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Future Foundation Member Heights and Bdays!

I’ll be going in list order here so bare with me:

Ruruka Andou: Nov 20th, 5′2″
Izayoi Sonosuke: Feb 20th 5′8″
Tengan Kazuou: Jan 17th, height unmeasurable due to hunch
Kyosuke Munakata: Aug 22, 6′0″
Koichi Kizukara: Sept 29, 5′7″
Seiko Kimura: Jun 8th, 5′4″
Chisa Yukizome: May 3rd, 5′3″
Juzo Sakakura:  Apr 14th, 6′2″
Daisaku Bandai: April 10th, 6′9“
Ryouta Mitarai: August 30th, 5′2″
Miaya Gekkougahara: DOB Unknown, 5′0″
Great Gozu: May 8th, 6′8″


Kevin Owens © & Samoa Joe vs. Seth Rollins & Sami Zayn in Providence, R.I. - Apr 14th 2017.

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Rush art journal Feb 14th - Apr 10th 2016 by Erin Partridge

anonymous asked:

Dear Gabi! So it's Tuesday and we got another Lounielle pic. (No, I won't call it *ouis, 'cos the only D I can accept in Louis' life is Harry's dick.) I truly dislike the fact they are still together in MEX, but I'm glad he is away from LA. It's been 2 weeks without Elliott starring in this Truman-show. (No papwalk, no Freddie-impersonating. Banana deleting proof. Daisy deleting pics 'cos of "pinksta" project. Silent Jay. Silent reps/lawyers. So called hacker still free.) Maybe the end is near.

LMAO at the D part. :D

OK, back to business: the lack of F with Louis is wonderful, but even more wonderful that the media does mention it. 

I would not bet that he stayed in MEX this whole time OR that the pic is from today/yesterday. We all know how easy it is to post pics later just to make it seem the boys are still in whichever place (think of how many times the boys specifically asked for that).

I would not pay much attention on B’s SM because I don’t think she will be getting a memo. Good one from Daisy, but the SM actions of the Tomlinson-Deakins is going to be following the narrative as long as they are closeted.

What does make the real difference to me:

Louis’ lasts:
The last time he was seen with F: May 4th
The last time he posted an IG pic of F was Apr 14th: 1 month 3 days ago.

TMZ reports:
May 12:  “…Louis took a break from dad duties with 4-month-old Freddie…”
This is the first Louis article since *the baby is the real deal (blue-green Nirvana top) papping. (which article was posted FORTY days ago).

We are getting there.