Same costume different person - Part One

I remember how when I was younger, and a huge EA fan/plague rat, I wanted all the crumpets autographs: Aprella, Contessa, EA, Maggots, and Veva. I ended up getting all of their autographs, except Veva. I was upset about that for a long time, until recently. I’ve actually read that she sometimes never shows up to classes people pay for. Her online shop always had problems, b/c people never were sent their items they paid for, and Veva wouldn’t respond on FB/twitter.


The Bloody Crumpets’ First and Last Performances with Emilie (Part I)

Lady Joo Hee - 2006 Performance on WGN  /  13/1/2006 - Chicago, Illinois – 19/4/2008 - London England
(6 Performances)

Aprella - 26/5/2007 - Wave Gotik Treffen, Leipzig – 20/3/2010- Brisbane, Australia
(152 Performances)

Lucina - 26/5/2007 - Wave Gotik Treffen, Leipzig – 6/10/2008 Paris, France
(30 Performances)

Captain Vecona - 26/5/2007 - Wave Gotik Treffen, Leipzig – 27/4/2008 Munich, Germany
(34 Performances)

Veronica Varlow - 5/12/2007- Essen, Germany – The Asylum Experience - 18/6/2008, Mesa, Arizona (but picture from 21/6/2014 in Mountain View California)
(303 Performances)

*Note - Only full concerts were counted, not book readings or TV performances

Shit Powered Giraffe Collection (updated weekly)

Yeah, since I already made this post for my infamous tag “wayward victorian whores” for the Emilie Autumn fandom (dat fandom doe) contents and I’m creating loads of shit for SPG, guess who’s there? Shit Powered Giraffe masterpost so that, if you were spared because I have a different timezone than you mmmuricans, you can see all my stuff whenever you want.  Wow, such good thing, very important, much luck for you. Okay, here they are.

Appreciation posts:

- The signs as Steam Powered Giraffe gifs.
- The signs as Steam Powered Giraffe gifs. Again.
- Just girly Michael Reed things
- Michael’s expressions in all their fabulous glory

- Matthew Erwin Smith
- When you want to write “okay” but you accidentally type “olay”
- I shouldn’t be laughing but…
- Commitment issues
- EA facemorph
- you matter
- Mack the knife
- Nightmare fuel #3 
- Nightmare fuel #2
- Error 404 Paige not found
- whut doez dis meeeeannnnnn
- Draw me like one of your French girls (*warning: this one was accidental but I feel guilty the same because Nightmare fuel*)

Awkward interactions nonetheless other people’s posts ruined by me:
‘SPINE’ is an anagram for ‘PENIS’
- Ah yes, The Spine
- swag anon accusing me of taking credit of trekkiebeth’s pictures…in my memes?
- I scared and amazed Carissa at the same time with my Michael Reed meme
- “Thank you pause botton”
- purple music fairy
- Hatchworth illuminati confirmed
- Excuse you?
- “I want his googles”

- From great memes comes great responsibility
- This is the last fuck I’m going to give, use it with care
- Hey kids whatchu know waddya fink u doin
- Oh, you!
- You gave me a boner in my heart
- Carissa memes
- Extremely offensive SPG memes (can’t find the link, did they take it down? lol okay)
- other memes (which weren’t even offensive, yet looks like they took these down too, wtf I can understand the others but what did I do this time?)

Unnecessary crossovers:
- Powerpuff giraffe
- Steam Powered Rangers
- Grease
“Fairy world?” “Scary world”
- Walter Girl Aprella (EA vs SPG)

Steam Powered Prompts:  1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

100% effective drawing tutorials:
- The Spine
- Rabbit
- Hatchworth
- The Jon
- Upgrade
- Steve
- Matt
- Michael