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Jumin: Did you try the back camera

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30 Days Idol Challenge - Day 26 (Part 2)

More Hiddles and Friends!

I’ll have you know that my app crashed twice already - which should be an indication of the hotness level…

1) Tom & Chris Evans (dorky darlings that @avenger-nerd-mom and I love)

2) Tom & Zach (gorgeous goofballs)

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3) Tom with other friends and co-stars

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Not My Alpha Or My Daddy

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Peter x Fem!Reader

Summery: Peter shows the Reader who’s in charge

Warnings: +18, Swearing, sex, dirty talk, Dom!Peter, oral, Sub!Reader, Omega!Reader

“Derek I’m staying for a few days!” You called out as you dumped your bag on the floor, heading to throw yourself over Derek’s couch.

“Well if it isn’t our favourite Omega, how can we help?” Peter drawled and you glared at him as you grabbed at your phone, wiggling around until you could pull it out of your pocket.

“Piss off Peter.” You hummed as you unlocked it and started to scroll through your apps.

“Well that’s just rude, you should know better than to argue with an Alpha.” He schooled and crouched next to you.

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anonymous asked:

lol never been a smoker huh? These days smokers get shamed and get unsolicited health advice ALL THE TIME. Your argument is bad.

Is this about my anti-fat shaming post?

Just for anyone reading, I was comparing how fat people are shamed for “unhealthy” choices and called disgusting and ugly, but people who make unhealthy choices such as smoking, drinking, tanning, etc. Aren’t shamed.

So I still stand by that. I actually was a smoker. I very recently quit (yay me) and I got people telling me “oh that’s unhealthy” but I never, EVER felt shamed to the extent that fat people are about their bodies. I’m a bit chubby and I’ve noticeably gained that weight. I’ve been criticized sooooo much more over my weight than my bad smoking habit. I rarely had people tell me smoking is unhealthy, and when they did they were always really nice. They genuinely wanted to help and said stuff like “oh hey I know this cool quit smoking app, you should try it!” Like GENUINE. Fat shaming is basically people calling you ugly and disgusting like no one ever called me ugly and disgusting for smoking.

Sebastian Aho #2

Requested by @brooke5bb: Hey! Could you write about Sebastian aho where you meet his teammates and wags maybe at a team skate or something? And make it super cute? Thank you!!

Warnings: Mention of wags who can be a bit mean

Word count: 1729

Author’s Note: So I tried my hardest to make this filled with cuteness. I enjoyed writing it a lot! I hope you like it! Also finding out who wags are on the Carolina Hurricanes was difficult because everyone is is private on their team lol. And lastly I google translated a little Finnish into here so my apologize if it is wrong lol! Enjoy thank you so much for your patience and please request a again :D

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In all honesty you should probably have been freezing. You were on ice for God’s sake but you couldn’t feel anything but warmth. Being with Sebastian Aho was the cause of the warmth throughout your body. The Carolina Hurricanes, Sebastian’s team, was having an open skate for the players’ friends and families at the PNC Arena. Sebastian asked you to come. You and Sepe had been going casual for a while, but this was the first time he really asked you to hang out with him involving his hockey life. It was also the first time you’d meet all his teammates and their families. Sure you were nervous but you were more than anything excited. This was the next step in your relationship with Sepe. It wasn’t just hanging around one of your apartments anymore. It was more. It means he saw more with you. You were enough to bring around. That was why you weren’t as nervous as you were excited.

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This week, we’re getting to know Libby! Here’s what you should know about the app:

Meet Libby, a new app built with love for readers to discover and enjoy eBooks and audiobooks from your library. Created by OverDrive and inspired by library users, Libby was designed to get people reading as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Libby is a one-tap reading app for your library who is a good friend always ready to go to the library with you. One-tap to borrow, one-tap to read, and one-tap to return to your library or bookshelf to begin your next great book.

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Every time I go to open this blog on my phone the App Store suggests Tinder. I just felt like you should know.

Oh, uh.. erm.. sorry, that’s my fault! It’s probably because I’ve already queued up my next chapter cover:

LOLOL JK BUT OMG I’M SCREAMING ❗❗❗ I can’t believe it does that, I’m laughing SOOOO hard, that’s ❓  adorable?!?!  LIKE.. I get it, app store, you want them to date!! Just wait ok!!! THE SLOW BURN IS REAL jk LOL 😂 truly amazing…

Hello! This is part of @studyquill ‘s 30 days of summer challenge. 

xiii. establish a morning routine

I am definitely an early riser, I wake up at 5:30 am on school days and at 6:30 am during summer/weekends. However, I wasn’t always like that, I am a former night owl, so here is some advice in order to become an early riser: 

  • Be aware of how it benefits you. Being an early riser has lots of pros! We all know sleeping is awesome but when you wake up early you will notice that you have so much time to do loads of things!
  • There is no need to be super productive. Waking up early doesn’t mean you have to start working inmediatly! Most of the time, I use my extra morning hours to read and blog and that way I don’t get distracted with those things throughout the rest of the day.
  • Also, no need to go to bed really early. Of course, I am not saying you should stay awake until 2am and wake up at 6am but also don’t go to bed at 7pm! No limit is good. Discover your sleep patterns (there are some good apps for that) and you will know exactly how much time you should sleep each night. There is no reason to sleep the same amount of time every single night, consider your mood and tiredness! 
  • Establish a morning routine and follow it. I have a morning routine which includes the amount of time I should take for each thing on my list. If I don’t wake up early, I know I won’t be able to follow my morning routine and my day will be a mess. 
  • Try not using an alarm. Sure, at the beginning it will be necessary but eventually your body will adjust to your schedule and you will wake up without the need of an alarm. It is better not to use one because your body will wake when it is ready and your sleep won’t be abruptly interrupted.
  • Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up. It sounds cliché, I know, but it is real!! It will make you actually enjoy mornings instead of hating them with passion. 
  • Don’t change your current routine abruptly. Everything I have said is a process. Your body will hate you if you change everything on one day! Do it continously and start out slowly. 
  • Weird extra tip: Get some light-coloured curtains if you have windows in your room! It will let sunlight in and, believe me, you will want to wake up. 

This week, we’re getting to know Libby! Here’s what you should know about the app:

Meet Libby, a new app built with love for readers to discover and enjoy eBooks and audiobooks from your library. Created by OverDrive and inspired by library users, Libby was designed to get people reading as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Libby is a one-tap reading app for your library who is a good friend always ready to go to the library with you. One-tap to borrow, one-tap to read, and one-tap to return to your library or bookshelf to begin your next great book.

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Hey just fyi your last few posts have the computer commands visible - the easiest way to get rid of them and still keep the original post format is to go on mobile and just delete them and the app should correct the format for you

Thank you for letting me know about this quick fix but I might try to hold off on deleting one of the posts until I have more information. Once again, thank you!

~mod Madi


As a thank you to all of my followers, I’ve decided to make icons again this year.

You’ll find 70 Christmas themed icons. Please like/reblog if you’re using and share the Christmas spirit and let me know what you think (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Feel free to request for an icon if you don’t like any of these (it can be any actor/actress) but also keep checking back b/c I will be adding more new icons when I find time.

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Request from anon: Can you write an imagine about Sammy dating a (normal) fan, because that’s what everyone wants, yet they don’t accept her for whatever reason?

Sammy’s POV

“Damn Sam, fans are going CRAZY about the girl they saw you with the other night.” J says, showing me tweets he has been tagged in. “I know, I’ve been reading what they have been tweeting me too.” “EVERYONE wants each of us to date a fan man. It’s hard though! Like it’s hard to do that. Like are they just liking me for my looks, for my fame, for the music, or actually for who we are?” Nate says. “So how was your date with that one girl you met at your concert?” He continues.

“It was nice. Took her out to dinner at a low-key restaurant but I guess not that low-key if we were caught. But it was a good time.” “Would you take her out on a date again?” “Yeah I actually am tomorrow.” “Ok Sam dating a fan now!” Nate high fives me. “Yeah, but keep it low-key guys. Don’t want the fans to go crazy. You know how they are.” “But she’s a fan… What makes you think she won’t be spreading things about you guys or something?” Nate asked. “You know how she’s into ME as a person rather than what I do? Her phone never touched her hand when I picked her up till I dropped her off, she actually got to KNOW me to find things in common with me, we talked very VERY minimal about award shows and appearances and people I know. Like, she’s a fan, but she’s a regular girl. She’s low-key my type of girl.” “My man!” Nate extends his arm in front of me, and we do a little bro shake.  

We stopped talking about it because we were all in the studio working on new music. I was just chillin, looking through my twitter feed and I came across this thread of girls talking about me dating a fan. Talking about how it would be cool if I was actually dating a fan. How cute it would be. How in love the fan would be with me if I was dating her. Then they started talking about the girl I was caught with the other night talking about how lucky she was, how no one knew who she was or how relevant she is in my life, or how pretty she looked and that we would make a cute couple. I smiled when I got a text from her.

Y/N: So, dinner tomorrow is still on right?

Me: Yeah, why wouldn’t it be?

Y/N: I saw that we were caught the other night. Didn’t know if you were still down to see me again after that. Fans went on a rampage trying to figure out who I was too. So, I just wanted to make sure.

Me: That was nothing. Your face was barely even shown. Don’t worry about it. Tomorrow for dinner, same time as last time. (: See you tomorrow

Y/N: Can’t wait

“Hey!” Y/N says, getting into my car. “Hey. So have you decided where we should eat?” “I know a couple maybe little restaurants that are really low-key.” “Y/N, I feel bad that I requested a small, low-key place for a date… It’s soooo, unromantic.” “Don’t even worry about it. You have every right to want to be in a secluded place. And the place doesn’t always make it romantic, it’s how things spark between the people.” She just smiles at me. We had dinner at a small diner and just had a great time. I dropped her off and went to the studio to meet up with the boys again. I walked in and the boys just looked at me, “Hey, how was dinner with Y/N?” “It was good. Talked more, got to know her better, good vibes.” “Have you been on twitter within the past half an hour?” “No why?” My phone rings and I get a text,

Y/N: Have you been on your twitter?

“Y/N just asked me if I have been on my twitter…” I just look at them. I open my twitter and and scroll and see pictures that were taken outside the restaurant from tonight. Superfame twitter headlined with the picture, “Secret gal in Sammy Wilk’s love life? We have proof.” I put my right hand on my head as I looked through the article reading about the “mysterious girl” I have been seen with. The pictures from tonight were a little blurry but you could tell it was me, but Y/N’s hand was on the side of her face, covering, or the menu was on her face, basically her face was majority covered. The one thing that caught my eye in the article was, “Do we have a fan dating Sammy Wilk on our hands?” I just rolled my eyes and I texted Y/N back,

Me: I did.

Y/N: I am so sorrry! I didn’t know people actually walk by that neighborhood! I really didn’t mean to cause all this attention toward you! I feel so bad, I feel like I just backstabbed you

Me: I know you didn’t mean it. It’s not your fault. It’s okay. It’s just an article.

Y/N: I know but I gave you my word that it was a secluded area… It’s okay if you want to chill out on the hang out for a while to calm down all this drama

Me: No I don’t want to do that. These things mean nothing to me. Don’t even trip, okay? Please.

“She just texted me that she feels bad about all this attention towards me because of her. And she’s willing to chill out on hanging out for a while till everything calms down.” “Damn, she a real one Sam. What are the fans saying?” J asked. “Some are freaking out because they think it’s fan. Some are excited that it might be a fan saying yaaasssss. Others are saying that we are just friends. All that type of shit.” “So what now? You guys going to relax on seeing each other for a while or tell the world you’re seeing someone? You’re going to have to say it now or the fandom will explode.” G says.

Me: Hey, I know I never asked this but, how would you feel about exposing us to the social media world?

Y/N: Expose us? I don’t know… I’m all in if you are I guess, but I’m not prepared for the things that come with it.

Me: Like what? The attention?

Y/N: The hate…

Me: What if I expose I am seeing someone, just not WHO?

Y/N: If you’re comfortable telling your fandom about this, I’m all for it, I guess.

I went back on my twitter app and tweeted, “Thought you guys should know, yes I am dating someone, and yes it is a fan. But who it is will remain low-key for now 😏” Twitter went WILD after that. The boys and I were laughing at all the things being said and went back to making some music.

After a month of secretly seeing Y/N, I finally thought it was time to introduce her to the boys. We met up at our secret place, “Boys this is Y/N, Y/N, you should already know who they are.” She nervously said hi and shook each of their hands. “So you’re the mystery girl!” She just laughs and starts to loosen up with us. J was on his phone, scrolling through twitter as usual till he spoke up, “Uh, guys?” He slid his phone to the middle of the table so we could see and it was a picture, of us, at the place we were at now.” Y/N hid her face in her sweater. We all walked out as fast as possible, and just went to the Jack’s place to hang out.

We hung out for a couple hours till Y/N said she felt tired and went home. I was scrolling through twitter when I came across a couple tweets. “Hey, have you guys read these tweets?” I asked the guys and they shook their heads no, waiting for me to say them out loud.

“One says ‘That girl that was with them looked so out of place. She does not belong there.’ Another says ‘Her body is NOT bangin. she should lose a couple if she wants to be with Sammy.’ Another was ‘Why in the world would you wear a raggedy outfit like that in public, with those boys? You would think Sam would be into a girl with a fashion sense, ew’ or ‘Can’t see her face but it looks like she would be ugly.’ or ‘She’s a fucking gold digger, she thinks she’s total queen hanging out with the boys, bitch please.’ They called her ugly and a bitch, and fat BUT THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW WHO SHE IS OR WHAT SHE ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE. THEY ARE HATING ON HER BEFORE EVEN KNOWING HER. BUT THEY WERE THE ONES THAT TOLD ME TO DATE A FAN IN THE FIRST PLACE. WHAT THE FUCK!” I started getting heated.

“You don’t think she read these yet, do you?” I asked them. “She was on her phone before she left, maybe that’s why she left….” I get up and open the front door, to see Y/N at the bottom of the steps, head between her legs, crying. I quickly went to comfort her, “They hate me already…” “They’re just jealous.” “I was called ugly, and fat before they even knew who I was.” “They’ll love you once they find out.” “They don’t even know who I am and they already bagging on me. It’s going to get worse if they do know who I am.” She cries on my shoulder. “Maybe this wasn’t a good idea. Trying to become something.” “No, no, it’ll calm down. I promise.” I try to reassure her. “I-I just can’t. I thought I could stick through it but I have a sensitive heart. Us being secretive was perfectly fine with me. I don’t know. I just-I think it’s better off if you were single Sam, I’m sorry.” She kisses my cheek, stands up and walks away.

The guys come out, “She doesn’t think us being a thing is a good idea anymore.” My voice cracks. I got up, pushed through them back into the house trying to ignore what just happened. Later that night I went on twitter and scrolled through my feed, I came across tweets from the guys before I tweeted,

JackjackJohnson: I would love to date a fan but if you’re going to talk about her like the way you guys did with Sam’s new girl, then I’m not too sure anymore. You guys don’t even know her and you are bagging on her.  

JackJackJohnson: She is a beautiful, kind, smart, genuine, down to earth girl. But none of you guys gave her a chance. And now Sam’s heartbroken because of that. Send some love to @ Sammywilk he needs it

SkateMaloley: The kid @ Sammywilk was just trying to find some lovin’ in his life, and y’all couldn’t even stand by him when he needed you guys to accept her. Thought we was family..

JackGilinsky: Thanks to you guys, she felt so hurt, she thought it would be a better idea to just cut ties with him. That he’d be better off single. Wow, guys, wow.

NashGrier: Never seen @ Sammywilk so heart broken, man. Who said love was easy to find?

HayesGrier: She was a dope girl. Sad to see her gone so soon. @ Sammywilk Love you man.

Tez: Spread some love y’all. @ Sammywilk we with you brotha. We know it hurts, but time will heal ya.

Me: Didn’t even get the chance to see if she was the right one though….

Me: Did I love her? Maybe.. Wish y’all loved her as much as I did.

Me: Tough finding love out here. Takes time, kids, takes time. Time will heal too. Love yourselves and one another. Peace and love to you all.

[social sandbox] How to be a mensch on social

Hello, everyone!

Kate here (the social media desk intern ’til Friday!). Mel is still brushing off the pixie dust from her visit to Disneyland and Wright is out of the office, so I’m playing in  writing the social sandbox once again!

1. Every media company is underestimating its Facebook traffic. But how much? We already know that Facebook drives a ton of traffic for news websites (including NPR), but some of that traffic is obscured by “dark social,” or traffic that’s tough to track. Alexis Madrigal of Fusion shows how a good chunk of dark social is actually Facebook mobile app visitors. Madrigal writes,  “If you didn’t know before, it should be even more clear now: Facebook owns web media distribution.” 

2. Can audio go viral? This heart-wrenching audio clip from WNYC seems to indicate yes. The Two-Way’s Eyder Peralta wrote an accompanying piece, “The Sentiment In New York Captured In A 25-Second Audio Clip” and it was a top-perfomer on our site. Eyder writes, “It’s all about the framing.” Also: 90% of the story views come from social media… mostly from (guess who?) Facebook.

3. The Art of Aggressive Social Sharing. No, you don’t have to be aggressive to be popular on social media. In fact, a good overall strategy is to be generous and credit other people’s work. This Harvard Business review article offers some great advice on how to give someone a “hat tip,” defy SEO witchcraft and be a mensch on social platforms.

4. How to be a thoughtful (and generous!) storyteller on Twitter during breaking news. When the Eric Garner decision news broke, Visuals Supervising Editor Kainaz Amaria was looking for a way to share the powerful images she was seeing through the wires and our reporting. So she logged on to Twitter and started sharing our stories using images and crediting the sources. Kainaz writes, “When bold statements were picked they were always quotes. I kept my eye on the coverage and the last tweet was a quote from Hansi’s fantastic reportingI read his tweet, looked for an image on the wires of Esaw Garner and shared that moment in story.

5. Pinterest is a great platform for promoting end-of-year lists. NPR’s Book Concierge returned to the interwebz last week. I created a new board for the project on Pinterest and repinned the book covers (easy peasy since there’s a Pinterest share button with every book review!) The result? It’s the most popular board on our Pinterest account this month, with double the average clicks and views. Next step: pinning last year’s Book Concierge.

7. You can now use Facebook’s graph search to look for specific posts, not just people. You just have to search for key words. For example, if you were friends with me, you could search “Kate Tiny Desk.” My post about NPR Music's #tinydeskcontest will pop up. Don’t worry, you can only see posts from people within your network (at least for now!) H/t PRI’s Tory Starr


- Kate