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Tyler Seguin 1.0

Plot: You and Tyler Seguin have been friends since you were in middle school, but when he was signed with the Bruins, your friendship slipped away until you were playing phone tag trying to catch up. Things only worsened when your family decided that a change in scenery was needed, and shipped the lot of you off to sunny California, effectively causing you to lose contact with the Seguin family all together. Fast forward seven years.

Warnings: Mentions of alcohol and recreational drug use.

This is my first imagine so let me know what you think, if I should continue, if I should stop and never write again, etc. Gonna be a two-shot if I continue.

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‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Spring Premiere: Guess Who’s Auditing the Precinct? (Exclusive Video)

Much like the actual cast, the cops of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” do an excellent job. Perhaps a little too good.

Detective Jake Peralta’s (Andy Samberg) rag-tag crew is so proficient, as a matter of fact, that the crime rate in their borough is down significantly, Captain Holt (Andre Braugher) tells the team in Tuesday’s spring premiere. That earns a well-deserved round of applause from the room — but it’s not all positive.

With fewer criminal activities, the borough of Brooklyn will be shuttering down one of its precincts for good, Holt warns. His Nine-Nine feels pretty good about its chances of survival — that is, until the official auditor turns out to be Amy’s (Melissa Fumero’s) ex-boyfriend, Teddy (guest star Kyle Bornheimer). Let’s just say they had a rough breakup. And let’s just also say that it was pretty much Jake’s fault.

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Watch the sneak peek video above, which is exclusive to TheWrap.

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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Christmas Cheer

Originally posted by mapleloafs

So this is my Holiday special Ive been working on! 25 different hockey players and 25 different stories, so why not start on the first one whom I love practically the most.


“Harper! Come out of the back you have a customer” Yelled Brooklyn, one of Harpers coworkers. Harper soon sighed and pulled out her headphones to listen to what her coworker was saying properly.

“What? Brooklyn I cannot hear you” Harper said as she waited to hear what her coworker said. Soon she gave up and sighed before going out to the work floor, seeing a line of customers waiting for her.

Harper just looked over at Brooklyn angrily at her coworker who just winked at her as she got on the next register. “Hello I can take whoever is next” Harper said putting on a fake customer service voice and getting to helping customers.

Soon two blonde girls walked up to the register, Harper noticing that they were impeccably dressed. “Hi guys welcome to Club Monaco” Harper said to the blonde girls who greeted her back.

Soon one of them gasped, causing Harper to look up in confusion before looking up from bagging their clothes. “You have the new Lady Genovese bracelet on” The shorter blonde girl said while looking at the bracelet.

Harper soon smiling and nodding her head, it was an early Christmas gift from her father. Her father describing it as beautiful as it was pretentious. Harper soon laughing and saying that was perfect for her customers and her to bond over.

“How’d you get it?” The girl asked again as she put her hand out for Harper to show the bracelet. “Steph shush that’s so weird” The taller blonde girl said to the shorter one who’s name she soon learned was Steph.

“Listen Sydney I had to be put on a waiting list for one of these, I need to see it” Steph said before Harper smiled and let Steph inspect her wrist.

“To answer your question, my father is a fashion buyer so he knows Genovese” Harper admitted to the girls. “That’s pretty cool” Sydney said to Harper as she smiled at her.

Harper soon finished up everything for them and told them to have a nice day. The two girls soon got their bags and said that they would see her around.

“Whoa I for sure didn’t expect them to be that nice” Brooklyn said to Harper once they were gone. “It could’ve just been because of my bracelet, this thing gives me clout I guess” Harper said to Brooklyn with a smile.

“Please never say clout ever again Harper” Brooklyn said sighing at her friend before Harper laughed.


“I’m so tired Jesus I’m so glad the Leafs game is tonight so a lot of people don’t come in” Brooklyn said to Harper as they closed the store and locked it up.

After the locked up, they both met up with their friend Aaliyah who had coffee for the two of them. “I’m so happy you work at Starbucks Aaliyah, what would we ever do without you?” Harper asked her friend before taking a sip of her coffee.

“You guys wouldn’t be doing too well” Aaliyah joked as the group started walking out of the mall they all worked in. Due to them all being roommates and working in the same mall, meant they all left together.

“The leafs just won tonight” Aaliyah mentioned when her phone buzzed with a tone specifically meant for her various apps for sports. “And?” Harper said to Aaliyah and Brooklyn as they rolled their eyes at her.

“You live in a hockey city and it’s said you don’t care about hockey. Even then you should like hockey for the snacks that are Auston Matthews and Freddie Andersen” Brooklyn said to Harper who just laughed at her friends.

“Please she wouldn’t care about any sport at all” Aaliyah added in as they made their way into the frigid night air. The three of them pull their coats and scarves a little tighter as the wind passed by them.

“I think my ass my freeze off” Brooklyn said to the group as she pulled her coat even tighter in. “Something can’t fall off if it’s not there” Aaliyah joked as she laughed and unlocked her car for them to all get in.

“We have to wait since the Leafs game just ended and the traffic is about to be terrible” Brooklyn said as they all got in and Aaliyah started the car. “But I’m starving you guys” Harper complained on cue since her stomach started to grumble.

“Jesus we just ate four hours ago Harper” Brooklyn said to Harper who just rolled her eyes. “Listen Linda” Harper stared to say as Brooklyn laughed before saying a “not this again” under her breath. “Linda, Linda, Linda, Listen Linda I’m hungry” Harper finished smiling at her accomplishment.

“Will you stop quoting vines into everyday conversations, it’s pretty weird” Aaliyah complained. “Never” Harper smiled before they were off since Harper convinced the other two of food by saying the words “on me”.

They went through traffic to get a quiet food place in downtown. “We are really some whole dumbasses, we went through downtown Toronto after a freaking Leafs game because Harper is hungry” Brooklyn told Aaliyah. The two ignoring their friend in the back.

“Listen this food will be bomb as hell and you guys will be happy” Harper tried convincing them as they got out of the car, and into the elevator to take them to the sidewalk.

“Okay I-“ Harper started to say as she took off her scarf to readjust it but it soon flew off. “No my scarf that’s literally a gift from a fashion designer I have to get that back” Harper said. Soon handing her friends her card as she ran after her scarf.

Harper ran and ran as she followed her scarf through throngs of people mainly wearing Toronto Maple Leafs jerseys on. Soon enough it landed high up in a tree, sighing as she started to take off her ankle booties to climb the tree.

“Whoa what are you doing” Harper heard a voice say when Harper got her second shoe off and was about to climb the tree. Harper soon turned around to see the two girls from earlier and four guys with them.

“Oh my god you were that girl with the Lady Genovese bracelet, what are you doing?” Steph asked Harper as she started to put back on her shoes. “I lost my scarf on this tree and it was a present from my dad so I decided to get it at any means necessary” Harper admitted to the group.

“Well here let us help you so people don’t film it on Snapchat and start calling you like a crazy tree lady or something” Steph said and tapped a red headed guy in the group. “Let her on your shoulders Freddie” Steph said to the red head who just looked at her crazy.

“Why me?” Freddie asked as he looked down at Steph. “Because you’re the tallest here?” Steph fired back, the two of them looking at each other before a brunette answered with an “I’ll do it” and going up to Harper to help her up.

“Whoa” was all Harper said as she steadied herself on the guys shoulders. Soon Harper plucked the scarf from the tree and was set down on the ground. “Thank you so much-“ Harper stopped and paused to hear his name while holding out her hand for him to shake.

It soon never coming as she waited to hear it before he realized she actually didn’t know his name. “Oh I’m Auston” Auston said he answered as he shook her hand. “It means a lot” Harper said as she let go of his hand and turned to the group.

“Well thank you guys I kind of have to go back to my friends but thank you for saving me from a future viral video” Harper sincerely thanked them and walked away. “Hey!” Yelled out what she could tell now is Auston’s voice, which made Harper turn back around.

“We’re going to go to get something to eat where are you and your friends going to, we need ideas” Auston said while the group agreed with him. Harper looked at them confused before she turned to face them.

“So just around the corner there’s this really cool hole in the wall kind of place called Burger Burger, weird name I know, but no one really goes in there” Harper admitted. Hearing it out loud she kind of felt like a loser, but truly just being around a lot of people wasn’t what she was up for.

“Can we join you?” Steph asked Harper who just smiled and nodded her head yes. Soon texting her friends to expand the table to extras.

“So okay you Sydney and I, and now Auston but this is Mitch. My boyfriend, and then there’s Freddie and Matt who is Sydney’s boyfriend” Steph said and pointed to each person. Harper getting to know tidbits about each of them before they reached Burger Burger.

The group entered the restaurant, Brooklyn and Aaliyah gasping when they saw the group and Harper with them. “Here are my friends Aaliyah and Brooklyn” Harper stated as she gestured to her friends.

The two other girls that were now slightly star struck, they both waved as everyone sat down. “So I’m guessing you guys are fans?” Auston asked the two girls.

“How’d you know?” Brooklyn asked Auston as he just smirked. “Just a guess but why aren’t you a hockey fan?” Auston asked Harper and turned his seat since he was right next to her.

“Too much hype in this city for hockey, I like underrated things” Harper confessed as she took a sip of water. “You’ll hate Auston then” Mitch joked before Steph lightly slapped his arm, followed by a shut up.

Soon after some awkward silences, the group ate and got into comfortable conversations with each other. Each one of them telling stories about each other and slowly becoming friends.

Soon the group finished dinner and paid for their food where everyone got to walk together outside. Brooklyn and Freddie getting into a conversation and the rest of the group, excluding Harper and Auston who were talking in the back by themselves.

“So I have to ask, what’s looking at a hockey city through the eyes of a non hockey fan like?” Auston questioned the girl walking beside him. “Ummm it’s kind of nice when you guys aren’t here and it’s summertime. Traffic isn’t nearly as bad” Harper admitted through laughter.

“Ouch but also I get it. So what do you do? Steph mentioned retail” Auston inquired again, almost as if he was giving an interview. “I work at Club Monaco because my dad won’t offer me a job until I at least have five years of retail experience” Harper said while looking at a charm bracelet.

“And what about your mom, what does she want?” Auston asked Harper seeing her since slightly. “I wouldn’t know, she left us when I was three” Harper admitted to Auston who’s face dropped.

“I’m sorry for asking” Auston apologized trying to read Harper. Harper smiled at Auston before twisting around a charm on her second bracelet.

“Don’t be, if that didn’t happen my dad would have never have met his current fiancé. They love each other a lot” Harper said with a smile on her face as she thought of her dad’s happiness.

“So fate kind of worked it’s way into his life” Auston said outloud and looked at Harper. “Yeah- wait where did our friends go? Did we turn down the wrong street?” Harper questioned as she looked down the street with an absence of their friends.

“I brought my car so it’s fine I’ll take you home just text your friends” Auston offered as the two of them stood in front of the elevator to the parking garage.

“Okay” Harper agreed as she texted her friends that Auston was dropping her off. Soon the two of them got into the car where Auston blasted the heat immediately. “That feels nice thank you” Harper said to Auston while putting her now numb fingers in front of the heat.

“You know I feel pretty normal with you” Auston confessed as Harper looked at him sideways. “Ummm thanks I guess?” Harper said to Auston who just laughed.

“No Listen we’ve been talking all night and you have this really good effect on me” Auston confessions continued before they passed a park. “Stop here” Harper said to Auston who stopped and parked in the parking lot of the deserted park.

“Let’s go out and have some fun” said Harper before bouncing out of Austons car with Auston following her. The two of them laughing with the sounds of laughter echoing in the night.


“Harper what the hell?” Brooklyn yelled as she came into Harpers room. “Yes Brooklyn please disturb me and let me not get five minutes of sleep” Harper retorted before trying to fall back asleep again.

“Oh no you don’t” Brooklyn said to Harper while shaking her. Thrusting her phone into Harpers face to let her see the bold letters on the screen.


Harper soon read through and realized this was not the article she wanted to see. It made it even worse when the media asked Auston just the right question to embarrass her. The question being, “what is she to you?” And Auston replying a “nothing”. It broke her.

Harper was broken but she wanted answers, they had just met last night but they revealed so much to each other under the stars at night. It was hard to be ‘nothing’ when that person knows everything.

Which is why Harper headed over to Austons apartment since she got it from him last night. To try and confront him when a blonde man opened the door.

“Auston?” The blonde asked Harper who nodded her heads and went past him to go to Auston’s room or at least she hoped it was. She just went in for dramatic effect but he confidence wavered with each step she took.

“Andreas have you seen my- Harper” Auston said as he looked at her. “ yeah Auston so I’m nothing” Harper accused Auston with just her tone,body language not helping the situation either.

“Listen you don’t understand, the media here are relentless, you don’t need to get involved in that mess” Auston told Harper while pushing his hair back.

“Whatever just don’t talk to me again” Harper said before leaving the apartment and leaving Auston a mess.


Monty + Monster Vers.

First up is my boy ^^

Available for/to…

  • RolePlay - TBA
  • Questions - YES
  • Multi-universe - TBA
  • Shipping - NO


Name Monty

Age 22

Sex Male

S.O. Straight

Height - 6′ Weight - ??

Species Stick person/figure or Cyclops monster

Abilities/Powers or Skills No powers but he has incredible strength and endurance

Personality Monty is very direct/blunt about almost everything (except his feelings, he’s not great at expressing himself). He tends to have a scowl on his face seemingly 24/7 and is /rarely/ seen smiling. It’s not that he’s incapable it’s just that he doesn’t get excited all that easily. Monty tends to get in fights but not because he starts them, most people start fights with him because they don’t like his face (according to him). Other than those things, he is pretty laid back and while not the most sociable person, doesn’t mind nor turn down the invitation to a hang out. Strangely, he claims he is attracted to girls who can, or are able, to kick his a$$, but he also claims to also like small cute bookish girls (not as much as the former though). 

Likes There isn’t much that Monty likes that’s atypical but he does like: turtles, cats, dogs, bunnies, music, playing phone game apps, video games, watching sports, working out, and watching anime (yes he’s a closet weeb), and his mum (they are very close)

Dislikes Again not much in the realm of abnormal but he does not like: heights, the dark/darkness, people who chew with their mouth open, messy rooms (he likes things neat), cooking (he’s just bad at it), smoking (he does it but he hates it and is trying to quit), milk chocolate or crowds (like malls)

- This all applies to his monster version as well 

There we go : )

I’m trying to design some Appmon, which is actually more difficult than designing straight up Digimon because a lot of apps have been taken already… so you have to go a bit outside the box.

Skimon, at the top, is a Cameramon variant based on the Epic ski app that my family used in Breckenridge to calculate our ski stats for the day. I classified him as Social because the app was really about sharing your photos and ski data with other people. He’s blue like Cameramon’s sprite in Cyber Arena.

Sportamon has design influences from Hackmon, Dokamon and regular Digimon Extyrannomon. He’s an Entertainment type app for streaming sports videos, like an ESPN app. I wanted him to look like a sport’s team mascot - and also like Digimon’s mascot, Agumon (wink wink) - so he’s got a big mascot head and foam finger hands. I chose a basketball shoes because the NCAA tournament final game is tonight and it was on my mind.

I’m trying to think of more Appmon to make, so if I make more I’ll post them here.