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So this is my first post that isn’t a stupid text post or overly bright photo of my stationary, so I hope you’ll like it! It will consist of two parts, one for the ios apps and one for google chrome extensions. Feel free to send me recommendations!

bolded = favourite, cursive = apps I use every day

Note taking and co

  • Pocket - very useful app to save websites, articles, posts etc and read them offline.           
  • Keynote, Pages, Numbers - basics if you have an apple device. I actually like keynote better than powerpoint c:
  • Notability - Very popular app and it really is worth its money. Great for note taking, especially in class!
  • Evernote - On my phone for over 4 years now. The group feature is so great and I use it for preparing posts
  • Werdsmith - very clean and minimalistic app for writing, I use it mainly for creative writing.
  • Microsoft One Note - Simple app for note taking and making online notebooks.


  • Leo - a great dictionary in 8 languages. If you log in you can save problem words and make vocabulary lists.
  • Memrise - My favourite app to learn languages for free. I’m learning Japanese with it!                                                              
  • Duolingo learning languages for free is always fun and duolingo is so easy to use, it’s even more fun! I use it to practice my Spanish.


  • Forest - Who doesn’t know and love forest yet? It’s such a cute application and I use it when I have a long study day/night ahead.
  • Brainscape - My to go app for flashcards. It has a giant library and it’s easy to make your own. Honestly, I’ve been using it for 3 years now and I still love it.
  • Mindly - A very beautiful app to make mind maps. I use it for story ideas and school work.
  • MindNode - also an easy way to make mind maps.
  • Uberchord - learn how to play the guitar for free c: 
  • TheSimpleClub - videos, and tutorials of all important school subjects, mainly in German, I think
  • Notenapp - keep track of your grades - German 
  • Khan Academy - like the simple club but with a broader spectrum and in English.
  • Tide - promodoro app with nice background sounds & inspirational quotes 
  • Swifty - learn how to code in a very fun and simple way! 
  • Flow timer - another great promodoro timer (they are everywhere). I like the minimalistic look and nice colours.

Inspiration & Motivation

  • Vantage - Simple but beautiful designed calendar
  • Calm - Helps me calm down with breathing exercises backgrounds and sounds.
  • Elevate - games and exercises that help to keep your mind fit 
  • Pacifica - an app that helps with anxiety and mental disorders with a very kind community
  • TED Inspiring, interesting and motivating videos on a wide variety of topics.


  • Textgrabber & Scanner Pro -  Essentials. Scans photos and grabs texts of pdf and other documents and converts them into word/text documents.
  • Sleeptown - From the makers of forest a very cute app that helps you keep a healthy sleep schedule. I try to use it but I forget it often, sadly. 
  • Tydlig - not free but honestly the best calculator you can have on your phone! Beautiful and simple it makes math so much more fun!
  • Spark - organizes your emails (even from multiple accounts) and notifies you if something important comes in. Very neat design.
  • Moon - cute app that shows the phases of the moon depending on the date.
  • Plant Nanny - keep track of your water intake by watering cute plants (they have something similar for walking and keeping track of expenses!)

I’m on a V roll and nothing is gonna stop me now

Except maybe sleep. Sleep will stop me. I’m probably sleeping at this very moment hahah

Compared to the other smols™, this rather big but soft smol™ has grown up quickly, easily becoming the best sunshine smol™. Protect him, if you can.


Sansa Stark + Taking Control of People and Situations

It was clever. The tourney, the prizes, the winged knights, it had all been her own notion. Lord Robert’s mother had filled him full of fears, but he always took courage from the tales she read him of Ser Artys Arryn, the Winged Knight of legend. And no sooner did she tell Petyr her idea than he went out and made it happen.

anonymous asked:

Who would propose first harry or draco. And how would they do it? Also who would go with them to help pick out a ring. For harry I think it be ron, and for draco it be pansy

Proposals in fics are some of my absolute favorite things ever, and something we actually see very little of (I’m not sure why that is).

I can actually totally see both, depending on the situation.  But one of my very favorite things is when they’re both planning on proposing not realizing the other one is too.  Just imagine ….

  • They’ve been together for a few years now, already living together and both claiming that their lives are perfect as is thank you very much
  • When their friends tease them over their weekly get togethers Harry  always says “We’re already family I don’t need a ring to prove it.”
  • And when Pansy says “Draco, darling aren’t you going to ever make it official?  The prophet has been  betting on your engagement since you first went public at the ministry ball last fall.”
  • Draco just rolls his eyes.  “I’ve had enough of doing whats expected of me.  We’re fine.  We don’t need to get married.”
  • Except in the dead of night Draco can’t help but roll over and watch Harry breathe softly, his hair splayed across the pillow and his body curled trustingly towards Draco as he wonders what it might feel like to call him his husband
  • Likewise despite his protests that he doesn’t want anything to change, Harry can’t help peeking at Draco over the daily prophet in the morning, watching Draco meticulously spoon exactly 3 spoons of sugar into his tea as he puts far too much jam on his crumpet.  Something clenches tightly in his chest as he realizes without a shred of doubt that Draco is his forever.  He wants suddenly to make sure Draco knows this too.
  • That weekend Harry drags Ron to about a million jewelers in Diagon alley, pointedly ignoring Ron’s smug face as he whispers “I knew you’d be the one to propose, mate.”
  • And Harry has no idea that Draco has dragged Pansy to France (so no one sees him of course), and spends the entire weekend picking out the absolute perfect ring.  
  • Harry carries the ring around in his robe pocket for weeks.  He fingers the small box in meetings and over dinner.  It isn’t that he’s having second thoughts about the commitment, he just wonders if its what Draco wants too.
  • Meanwhile Draco keeps the box hidden with a notice-me-not charm in the back of the kitchen cupboard behind the lemon biscuits he knows Harry can’t stand.  He thinks about it daily but doesn’t disturb the ring because he is too busy plotting the perfect evening to make the proposal absolutely perfect.  
  • The night of their anniversary Harry apparates into the kitchen late.  It’s an absolute disaster with pots and pans everywhere and the floor covered in flour.  Harry can’t help but smile at the smell of burnt treacle tart.  His stomach flip flops at the sheer effort Draco has gone to and without letting himself second guess any longer he pulls the box out of his pocket and practically charges into the living room.
  • But Draco is already there, waiting by the fireplace dressed in Harry’s favorite pair of well fitted trousers and a white buttoned up shirt rolled up to his elbows.  Draco is smiling, his hands held out and there is a small box in his hands.
  • “FUCK ME,” Harry all but shouts, then starts to laugh.
  • Draco bristles, his face falling and his heart starting to break with disappointment as he realizes hes made a mistake.  This isn’t at all how he’d meant it to go.
  • But then Harry is grabbing his face and kissing him desperately and Draco realizes the laughter is still there, but it sounds delirious and happy not spiteful.  Then Harry is holding up a small green box and smiling.
  • “I guess we had the same idea,” he says with a whisper.
  • Draco just looks down, eyes darting back and forth between both of their hands each of them holding out a small engagement ring and he isnt sure if he wants to laugh or cry.
  • “Fuck you, Potter.”
  • Harry smiles, wrapping his arms around Draco’s neck and pressing their foreheads together.  “That’s Malfoy-Potter to you.”