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He had exclusive access to the vault in question, which is kept shut by the best vault door money can buy in combination with what is known as a retina scan. A retina scan—”
“We know what a retina scan is,” Ascher said impatiently.

Nicodemus Archleone and Hannah Ascher (Skin Game by Jim Butcher)

I feel like the only way Nicodemus would feel the need to explain what a retina scan is, is if he genuinely thinks that it’s rare knowledge. I mean, I just love the idea that Nicodemus is this 2,000 year-old guy who just does not understand modern technology. Like, at all. He doesn’t even have the excuse of being a wizard; he just grew up in a time when Literacy was newfangled, and now he’s here and he’s just completely baffled by what the world has become.

I’m just picturing Nicodemus using a smartphone as if he thinks it’ll explode if he presses the wrong thing, but trying to act like he knows exactly what he’s doing and doesn’t need any help at all, thank you very much.

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Hi! I've got an idea for Boston so people can show support for LGBTQIA without having to bring signs if they don't want to. basically if everyone downloads a free app like ColorLight or Droid Light, which lets you light your phone screen with one of the rainbow colour and follow this seat charts to know which colour to use it's going to make a stadium-wide flag. i1229*photobucket*com/albums/ee467/froggybangbang/stadium*png (1/2)

(2/2) this way if people are scared of being the only one who does it at least they won’t have to have spent money on paper/have to have brought something with them. I’m going to share this with other big blogs in the hopes it gets seen a lot before the show, but I’d appreciate it if you’d share this? Thanks!

this is really cool!!!! thanks babe!! hope everyone gets involved :)))


Star Wars BB-8 App-Enabled Droid

  • Authentic Movement: Guide your BB-8 with a smartphone or tablet
  • Listens & Responds: BB-8 recognizes and reacts to your voice
  • Holographic Messaging: Record and view virtual holographic videos with BB-8
  • Autonomous Behavior: BB-8 has a mind of its own - explore the Star Wars galaxy together
  • Adaptive Personality: Your BB-8’s unique attitude and actions evolve as you interact

Available via Amazon - $179.99 USD


It’s Here!: BB-8 App-Enabled Droid by Sphero

Over the years, the magic of Star Wars has always lived on screen and in our imaginations. Thanks to our advancements in technology, we’ve made it possible to bring a new part of Star Wars: The Force Awakens into your home. Meet BB-8 - the app-enabled Droid that’s as authentic as it is advanced.

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Hi Sydney!

So I’ve got an idea for Boston so people can show support and acceptable for free to create a stadium-wide flag. If people download an app like ColorLight or Droid Light, which lets them light their phone screen in a chosen rainbow colour and follow this seat chart up there then they only have to show their screen at the beginning of a song.

This way you don’t need to worry about being the only one who will do it and all you have to do is show your screen at the beginning of a song!