UNICEF Tap Project

I saw your post about an app that helps you focus. With this project, for every 15min you stay off your phone, you donate a days worth of water. Don’t you think that’s a great motivator? :)

“The UNICEF Tap Project challenges you to put down your phone and help save children’s lives. This year’s initiative provided clean, safe water for children around the world by encouraging you to stop texting, calling, emailing, tweeting and posting – and challenge your friends to do the same. Millions of children around the globe do not have safe, clean water to drink, and the lack of this basic necessity is not merely inconvenient — it can be lethal. Time donations are now inactive, but you can still go without your phone and donate to support the UNICEF Tap Project.”

10 apps to get focused (especially if you have ADHD)

Hello everyone!

Because of my ADHD, I need help to get focusE, to remember things, to stay on task, etc. And I love apps. So, here we are: a list of different apps that can help you survive as a student, but also at work.

  1. FOCUS BOOSTER: You can download IT as an app (Android and iOS) or use it from the browser. It is a perfect solution to get focused and see charts about your productivity. You’ll have 25 minutes sessions, where you choose the client (aka: project, study, reading, or what you want). Work hard for 25 minutes and after that you’ll have a break. It’s based on the Pomodoro Technique. Focus Booster
  2. FOREST APP: the concept is similar to the Pomodoro Technique: you set a timer, plant a seed and start working. The app (Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Chrome) will block the websites that you choose as “distractions” (like facebook, twitter, news, etc). If you work, the seed will grown into a plant. If you open one of those websites, the plant will die. And you’ll be sad. Just don’t. Forest App
  3. RESCUE TIME: it works in the background and checks how productive you are on your computer. It is great because you can really see where all the time ends up when you sit in front of your computer at 2pm and 9pm arrives without you realising it. Two versions: one free forever, and one premium. I use the free version of it, and it is enough for me. Rescue Time
  4. FOCUS@WILL: a good app to have music scientifically tested to help you concentrate. Great app for those who need music to cut out distractions. Keeps track of your productivity. It is not free, but you can try it for 15 days for free without a credit card. Focus@will
  5. EVERNOTE: Ok, this is the king of the apps when it comes to organise: you can have all of your notes, lists, tasks synced with all of your devices and PC/Mac. Great to take notes during lessons and share with friends to revise or ask questions. Evernote
  6. SKITCH: it is a great app for ADHDers who need to read/study on a computer. It helps to take out all the distrction on a webpage, to achieve a better readability. You can also take notes and underline important parts directly on the webpage, to save for later on your Evernote account for example (or wherever you need). Skitch
  7. SELFCONTROL: if you have a Mac and you get easily distracted with social networks or other websites, this app is what you need to block out the distractions and achieve your goal (and your grades). Self control
  8. TRELLO: if you have project at work or a subject at uni, you can use this app to keep track of the tasks you need to start/finish/revise with different priorities and deadlines that you can choose. Perfect also to share with friends/colleagues, to work on the same project, as you can decide who needs to to what. Trello
  9. 12HOURS: a clock and a planner. Perfect to see a visual version of your daily calendar. You can synchronise it with different calendars from different accounts. 12hours
  10. GOOGLE DRIVE: last but not least, Drive can save you time. Instead of wasting time looking for those files that you saved during the lesson (God knows where), you have all of your work in one single place. Accessible and syncronised from all you devices (mobiles, tablets and Mac/Windows computers), backed up (so, you’ll never lose anything), and FREE. Win. Epic win. Google Drive

hello! 😊 here are a few apps that i currently use to my life easier and more organized in (and out of) school! 

1. Pocket Schedule (free) // a simple and visually appealing app for keeping track of your courses and their time, location, teacher/professor, and exams/assignments. you can display everything in list or calendar mode and it can keep you alert of upcoming classes/due dates - so helpful!

2. Sleep Cycle / Power Nap ($1 each) // these apps track your sleep movements in order to wake you up when you’re in a light sleep and therefore you won’t end up groggy and disoriented in the morning or from naps! lifesaver when you can only sleep a few hours, need to take a power nap, or just want to start the day off feeling rested and in a good mood!

3. Microsoft Onenote (free) // i could never take lecture notes on my laptop until I started using Onenote, it allows the most flexibility of any note taking app i’ve tried (ie. making new text boxes anywhere on the screen, inserting pictures/diagrams and annotating on them, recording audio, and many more). love to use this in lectures where there’s tons of information being thrown at me very quickly. 

4. Pushbullet (free) // this app lets you “push” anything (text, photos, files) between your devices so you never have to email yourself again. might not seem like a big deal but i can’t live without this one since I started using it.

5. Litz (free) //a speed-reading app that lets you import any ebook; i know some people are on the fence about speed-reading but i have finished so many novels by using this app when i have extra time waiting for class to start, taking the bus to school, etc. and this app lets me fully delve into the reading without getting distracted (because i literally can’t look away!)

6. Shoebox (free) // an app that lets you back up your photos on the cloud; because photos take up a ton of space on my phone, i use this app to store all my photos so I can delete them from my storage. extremely reliable and so handy to have all my photos on every device too.

7. YouFood (free) // not exactly school-related, but for anyone into food journaling, this app is amazing! i use this to track all of my meals and also get food ideas from others! if anyone tries this one out, my username is mintsprout!

My apps for running :)


Allright, I am not really using all of these on a daily basis, so I will merely mention the ones that I actually use currently :) 


1. I start my workout playlist on Spotify. SUPER IMPORTANT.

Ah yeah :) 

2. I start Zombies, Run! This will pause the music, but let it continue as soon as the briefing is done. This means that if my phone is in my arm pocket by then, I won’t have to pick it up to start my music. 

3. I start my 5 minute warm-up on Running for Weight Loss. I start walking while getting all the other apps up and running, and while listening to the briefing by Sam Yao in ZR! :) 

4. I start MapMyRun and Nike+ - pretty much in that order, since I want Nike+ to show as much of my running and as little of the silly walking as possible ;) 

5. Run, ruuuun!

Running for Weight Loss will stop by itself after the program has finished, so I never have to worry about shutting that one off. I usually end my Nike+ run as soon as the cooldown is finished, but I let MapMyRun run until I get back to my outer door, and then I turn it off along with ZR!. I am still interested in how many calories I burn even when walking, and since I don’t use MMR as any kind of indicator of progress (like I do with Nike+ and Running for Weight Loss) I have nothing to lose by keeping it up and running while I walk back home :) 

Allright then. That’s the “what apps does Zombie use while running??” masterpost. If you have any questions regarding any of this, let me know! I can update either of the posts with relevant information that I may have missed, so don’t be shy if you think that something seems unclear or if I am making you confused :)

Good luck! :D

anonymous asked:

Hey, I've been looking at your posts and I noticed that there are pictures with laptops with some kind of digital clock and I was wondering what kind of app they use for it. i need those kinds of stuff so bad so i would focus on the time. thanks in advance

Hello. You could be talking about fliqlo or Momentum, depending on the images that you’ve seen.

EDIT: One of the links was wrong, but it’s been corrected.

These are the apps that I use to study:
-My Notebook:
I use this to write down my notes from my textbooks.
This app has saved my life. I have found it so easy to learn vocabulary since I downloaded quizlet.
My sister won’t let me use her computer for essays so I just use the app.
This app is great for making presentations because you can convert the file to PowerPoint or pdf.
This app is kind of a calculator but you can write the equations instead of typing them. I use this during class since I’m a grader and it’s easy to use.
I use this when I’m doing math homework to correct my answers. You just snap a picture of the equation and it gives you the process and the answer
(My wallpaper was made by theparisiandreamer . You can get it along with her planner for free!!)


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