Non-AU fics

I see that I have a few anons asking for non-AU fics, so here’s a list stories either canon-verse or in the SnK world! (And I’m sorry it’s taken so long, there’s no good excuse. Life.)

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Words Cannot Describe - zhedang
I have no regrets for posting this one multiple times, it is my ultimate favorite. (I reread it again last week). It is a slice-of-life style fic that takes place a few years after all the titans have been eradicated in the SnK world. Someone tries to assassinate Eren and, though he lives, he must learn to live with a major disability. Needless to say, there are many feels to be felt. 

It’s Funny Because Eren Can’t Read - BlakeBroflovski
This one I haven’t read in a while, but I know that I enjoyed it because I wrote so in my mini-review for it after I read it :3 Features an illiterate!Eren and a pitying Levi who takes on the job of teacher for the young cadet. Then comes a little more than hero-worshiping and a lot of boners. Enjoy. 

Après Toi - synergenic
Okay, this one switches direction and features suicidal!Eren and can be triggering to some people. It is also a one-shot, but it has feels and ends on happy note. Slightly OOC, but I can tolerate it (I’m not big with OOC character shit).

Trompe-l’œil - appleapple
I have also already posted this one, but I’ll get it out there again because it is a very well-written canon-verse two-shot. My initial review for it that I wrote for myself was literally this: Incredible description and perfect fluff between the two. I wouldn’t change a single thing about this fic. It’s beautiful in its perfection and balance in the emotions. It’s believable too, which can be hard to come by with a canon-verse Eren/Levi fic. 

Hope that’s alright for now! I read so many and sometimes I don’t save them, so I’ll continue looking (my memory is utter trash). 


Regarde moi! Combien de personne m'ont dit “je t'aime"et son partis? Combien de fois Tu m'a prises dans tes bras pour me réconforter en me disant que je mérite mieux ? - Beaucoup. Aman… Tu comptes en faire partis ? Tu comptes partir? Tu ne m'aimes pas. - Tout est compliqué.. Qui va essuyer mes larmes qui va me prendre dans ses bras ? Qui me hurlera que je vaux mieux. De qui Apres toi puis je tomber amoureuse. Tu m'as anéantis.


Vicky Leandros - Après Toi.

April 22, 1972 - May 20, 1972.


Marsida Saraçi – Après toi