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Hey, that outline question you answered with a picture of a spreadsheet-type thing - is that a specific app or website?

I use Google Spreadsheets! All you need is a google account and you’re good to go. 

I have a timeline template if you want to use it, too!

You can access my timeline template here!

Remember to copy it to your own drive so you don’t edit the template directly!

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Hi! I love your art and use Procreate to draw as well! I'm not to good at using it tho lol. There's so much stuff to use! I was wondering what brush you use to do he shading for skin, and if you had any other tips for someone struggling with this app? Thanks so much!


Hey! I’m not sure I can explain everything, but you can find the brushes I use and some other tips in my ask tag! (just search up ask in my blog) 

Here’s a list of things I learned about this app, hope it helps! (I USE THE OLDER VERSION SO IF YOURE USING THE NEW ONE SOME STUFF MIGHT BE DIFFERENT)

1. Get a stylus. It makes thing easier at the beginning. A cheap one from dollarama should be fine. If you have the newer iPad then get the Apple Pencil and save. Your. Life.

2. The blend tool is really helpful for making nice paint like affects (just don’t blend your lineart. embarrassingly enough that was a mistake I made consistently before)

3. Flip your canvas during different stages of your drawing! You’ll see all your mistakes and can fix them (BEFORE ITS TOO LATE)

4. Alpha locking the layers! (That’s when you slide a layer from the drop down layer menu to the right and the corners get lined with white ) this helps when you’ve drawn/ coloured a certain area cleanly and don’t want to “colour outside the lines”

5. Procreate doesn’t give you shapes or straight lines. To do that, fill a layer with the color of the shape you want, then transform it (the lil arrow tool) to make it into a straight line or a rectangle.

6. Expirement with the layer modes! They have some very helpful and neat affects.

Good luck!

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