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Interested in raising capital using the internet but don’t know where to begin? Here’s a great Online Class from General Assembly.

Social media and platforms like Kickstarter and Indie Gogo have made it easier than ever before for inventors, entrepreneurs, and artists, to seek funding for their projects. There are over 530 online platforms available to assist with raising capital and donations.…

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Share your ideas on AppStori

Most of us have had at least one idea in our lives from which we thought: ‘This would be a great mobile application’. But most of these floating ideas don’t go anywhere because most people don’t have the savvy to build on to their ideas. Now there’s no need to hide your idea. AppStori allows consumers to share their mobile application ideas and to have a say in the development. It’s a more interactive form of crowdfunding.

There already are some services that allow funding for your ideas, but AppStori is especially for mobile application. It lets you interact with developers that may already be working on similar ideas like yours. AppStori gives you access to the application in beta mode and you can offer valuable input. For developers, this website is also good news. They can gain a following before their app even hits the market and their apps can be more unique and functional to a specific niche since they can use all the input from the ideas shared on AppStori. 

Arie Abecassis, one of the founders, believed that there wasn’t much transparency for how applications come to the market. But now, consumers can develop a relationship with developers. They can communicate about product feedback and data testing. 

AppStori is a free service. All you have to do is register to get access to applications at various stages. You can for example become a beta-tester by simply clicking the “Become a Beta-Tester” button. So with AppStori, applications engage with consumers before they hit the app store. This allows developers to have a better user-base before realizing their app. 

The most popular application on AppStori are currently entertainment applications like Billy Bong, a game that revolves around a microorganism whose town is being attacked by minions. They player of the game has to kill all the minions before they kill the microorganism. 

You can’t just collaborate with developers. Like said in the beginning of the post, your ideas are also very important. So you can put your ideas on the service and you can bounce ideas of each other in the comment section. In addition, you can also follow an app’s progress and get notifications about achievement. 


What do they do?

Crowdsourcing exclusively for mobile apps. Allows entrepreneurs to vet an idea, find beta testers, serve up awareness, recruit talent, and raise cash. Gives mobile mavens the opportunity check out the next hot thing, offer feedback, and participate in the building process. 

Why are they special?

  1. Encourages anticipation and provides context for apps in the pipe
  2. All-or-nothing funding structure supports principal and encourages rapid product iteration
  3. Addresses a favorite question for every project: “How do you plan to make money?”

Are they funded?


Who are their comps?

Appsplit, appbackr, Kickstarter

How do I find them?

Website / Twitter / Facebook

What else can you tell me?

Pitched tonight at NYC Mobile Demo Night. Founders, charming folk, are Arie Abecassis and Michael Semegran, and have been working on Appstori for the past 8-9 months. 

‘5억으로 시작해 1조 2천으로 돌려받은 청년’

26살이라는 젊은 나이에 인스타그램을 창업한 캐빈 시스트롬은 어릴 때부터 프로그래밍에 탁월한 재능을 가진 인물이었다. 그는 트위터를 개발한 오데오에서 인턴사원으로 근무했으며 구글에서 2년간 지메일과 구글 리더 개발 및 서비스를 맡은 경험을 갖고 있다.

그런 그가 인스타그램을 창업하게 된 계기는 여자친구의 작은 부탁에서부터 비롯되었다. 당시 그의 여자친구는 자신의 사진을 예쁘게 꾸며달라는 부탁을 자주 했었고, 이에 시스트롬은 사진편집과 SNS를 결합한 새로운 서비스를 구상하게 된다.

이후 그는 대학 친구인 마이크 크리거를 기술담당으로 앉히고 인스타그램을 창업, 앱을 출시하기에 이른다. 현재 인스타그램의 기업가치는 5억 달러로서 이는 초기투자금의 1000배가 넘는 금액이며 이 모든 것이 1년 남짓한 시간 안에 이루어진 결과물이다. 한편, 시스트롬은 주커버그와의 협상과정에서 인스타그램을 인수하고 싶으면 기업가치의 4배인 20억 달러를 내놓으라며 강경한 자세를 취한 바 있다.