Take a virtual reality trip through one of the world’s greatest paintings, The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch. BDH has created VR experience to mark 500 years since his death.

(I just tried it. It is magical beyond describing. I wish they would do this for ALL the paintings!)

Get FREE MONEY for downloading apps

Hey guys, I have some really exciting news to share with you all!
I recently discovered an app called “FeaturePoints” and you earn points for downloading apps and trying them out!

The points can be redeemed for:
- Money in paypal
- Amazon giftcards
- Itunes giftcards
- Games
- even an Ipad mini

It is 100% real and almost too good to be true but it’s absolutely worth it and I’ve earned over $2000 from downloading apps and sharing the link.

You can download it here:

If you use my code AMANDA, you get 50 free points!

Note: Use the link on iphone or ipad!

apps i couldn't live without

i recently got a new phone with way more storage space, which led to me actually getting more than the bare necessities as far as apps go. now that i have em, i can’t live without em.

1. reminders
this one comes automatic on iphones, but what i do now is i typed a different motivational quote in for each day to alert me at the same time every day. a little dose of easy inspiration at 6:20am :)

2. google drive
i do a lot of group projects and this is essential to share work if i need it right then. it’s also great if you’re running out of storage space on your phone. the app doesn’t take up more storage on your device no matter how much you put into it, so if you have pictures you don’t want to delete but don’t look at very often, you can sync them to your drive then delete them off your phone.

3. sworkit
i haven’t played with this one too much yet, but it’s an exercise app with difficulty ranges from beginner to advanced, and with different types of exercise (including yoga and stretches.) it’s super easy to use and to understand, and perfect for wake-me-up breaks at your desk.

4. youtube
john green crash courses. nuff said.

5. quizlet
just use it. oh, just go use it.

6. google translate
yeah, there’s an app for that. can’t tell you how many times i’ve been in a pinch just before spanish class and needing to do my translation work. problem solved right here.

7. duolingo
on the same note, this app. it can get a little annoying if you keep your notifications on, but it’s fun and easy, and has a variety of languages. i use it not only to brush up on spanish skills for school, but also because i’m going to italy, france, and poland this summer and i speak none of those languages. yet.

8. cnn
automatic notifications on breaking news, and very useful if you, say, forgot you have to give a speech analyzing the results the iowa caucus has on the gop next period, or a timed write on how the fbi ran a child porn site to catch criminals in an hour. (both of which have happened to me.)

9. powerschool
if your school uses it, you can check your grades and attendance records in real time!

super helpful when you come across a word in your readings you don’t know, or need to double-check a word’s connotation before you use it in an essay. it doubles as a thesaurus, if you need that, too. (also, THE GAME)

[Update: Now $0.99, 80% Off] Lara Croft GO Is 60% Off On The Play Store, Down To $1.99 From $4.99 In Many Countries

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To celebrate the release of Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox consoles, Square Enix is discounting its Lara Croft GO game by 60% on the Play Store. It’s a flash sale though, so you might want to hurry and grab it if the game seemed appealing to you or if you liked its spiritual predecessor Hitman GO.

Lara Croft GO is a turn-based puzzle adventure, where you play your turn moving your character along predefined paths, then wait for your opponents to make their move.

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[Update: Now $0.99, 80% Off] Lara Croft GO Is 60% Off On The Play Store, Down To $1.99 From $4.99 In Many Countries was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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you might appreciate this if you play neko atsume

anonymous asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you know anything about the Human Japanese apps and if they're good to use? A friend recommended them to me since I'm starting to self study Japanese. Thanks!!

Hi! I haven’t used them, but have heard good things, would anyone care to comment who has used them? What do you guy think?


Fabulous: Motivate Me! (Android)

I’ve been using this app since last week and I totally love it! It’s a perfect app to change your habits and form new ones. In this app, you can take four different journeys: “focus and concentrate more”, “sleep better”, “lose weight” and “feel more energized”. I’m currently taking the “focus and concentrate more” journey, but I can’t wait to try the “sleep better” one.

As I’m in the “focus and concentrate more” journey, I mostly use it to remind things like work out or take my vitamins because I have a bad memory. Plus you can create various routines (as morning routines) and set alarms, so the app remind you what you need to do. You can add habits to each routine so you can accomplish them.

What I love the most about this app is its intuitive design, so it’s so easy to start using it. Also it has different letters and tips which are going appearing as you reach your goals. I think this is the app that every studyblr wants.

Charity Miles (Android, iOS)

Choose a charity and as you walk, run or bike you’ll be helping to earn money the chosen charity. The app will be measuring your distance (in miles).

There are a great amount of charities like Save the Children, charity:water, World Wide Fund, Every Mother Counts or The Michael J. Fox Foundation