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This is random but can we just talk about how much sunggyu grew as a leader? You could see at first that he was more strict, and probably thought he had to be because he had a responsibility as a leader. And if you watch their shows as they advance you see that he quickly learned to rely on other members and be someone they can rely on. I'm not saying he was ever a bad leader, but Sunggyu has grown SO MUCH since their debut and turned into an incredible leader.

SUCH a good example of this is the recent VLive. Woohyun may have looked healthier and happier than we expected, but he most definitely appeared uncomfortable and slightly down at first. The closer he got to Sunggyu, the more he opened up and seemed calmer. When everyone was joking and saying he looked like a dumpling, Sunggyu deflected some of the jokes and put an end to them in a diplomatic way - he even turned the attention to himself and allowed himself to be mocked. He comforted Woohyun when he knew he needed it, but without alienating the other members or stopping the light teasing which is something INFINITE have always done.

Sunggyu is the perfect leader because while he can be strict, he is also reasonable and reliable. The members know they can make jokes at his expense on TV shows, but that also they can come to him with problems and he will try to help them as best he can. I think he really shoulders a lot of burdens for INFINITE too, and like the other members have said, he should know that he can always share these with them too. 

invisiblechell said: Honestly, it drives me up the wall how many people think that SOMEHOW Infinite is supposed to be Mehpiles

Same here.

Yes, he may look a little like Mephiles… but he also looks a little like Metal Sonic as well (the latter of whom is also in Forces), and Sonic anthro designs by their very nature have a tendency to have lots of similarities with each other due to the art style(s) used for them.

The most prevalent problem is that - as is often the case with wild mass guessing on TV Tropes - some people will find the most minor of coincidences and interpret them as absolute proof. So you’ll have someone insisting that Infinite must be Mephiles because their eyes kinda look similar. By that logic, I could just as easily “insist” that Infinite is actually Heavy King since they both have similar eye colour. Sadly though, Infinite does not sound like Sean Connery, so this is clearly not the case.

At this point, Infinite being Mephiles all along wouldn’t even make sense with what little we already know about him. Yes, the Phantom Ruby has been at the center of some time-space hijinks, but Infinite’s body at least has been heavily implied to be created by Robotnik’s own hand, rather than being an ancient demigod or whatever else.