approval: yes good

asime  asked:

HanaKimi is my FAVORITE MANGA! I've read it about 7 times. It so goooooooood. I just love the art style and the story and AH. I'm super happy to see someone else that really likes the manga * V *

YES YES! It’s my fav shoujo manga for sure, and will always be one of my very top overall, as well. The story has the perfect mix of hilarity and drama, and great characters to boot. The situations the characters get into are easy to relate to, so this re-read in particular, I really took Nakajou’s words to heart! No matter how many times I read it, it will never get old! 

Not sure if you know or if it’s your thing at all, but there are 2 HanaKimi J-Dramas, and a Korean (or Taiwanese? I forget) version as well! I’ve only see the original, but I wanna watch the others too. It’s like re-living the story all over again in a different form, I highly recommend!!