i feel like i’m not doing enough. sitting in a classroom is not making use of myself and I don’t know my purpose and i don’t have focus. i do but i don’t, it’s so weird. i want to be important and do something bigger than myself and i am not content w who i am right now. i feel lazy and physically selfish (does that make sense? i have good intentions but my world is about me me me right now and i don’t physically do things for others when i know in my heart i really want to). i’m so consumed with things that don’t matter like papers, a part time job that doesn’t pay enough…it feels like i’m balancing everything i don’t want to be doing. i’m repeating a routine that doesn’t benefit me like i feel stuck and a little lost but i’m headed in the right direction so it’ll be okay.

i want to be a part of something bigger and have a goal and a mission and discover parts of me i never knew existed along the way. this isn’t meant to be fake deep but i hate college and feel like i’m not going anywhere at this rate
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Hello! My name is Alister and I'm a 17 (soon to be 18) year old trans guy from Victoria, Australia. On the 16th of September, 2016, I had a consult for top surgery with Dr. Andrew Ives, and suffice to say I was incredibly pleased with his personality, manners and the information he gave me. This...

HEY, pals, friends, buddies! It’s Alister! So, I had my top surgery consult today and I’m absolutely stoked with how it went! However, my poor trans ass was literally fucking terrified of the amount from the quote, and so I made a gofundme while I hunt for jobs and apprenticeships and really, anything that’ll help me pay for this incredibly important surgery that’ll improve my life horrifically.

Anything helps! A dollar or two or even a signal boost could change my life for the better, so please help out if you can!