I just want to share this extension that I’ve been using recently. 

“Earth Mode tracks your online energy use: from browsing, to streaming, to updating your social status. Once we know how much you use, Johnnie Walker will calculate your carbon footprint and plant trees to neutralise it.”

Basically, this app tracks your energy use, and the makers plant trees to neutralise it so please install this and help look after the planet. :)


This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it’s one that I wanted to start with. Of course, every situation is different, and everyone is going to use different stuff.  But if you’re absolutely lost and looking for things to get you started, I would start with these. 

LINE is actually an app that I would recommend getting BEFORE Japan. You will it to keep in touch with your predecessor - although they might contact you with other methods, it’s likely they have a LINE and it will be easier for them to use that. I used it with my newbies for 4 months prior to them arriving in my city and it was a GREAT help in getting stuff figured out ahead of time and getting them settled in comfortably. 

Twitter Exchange RatesTae Kim’s GuideGoogleTranslateImiwaWorld Time BuddyAirBnB

"Don't Look Back In Anger (Guitar Cover)" on Sing! Karaoke from Smule
Watch _KATRINA_GREY perform "Don't Look Back In Anger (Guitar Cover)"! Download the app to sing it yourself at http://www.smule.com/apps#sing.

So I sang a duet with _KATRINA_GREY over on Smule Sing! and it turned out pretty damn good if I do say so myself. :D This song has video. She is a wonderful singer and I am the derp in the hat. :P
Please take a listen and make my day! :3

My most used apps

My most used apps

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1, Facebook

Facebook is my most used app of all my on my phone! I’m addicted, I’m in love and I’m crazy with it. I just love that Facebook is a sort multi app, you can chat,call,follow famous people, but also friends or just the news. And you can play games! And that’s why I love Facebook!

2, Instagram

Instagram is a app I started to use again for my blog to kinda promote my blog with it. I…

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wanna earn rewards & cash for making games?

hey y’all i just wanted to share this really cool website with you where you can pitch game ideas & then literally make them professionally.

if that’s not your thing you can still always contribute ideas & play the games & vote for the game ideas, and however you choose to use the website you’re still getting rewards & you can make real cash!

i had a lot of fun just playing around with it!! have fun guys ♥

(website link)

Today is National Arbor Day. The last Friday of April is traditionally set aside as a day for planting and caring for trees.

First celebrated in Nebraska in 1872, the original Arbor Day was the brainchild of journalist and politician J. Sterling Morton, who wanted to encourage tree-planting as a community benefit to the prairie pioneers. On April 10, 1872, Sterling held a contest to see which counties and individuals could plant the most trees on the day. More than a million trees were planted that day as a result!

Learn more.

Wondering what trees are in your area? These apps can help:

This video from Science explores how today’s forests have been greatly altered by human activity and face increasing threats from drought, insect infestations, and fire.

Image Credit: Arbor Day Foundation

Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem Are Going Mobile

Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem Are Going Mobile

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Following the successful launch of the company’s first smart-phone app, Miitomo, Nintendo has announced that their next two mobile games will be Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem.  Both “apps” are slated for a Fall 2016 release window and will be “pure game applications“. “Compared to Miitomo, they have more prominent game elements, and the game content will tie closely into Nintendo’s dedicated…

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Name: Anna Jones
Age: 22
FC: Alexis Bledel
Stereotype: The Investigator [ the one who checks out scary noises alone ]

Brief biography:
Independent wasn’t a strong enough word for the way in which Anna Jones grew up. At only five years old, her mother, an officer in the local police force, was killed in the line of duty and at a time where a good father [ she would never call him a bad father, no, he did what he needed to do to cope with the loss of his other half ] would have stepped in, taking roles of both parents for a lost little girl, hers merely disappeared into work now obsessed with putting criminals, like the one who killed his wife, behind bars.

So, she was left to fend for herself. Learning to cook even the most simplest of meals, she found that she didn’t need anyone else.

Despite watching her father nearly ruin his life, there was a certain respect for the work her parents did. It was all she knew and like her father, she felt a responsibility to her mother’s honor. While going to college wasn’t required by the force, she knew that one day, she wouldn’t be happy as a street cop. One day, she would want to be on top and she would do anything she could to get an advantage.

Now in her senior year, the opportunity to get away for the winter break has arisen and though she only knows a few of the students in attendance, anything is better than going back to an empty home.

Starbucks Launches Keyboard App Full Of Caffeinated Emojis

Techie coffee fans can now send caffeine-based emoji to their pals thanks to Starbucks’ new keyboard app.

The app enables coffee lovers to send the tiny images using Apple’s iMessage, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, email and other various other messaging platforms.

The emojis on offer include a range of the famous chain’s beverages such as the Frappuccino, along with baristas, a Starbucks shop and the company logo as well as a unicorn face sipping a drink through a straw.

A few of the emojis offered by the keyboard app (Starbucks)

There’s even a Starbucks-based version of the famous’ dancing girl’ emoji in the red dress, updated with a green dress and holding a caffeinated drink aloft.

As with most emoji apps, the pictures that are sent aren’t exactly emojis in the strictest sense.

Rather than sitting along the same line as text, and roughly the same size, the postage stamp-sized images are instead copy and pasted into each message.

The caffeinated keyboard is available as a free download for iOS and Android phones.

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Image credit: Starbucks

Día de fiesta, buen momento para aprender unos cuantos trucos de videojuegos, tutoriales y apps

Día de fiesta, buen momento para aprender unos cuantos trucos de videojuegos, tutoriales y apps #Fiestas #Ocio #apps

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Qué bien. Te levantas hoy lunes y no hay que ir a trabajar. Día de fiesta en España. Vamos a aprovechar para repasar algunas entradas perfectas para dedicarles un rato de tu ocio si te quedas en casa leyendo tranquilamente.

Cómo últimamente me gusta jugar más en mi iPad, vamos a repasar algunas de las mejores entradas dedicadas a trucos de videojuegos. También voy a recomendar las mejores apps…

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