I have tried out many alternatives (because for some reasons I have an obsession with apps) and here are the ones that I actually recommend / I am using right now:

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Really close to being terminated from my job for breaching the tardy limit. Always like 1 minute late. But! I just downloaded this app a few days ago called "Swiftime", you set 1 alarm for when you wake up (you can choose the ringtone, snooze, etc.) and then a -2nd- alarm for when you have to get -out the door-. AND you can set it to announce how many minutes you have left to get ready, at as many increments as you want. Been early to work 4 days in a row! I thought this might help some people.


Forget clothing labels, musicians all want to move into apps 

According to Nielsen, both total album sales and sales of new songs dropped in 2014. Album sales are down by 84%, data blog Seatsmart reports, and digital music sales aren’t doing well either. While streaming services are on the rise, musicians rake in small fractions of royalties for thousands of song plays — and they’re sick of it.

Among those trends, however, is one bright spot that has the potential to help musicians make up that lost revenue: mobile apps.

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What are the advantages of using a Pensions App?

With so many apps to help us get fitter, eat smarter and basically live our lives better, it’s no surprise that there are an assortment of apps designed specifically to help you with money matters too.

There’s an app to help you find the cheapest restaurants in your area, one to help you get the cheapest holidays and others to make sure you can keep track of your money. Now the app market is taking this idea of money management further, by including pension scheme apps, a move that is proving very popular.

College Freshman: App Essentials

My freshman year started off awful, but ended pretty well, once I got my self back on track. You’ve got to find a balance between school and friends and sleep, and maybe even a job. It can be overwhelming.

But here are some apps to help with that:

Plant Nanny: Helps you drink more water (which makes you feel better, and revs up your immune system and metabolism, and can help keep your skin clear too.) Basically you get this cute lil plant dude and if you don’t water it, it shrivels up and dies. But then you can always start over with a new plant. You can grow it into a huge adult and put it in your garden, as long as you drink enough water every day. You will pee so much but your plant will be so pretty!!

GroupMe: Or some other similar chat app. Group messaging usually sucks in your regular texting format and most people use an app like this for coordinating clubs or even outings with a couple friends. We also just sometimes send memes.

A decent alarm: If you need blaring sirens to wake you up, there are dozens of apps that will do that for you.

SAM: Self-help Anxiety Management. It helps you track your stress levels and record your triggers. Monitoring your mental health is a really good way to make sure it stays, well, healthy. Personally, I find the app pretty helpful.

An ambience app: Everyone likes different sounds while they work, so I won’t suggest a specific app. But there are a lot, and also a lot of websites. Sometimes having noise in the background makes writing papers easier. Also, videogame music is designed to help you focus, especially in puzzle based games like Zelda, and you can find whole soundtracks for most games on YouTube.

But yeah. You guys will be fine, and if you’re not, my ask is always open!! And, as school is starting up again, my studyblr (socademia) is gonna get active again. Feel free to follow me there, and that ask is always open as well!

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I have really messy writing when it comes to writing notes for lectures and a really slow typer but I record my lectures on my phone but its low quality. is there an app or any other resources that can help me? also what electronics would you recommend a tablet or laptop to bring with me to lectures. thanks

For iPhone, I used Audio Class Notes. But right now I am switching to the recording function in OneNote (so I am recording using laptop) and that quality is alright as well. I would also turn up the volume by using Audacity (because for most of the time if you are sitting at the back of the lecture hall it’s very difficult to have a clear recording).

I bring a laptop to lectures if I know that the professor is going to cover a lot (for me, it’s usually law courses). But I will bring a tablet to lectures if I don’t have to take a lot of notes for that class (or if I have the lecture slides beforehand). I will then take notes using my stylus instead of typing.


If you didn’t hear already MediBang Paint Mini iPhone is up for free on the iTunes store. Compatible with iPhones 5s and up. Like with the other version of MediBang Paint you can cloud save your work transfer it and your brushes, and palettes to the PC/Mac/Android versions


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hello! 😊 here are a few apps that i currently use to my life easier and more organized in (and out of) school! 

1. Pocket Schedule (free) // a simple and visually appealing app for keeping track of your courses and their time, location, teacher/professor, and exams/assignments. you can display everything in list or calendar mode and it can keep you alert of upcoming classes/due dates - so helpful!

2. Sleep Cycle / Power Nap ($1 each) // these apps track your sleep movements in order to wake you up when you’re in a light sleep and therefore you won’t end up groggy and disoriented in the morning or from naps! lifesaver when you can only sleep a few hours, need to take a power nap, or just want to start the day off feeling rested and in a good mood!

3. Microsoft Onenote (free) // i could never take lecture notes on my laptop until I started using Onenote, it allows the most flexibility of any note taking app i’ve tried (ie. making new text boxes anywhere on the screen, inserting pictures/diagrams and annotating on them, recording audio, and many more). love to use this in lectures where there’s tons of information being thrown at me very quickly. 

4. Pushbullet (free) // this app lets you “push” anything (text, photos, files) between your devices so you never have to email yourself again. might not seem like a big deal but i can’t live without this one since I started using it.

5. Litz (free) //a speed-reading app that lets you import any ebook; i know some people are on the fence about speed-reading but i have finished so many novels by using this app when i have extra time waiting for class to start, taking the bus to school, etc. and this app lets me fully delve into the reading without getting distracted (because i literally can’t look away!)

6. Shoebox (free) // an app that lets you back up your photos on the cloud; because photos take up a ton of space on my phone, i use this app to store all my photos so I can delete them from my storage. extremely reliable and so handy to have all my photos on every device too.

7. YouFood (free) // not exactly school-related, but for anyone into food journaling, this app is amazing! i use this to track all of my meals and also get food ideas from others! if anyone tries this one out, my username is mintsprout!

Can anyone tell me if they use any apps to help them while they were in school?

I’m working on keeping myself focused and trying not to be so distracted. It’s only the second week of school but I’m doing well (besides the one assignment I didn’t know about). I just bought a tablet that I’m going to be using for school, and was just curious if any other #education majors or any teachers even. What apps help you with school work and what not? I have a Dropbox to put all my assignments in to be safe. Are there any others that I should know about?

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hey nicole! sorry if you already got asked this, but do you know any good apps for studying/time management? thanks!

Hello! There are lots of great apps for studying that can all be found in my app tag. For specifically, time management, I recommend these apps:

You may also be interested in:

My apps for running :)


Allright, I am not really using all of these on a daily basis, so I will merely mention the ones that I actually use currently :) 


1. I start my workout playlist on Spotify. SUPER IMPORTANT.

Ah yeah :) 

2. I start Zombies, Run! This will pause the music, but let it continue as soon as the briefing is done. This means that if my phone is in my arm pocket by then, I won’t have to pick it up to start my music. 

3. I start my 5 minute warm-up on Running for Weight Loss. I start walking while getting all the other apps up and running, and while listening to the briefing by Sam Yao in ZR! :) 

4. I start MapMyRun and Nike+ - pretty much in that order, since I want Nike+ to show as much of my running and as little of the silly walking as possible ;) 

5. Run, ruuuun!

Running for Weight Loss will stop by itself after the program has finished, so I never have to worry about shutting that one off. I usually end my Nike+ run as soon as the cooldown is finished, but I let MapMyRun run until I get back to my outer door, and then I turn it off along with ZR!. I am still interested in how many calories I burn even when walking, and since I don’t use MMR as any kind of indicator of progress (like I do with Nike+ and Running for Weight Loss) I have nothing to lose by keeping it up and running while I walk back home :) 

Allright then. That’s the “what apps does Zombie use while running??” masterpost. If you have any questions regarding any of this, let me know! I can update either of the posts with relevant information that I may have missed, so don’t be shy if you think that something seems unclear or if I am making you confused :)

Good luck! :D

I think the idea of the ‘open web’ is collapsing fast - 10 years from now people will consume media through closed, app-based ecosystems (maybe Facebook, maybe someone else?) almost exclusively on mobile devices. The winners will be people who optimise their content for these ecosystems and creative things which work natively - one size definitely won’t fit all.
—  Rowan Collinson (BBC) on how people will consume media 10 years from now.

im sure this isn’t new- but I still wanted to share.
anyone who is in a long distance relationship can agree that you just want to touch your significant other. this app, called Couple, has a feature called “Thumbkiss” and when you both touch the same spot, the color turns into to a darker red and vibrates when the spot is held. sometimes it helps me a little, knowing that from 400 miles away we get to feel each other for a second


Ford 24-7 Coupe, 2000. Designed by Laurens van den Acker when he was working for Ford, the 24-7 Coupe was one of three 24-7 concepts created in collaboration with Yahoo. The entire instrument panel surface was a screen upon which reconfigurable displays were projected. These displays could be customised to the individual user with vehicle data, internet services or photos. It basically predicted the concept of apps years before the first iPhone 

UNICEF Tap Project

I saw your post about an app that helps you focus. With this project, for every 15min you stay off your phone, you donate a days worth of water. Don’t you think that’s a great motivator? :)

“The UNICEF Tap Project challenges you to put down your phone and help save children’s lives. This year’s initiative provided clean, safe water for children around the world by encouraging you to stop texting, calling, emailing, tweeting and posting – and challenge your friends to do the same. Millions of children around the globe do not have safe, clean water to drink, and the lack of this basic necessity is not merely inconvenient — it can be lethal. Time donations are now inactive, but you can still go without your phone and donate to support the UNICEF Tap Project.”