Save Yourselves || Closed

A gun. A badge. And a six foot five man full of hate. Kale and his partner, Nia, stormed their way to the Way apartment, ready to capture and take the one named Cillian. They had proof he was, in fact, the Cillian Iero; notorious rebel for his stupidity.

Gerard was unsuspecting, everyone was. When the door swung open, he gasped loudly, jumping to protect the children. Kale shouted orders for everyone to get down, Cillian falling to protect all of his babies, whimpering, scared.


Say Yes

“Grabe I can’t believe it’s the last day na talaga bukas,” Sophia pouted, plopping down onto the couch. She and Kenjie were in the kubo again. They had just finished an extensive dance practice for the next day’s annual competition between the different dance groups. 

Say Yes | SophKenj

Sophia strummed another note on her guitar, as she hummed along. Usually, she would only play in her room, but the air began to become colder as the “ber” months arrived, and she decided that chilling in the common room would be more relaxing. 

Woohyun&Sungyeol's Love On Interview Part 1

Broadcasted for the first time in Japan! “Love On High School” Drama

Woohyun&Sungyeol Interview Special

Q: In this drama you two appear as the two main (male) characters. What made you decide to act in it?

Woohyun: I wanted to try playing the role of a high school student while I was young. Now was the only time I could do it. When you get older you can’t play such kind of a role. What’s more, because this was the first time I could act as the lead, I thought it would be a good experience. That’s why I chose this production. What about Sungyeol?

Sungyeol: This is also true about me. Also, as there aren’t many opportunities to act along with a member of your own group, to act alongside Woohyun meant a lot to me. I was happy that we could help each other. It was a good choice.

WH: It became a good experience. The filming was fun.

Q: How did you feel when it was decided you were going to appear in the drama?

WH: How I felt when it was decided? Just like Sungyeol probably, I was really glad. He’s a member and a friend I see all the time. We’ve lived together for around 7 years so we know everything (about each other), we get along really well so we enjoyed shooting the drama.

SY: Even on set, I’m the type of person who is shy around new people and feels quite out of place. But as I was with Woohyun, my nervousness eased. I felt pressure from having my first leading role but because one of the members was present on set too…

WH: It was reassuring.

SY: Yeah.

WH: That’s good.

SY: It was a great support to me.

Q: As actors, is there an aspect in which you wouldn’t lose out to the other?

WH: If I have to go as far as choosing a point I wouldn’t lose at… Ad lib.

SY: Oh, that’s true.

WH: It’s because 80% of the time I played Woohyun I ad libbed. I think it was during the second episode? I change schools and at the school I’ve transferred to I meet the school counselor. Most of this scene…

SY: All of it.

WH: All of it was ad libbed. It was a lot of fun. So if it’s about ad lib, I can’t lose.

SY: That’s right. I didn’t ad lib even once. Then about me, it’s not like there’s a particular aspect I wouldn’t lose at but I have confidence in acting out sleeping on set.

WH: You really sleep well!

SY: After I stayed up all night I went to the set and fell asleep while shooting (laughs).  

WH: I’ve also fallen asleep actually but Sungyeol even snored. I was surprised. The director and the staff also, they teased him like, ‘You sleep well!’ Really!

SY: Acting out eating too. I go to the set hungry, and stuff myself while filming (laughs).

WH: If it’s about Sungyeol, firstly, it’s his eyes while acting. The staff also praised him that ‘Sungyeol’s eyes sparkle’. I also noticed this while monitoring the recordings and thought they were amazing, his eyes when acting. His performance when crying is also very good. Good job!

SY: Something I’d like to learn from Woohyun… He delivers his lines well and enunciates well. (The whole time he’s talking about him, WH repeats ‘No no no.’) I am bad at speaking my lines smoothly so I’d like to have his good articulation. Also, the wistful type of acting when looking at someone my character likes- I can’t do that.

WH: Like looking at your mother (laughs).

Translated from this video (cr. vinchisama)

Notes: I translated this from the Japanese subtitles, and sometimes added a word if I managed to hear something additional in Korean- my point is, this isn’t a word for word translation of their speech. Next part to come soon.