come through. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate and rely on those comments, and how much it means to me to have you as a support of my works. And gah, that google tagging list you made, another author’s lifesaver, and also reader’s! You’re just an all-around blessing to the fanfiction community and I thank you so so much for writing and supporting amazing fan fiction.

@chaos-and-the-calm67 Awh Bev, a lovely amazing feedback giver. I’m always looking forward to hearing what you think about my fics, and you always deliver with such kind and supportive feedback and praise. I appreciate it every.single.time. You’re also a fabulous writer yourself, and whenever I get some free time to finally read some more fan fic, you’re on the top of my list. You’re so very kind and talented and I’m just very glad to consider you part of my online circle of friends.

@lucifer-in-leather Rae, you’re a very large reason as to why I’ve continued to write fan fiction. My first two fics of course got very little notes, but you were there with generous acclaim. I still remember reading your comment on my Destiel fic and thinking “my gosh I gotta keep doing this” and I have, and it’s been so good for me. You’re an amazing person, writer, and friend, and I appreciate having you there from the jump.

@piningbrothers You’re one of those people I follow that I haven’t ever really talked to, but I’m so so fond of your blog and I always see you being so kind. I always appreciate seeing popular bloggers being kind and not letting the “fame” get to their head/ego. You’re one of my favorite blogs I follow and I’m so glad that I’ve found your blog. I always feel like if I ever truly needed anything I could come to you and you wouldn’t mind helping in the least. Thank you for having such a kind presence on this site.

@deathstiel Autumn you’re like this amazing mixture of kind, hilarious, and down-to-earth. I don’t think you have any idea how very wonderful you are, but I think you’re pretty freaking rad and I wish you could think so too. Your blog is the freaking bomb, and no matter what URL you have (or how many times you change it) I always love what you end up doing. I always feel I could come and talk with you if I ever needed anything because you’re just that welcoming, and I hope you feel the same with me.

@thing-you-do-with-that-thing Karina, what can I even say, you’re so wonderful! You’re sweet, kind, helpful, and supportive. You’re a presence on this site that comes off as so kind and helpful and I’m always glad when I see that you’re doing well. You’ve been very helpful and nice to me and I appreciate that with all my cluelessness.

@diestiel I’ve probably said kind a thousand times within this post, but my goodness if you aren’t so very very kind. I also see you within my activity and I appreciate knowing that someone is there and is digging what I’m putting out. You’re so open and friendly and I don’t even know what else to say, I just think you’re so wonderful and supportive.

@silentsam We have never spoken, but you’re definitely one of those magical quiet mutuals where we both dig each other’s blogs but never really speak. I have to give you some love because you have been a huge supporter for quite some time now and usually one of my number one fans, and I see that and I love that. Thank you.

@timeladyclaras We have been mutuals for yeARS and though we’ve both added and dropped fandoms, we have stuck true. I still love your blog and I still get support from you, even though I’m supernatural and your doctor who. Honestly at this point I would do so much for you, and your one of the few blogs I can faithfully say I will follow till the end of the line. Thank you for being awesome and just being with me for so very long.

@groundhogmoose @fernandasvaldi @suliistya  You three are like my holy trinity followers; always liking, reblogging, replying, SUPPORTING! I appreciate every.single.note I receive from you and I love all your individual blogs. I have spoken very rarely to you three, but I would love to change that. Honestly, seeing your urls in my activity just brightens my day because you’re my follower squad and I love you

@sweatyseb CAM YOU’RE SO FUNNY IT’S RIDICULOUS I have sent you multiple messages telling you how hilarious I find you but I honestly can’t express it enough. I feel like every time you’re on my dash I’m cackling; whether it’s your tags, your text posts, or you talking with your friends I’m always like “thank you for existing.” A blog I will cherish and love forever because you are a gem.

@wanderingcas SAMANTHA I ADORE YOU UGH Every time I talk with you I always feel at least a little better, it’s like magic. There’s something about talking with you that makes me feel like I’m important?? I can’t explain it really, but I just really enjoy your presence/energy/aura/whatever you want to call it. You ever need help writing Sam, you know I got you! Or if you ever need anything really, please feel free to shoot me a message/ask because I will always help in any way I can!

@sketchydean You are such a magical creator, I can’t not give you a shoutout. There have beem so many times where your sketches have inspired me to write, or just made me so happy. You’re incredibly talented, and your ideas alone are amazing. I’m forever in awe of your work; how well drawn it is, the storylines you paint, how thought out they all are. On top of such great talent, you are just sweet as can be, and you’re one of those people that remind me why tumblr is so great.

@frozen-delights I say it almost every time I reblog something of yours but: YOU MAKE SUCH BEAUTIFUL STUFF. At this point I don’t even have to scroll to the bottom of a post to know it’s yours, your work is so distinctive and uniquely beautiful. I don’t know what filter/PSD/whatever you use for your gifs but it is gorgeous. I love your stuff and am so glad to have found you. You create such beautiful gifs, you make simple scenes into art, and I am constantly awed by how pretty and crisp they are. Please keep doing what you’re doing, because it’s great.

@babybrotherdean I have messaged you a few times telling you this, but let me tell you why I am so in love with your writing. I’m a destiel shipper; I have never (and probably will never) ship wincest. But then there’s you. Something about the way you write makes me understand the ship? I don’t even know how to explain it, but you are amazing. Usually wincest even kind of bothers me, but there have been multiple occasions where I can’t get something you wrote out of my head for days (in the good way). I’m just so majorly impressed, as usually it’s hard to sway me to see a ship I don’t like, but you my friend have the magic touch.

@captaincasbutt Such a sweet little follower, I appreciate the kind replies and you just being an overall honey bee. Your one of those people I see in my activity that I just really feel the need to give a little love to, because you’re always doing so for me.

@curliesallovertheplace I’m so excited to see you writing a series, I can’t wait till I get the chance to read it. We haven’t really spoken personally, but you’re so supportive and give so much love! I see it, I appreciate it, and I’m so glad to have you around.

Fyi just because Lance is Latino that doesn’t mean he’ll have 5 brothers, 7 sisters, 20 cousins, 2 dogs, an Abuelita, randomly switch to Spanish, dance like Shakira, sing like Shakira, know guitar, etc.

Sweet Potato, I had the Strangest Dream… I Wanna Baked Potato, C’mere.

500 Followers Biggest Fan Appreciation Fanart Finale

For @emigotchi

What can I say? xD Ah… I had a laugh with the title Sweet Potato. I loved doing this piece though. Cute overload xD. I hope you enjoy him. Thank you for all you do for me (my endless supply of Leo doodles are such treasures!) So I hope this humble lil sleepy Byron-sama clad in season 2 attire can begin to give back to you a bit! I love ya tons! As does Byron here. hehhee. 

@kakihoden The shirt!!!  dear lawd I think I got it x’DDDDDD. Thank you for always bein’ a source of inspiration!

@incorrectmidc Ahh hehehhehehehehhe it was so fun teasing you with sleepy WIP Byron. please enjoy the finished piece!

@midnightuglystepsister  SEENPPAIIIIIIII  *^* I  have so many WIPs to show you when you come back xDDD from all these hahha. Inspire me Mooaaaarrrr!!!!. I hope you enjoyed Disney!

@f-dee Byron-samaaaaaaa :3

@kseifert Huggle upon his sleepy kingliness xD

@autumnlovesotome :3 hhehehhehe he’s adorable and sweet for ya! cuddle him!!


eyyyy 500 followers!

Decided to do a follow forever because why not. Didn’t make a graphic bc who has the time (okay most people do but whatever heres all the people I love)
These arent alphabetical or in any particular order I’m just spreadin the love. 
@audreyjensengivemeaheartattack @audrey-scream @joycebycrs @bifuriousjensen @bexisbae @idontwannabetherightwayround @bifuriousjensen @audreyjensentrxsh @captainaudreyjensen @sage-the-pomeranian @daisyduval @screamingsomewhere @kiieranwilcox @auderyjensen @lakewoods-six @lakewood-6 @lakewood-knife-sticks @thisiswarpaint @wsetallen @incorrectmtvscreamquotes @jeepersnoah @wrenlakegifs @pastelavdrey @lucy-hoe @amadeuswilcox @scream-still-screaming 

(so so sorry if I left you off, in all honesty if I’ve followed you I’m not gonna unfollow u unless u start shit or r mean to me/others so like, just be a nice person and then u can consider urself on this list)

feelmyroarrrr  asked:

Ohh Drabble please Dean and go for it with my username!

One Dean drabble!!! I enjoyed writing this, and it’s a tad longer than the others… I got a bit carried away… 
Hope you like it!!!

All your senses were on high alert as you crept down the corridor of the Bunker, damp hair falling in front of your eyes.

So this was what it felt like to be the one who was hunted… it was definitely unnerving.

You were so close to the kitchen… you just needed to reach the kitchen… and pray that there was no one else already there.

“Aww, ickle Y/N thinks she can slip by unnoticed?” came Sam’s mocking voice from behind you, and you shrieked in fear, shooting off as fast as your legs would carry you without bothering to look at him. A distinct splashing sound confirmed your fears, and you scrambled to get through the kitchen door, slamming it behind you and locking it.

In an instant, your eyes landed on the large bucket by the sink, and you dashed over to the other door, locking it. Your heart was racing as you seized a handful of balloons from the bucket and started filling them.

As long as you were in the kitchen, you were safe. But Sam knew you where you were, and Dean must have heard your terrified yell… for all you knew you could be surrounded. Perhaps you weren’t getting out of here without being drenched… again.

Once you’d filled the little make-shift sling on your hip, and were armed with a balloon in each hand, you listened at both doors. There was nothing at either of them. But who were you kidding, you’d picked a fight against two of the best Hunters in the country, they weren’t about to be caught out like that.

As quietly as you could, you unlocked on of the doors, then slunk across the room to the one you’d come in through. Carefully, you unlocked it and slid back out into the corridor. Glancing up and down, you saw the wet puddle where Sam’s balloon had missed you, and took a deep breath to calm your nerves.

You were just outside Sam’s bedroom when you heard a scuffle, and a yell, and your heart soared with joy as you took off in that direction.

The hallway was flooded, and your eyes bugged when you counted at least two dozen pieces of burst rubber floating pathetically at random points. Surely that meant they were both out of balloons… right? How many had they managed to carry at one go?

Shivering slightly, you padded, barefoot, through the cold water. You couldn’t help but feel sorry for whoever had lost this battle, it must have been a massacre…

You don’t know what made you do it, but you dived forward, slipping in the water but managing to get your hands out to stop you hitting the floor as a dark green balloon burst against the wall, right where your head had been.

“Damn, I forgot you had great reflexes” you heard Dean mutter, and you rolled over and looked up into his cocky looking face, noting that he had two large balloons in his hands. “Hey baby, long time no see!”

Glowering up at him, you kicked out, swiping his feet out from under him and he yelped in surprise.

Scrambling to your feet, you leapt up the two steps at the end of the corridor and turned on him. He’d been in pursuit, but froze when you drew back your arm, ready to throw.

You grinned at him maliciously, then let loose the balloon, quickly reloading.

Dean’s eyes widened in shock, but managed to dodge the first balloon. He wasn’t so fortunate when it came to the rest.

He yelled as you pelted him with water balloons, drenching him in the freezing water.

You let out a victorious ‘YES’ as you bounded down the stairs back towards him, still wielding a balloon in your hand. “HA! Suck it Winchester! You can save the world but you can’t save your ass from me!” you taunted, bouncing the balloon between your hands threateningly, feeling cocky when you saw his eyes follow its progress. “Damn straight! Feel my roar, Dean!” you yelled, hitting him point blank in the face with the balloon.

“What the hell!” he yelled, hands flying up to wipe his face clear. “Really, Y/N? How old are you, 12?” he snapped, glaring up at you.

“I just whooped your ass, Dean, I have every right to be cocky!” you chuckled, pulling another balloon from your sling.

To your surprise, a grin broke out across his face, and you stared at him, perplexed.

“Sorry, sweetheart” he started, and you saw his arms tense slightly, “but not this time!” With that, he hauled himself to his feet and stumbled back, just as you felt a downpour of icy water land on your head.

You screamed in surprise, freezing in place as the water cascaded down your body, soaking you to the skin.

Sam and Dean roared in laughter, and you heard the clatter of the bucket behind you as the younger brother dropped it to the floor.

“F-fuck you two!” you stammered, shivering in earnest.

Sam was laughing so much he actually slid down the wall, sitting in the pool that had once been a hallway.

You glared at the pair of them. “T-that was ch-cheating!” you growled.

“Nope! We never said anything about teaming up!” Dean replied, looking smug as he walked up to you.


“Yeah, yeah” he chuckled, rubbing his hands up and down your arms. “Why don’t we get you in a shower to warm up, huh?” he said, and you saw him quirk his eyebrow suggestively.

Sam rolled his eyes as Dean scooped you up, wading his way through the water towards the bathroom.

Day two of @pjosapphicweeks’ femslash week, louranda modern fantasy au! This one’s gonna be a little hard to completely explain in one post since it’s a small part of one of my much bigger aus, but I’ll do my best. The basics are that Lou is a modern witch and Miranda works in Persephone’s flower shop and does a bit of low key potion brewing.

  • Miranda works in her technically older half sister’s flower shop as a summer job and has since she was ten. She prefers the company of her cousins (technically step nieces and nephew) to the kind of crowded house her mother owns. That she often gets to see real magic at work is just a bonus.
  • despite living a third of the year with a very magical family, Miranda herself can’t use magic. She is, however, learning potion making and alchemy whenever someone has free time to teach her. That someone is usually her summer roommate, Hazel. In return Miranda will cover one of Hazel’s shifts a week so that Hazel can practice her magic.
  • it’s on one of these shifts (mid morning, so it’s just her working) that she first meets Lou. She’d been stocking the shop and didn’t notice the other girl came in until she spoke up
  • “flower for the pretty lady?” she asked in a spokesperson voice. Miranda let out a curse and turned around to see Lou holding one of the shop’s flowers out to her
  • “you gonna buy that?” she asked, unimpressed
  • Lou nodded and put money for it on the counter, then offered the flower again. Miranda sighed in exasperation, but put down the flowerpot she was holding to deal with the money
  • “you do realize this is a flower shop right? you’re literally buying a flower just to give it right back to me.” she asked, figuring she might as well make small talk with the pretty girl of questionable intelligence
  • Lou nodded, mischievous grin growing. “yes but you see, this is a special flower.”
  • “oh really?” Miranda asked, expecting the girl to say something along the lines of “yes because I’m giving it to you.” instead she nodded again before waving her other hand over the flower and snapping her fingers
  • the flower turned the same brilliant shade of blue as her shirt before beginning to slowly cycle through the rainbow. The now identified witch offered the flower again, “flower for the pretty lady?”
  • Miranda took the flower, already planning on getting a vase and some water for it once the girl left. “you must be looking for one of my half sister’s brood, I’m sorry but none of them are in right now.” she said, trying to guess which of her cousins the witch was here to see. Hazel was the most obvious choice as she was the only one who properly socialized, but Nico was known to occasionally hang around darker witches and this girl certainly seemed edgy enough. Bianca was ruled out because she was on a weekend trip with her girlfriend and Miranda doubted she was here to see Hades or Persephone. “I’ll let Hazel know you were here?” she offered
  • “nah that’s okay, I’m a little early.” the witch said, checking the clock on the back wall, “my errand didn’t take as long as I thought it would. I’m Lou Ellen by the way, but you can call me Lou” she added a wink to the last part for good measure
  • Miranda rolled her eyes, going to get a vase for the flower now since she knew Lou wouldn’t be leaving any time soon. “Miranda. So you are here for Hazel then?”
  • “that’s a nice name.” the witch complimented, trotting a few steps behind her. “and yeah I came for Hazel, but I stayed for you.”
  • Miranda groaned.

I’m cutting this off here since I need sleep, but just imagine a bunch more super obvious flirting for like the next three times they meet before Lou works up the courage to ask if they can hang out.